ACT — Gain Access. What does it mean?

Thank you for your interest in the ACT platform.

But what does “gain access” mean? In fact it could mean three things:

1. Pre-Release Access

You love seizing opportunities and hate to miss them. Pre-release Access allows you to secure double ACT tokens compared to participating in our ICO in November.

The way to gain access is via the form here.

2. Curator

You would be like to become an Alpha version tester. Please check out the temporary proposal submission form that projects will be completing here.

We want you to be part of the first awards from ACT to game-changing proposals by being a curator. This means judging and commenting on the proposals so that the broader ACT community knows which are best. When ACT is launched curators will be able to earn significant amounts of Ether.

Whats next?

We have set up an Alpha testers channel in Slack called “Curators”. Please join us there for further notifications about this role.

3. Information

You are hungry for information. Just hold tight. You are on our mailing list and we will take you on a pleasant journey of understanding what ACT is about and where it is going.

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