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Thanks Great Poject!! will suport the ico aswell!!!Keep on the right track. We all need to help one another. Wooihooo no feedbackYou have a great project at hand, please make this happen.All the best DAOACT teamRfrfGreat Job. Considering to investThanks Very like your idea and waiting pre-ico! ThanksGreat idea, will support the ICO. Good luck!Good luck. Looking forward to this great new project!Looking forward to this great projects NopeInteresting but strangeTata!Good luck!Im excited about ACTGood Luck Good luck!its coolACT is what the world needs right now.As an Avaaz-enthusiast, I’m grateful for your actions regarding this project! XxxLets shake the worldCoolKeep going onGreat!I enjoyed learning more about the project. Vary well done.Keep up the good work :-)This is an awesome concept, I’m wishing you great success!I’m sure that this project will help a lot of people all over the World. And it is great! At last there is something usefull for people. Good Luck!!!This made me very curioushope this project can succes,thanksEvery successfull ico have bitcointalk campaign ;)This project seems more interesting after the test.-Project has strong concept keep it up dev team i know this project will get high syccessLooking great project and people going to like this concept, surely this project will going get more success in future-This project is very good for the futureFeeling awesome-Nice project and looking forward to engage.-keep it upJoin giveaway-Thanks for thisGood luck guys. Everything looked greatI really liked this project, will check it in futureI think, this is good projectI love it. Very profession and a great idea. I cannot wait to be part of the ride.DAOACT is a great ideaology. It would be a privilege to work with your team, and promote the whitepaper of this project. keep up the good work. This project is going to be a huge successnice!Bring citizens to associate their financial resourcesThanks and I am here for the long haul. I like your idea and waiting for the pre-icoSlightly interesting as a campaign
The website is beautiful. Everything is top notch. The whole idea of Act is amazing and revolutionarygood jobGood luck with your project ;)This is very nice project I love the project and idea. hope the project will be successHope this project have signature campaignHappy to take part and trying to spread the word as much as I can. Good luck moving forward and good luck in your ICO. Good luck. Very interesting project.Nonepowerful idea. I love it.I see this platform would have great system on the futureGoodluck to the project!Nice projectNogood luckGreat projectThis is awesome and first time I applied this type of giveaway. Waiting for icoProjects look interesting and different from othersIf everything serve as stated the world will become more better place to live. And prosperity won’t be no longer a things of a very selective few! The true joy of ordinary humans will be visible everywhere.Goodluck!The way you give us giveaway was very nice and i hope everything went smooth for your proectLooks greatLove the questions. Great idea and great project. The more people learn about what your doing the more they will like it. Great project with great possibilitiesI am happy to participate in my opinion this project is very good and will get better in the futureVery interesting :) best of luck i love the ideaGood workThis concept is interesting and must be developed again. Good luckI think this gonna be awesome projectnice and great project with unique ideas. thanks to the team for gifting world with such a project or program. keep it up gyz, we are with you.yaLooks promising. Tough decision to tie up Coins for such a long period. But I can see where investors can be rewarded heavily… I’m interestedThanks. good and nice explanation on youtube. keep update and make the price act go high.I want to see whitepaper by Chinese. Thanks!Looks great platform.GoodluckTo The Moooooooon!!I like the idea of this projectGoodluck for your project devNoYou are inspiring for all of us.I love it. Everything looks great. I wish you much success.Looking forward to ACT developments.It’s very good way to introduce the project from giveaway through question and looks like it’s gonna be a great project.this good projectGood luck guys. See you soon on exchangers!believe in your professional team and successful icolooking forward to these, it sounds like an awesome opportunity to be apart ofi wish, your project will be successfullGood project, i like and goodluck developersi hope ico will be successadditional conference for further educationGood Luck With your projectthis is a great and inspiring project hope to success more power and make it spread to the world thank younonegood job team . i hope be future coinpromising project. Good luckadd some bountiesI strongly support this projectThanks for the free tokens. :)Following this project because i believe it will be good in the futureKeep up the gud work. Thnkas!best projec, project looking good , intrestingIt’s a great project. Sucess.It’s an awesome project, I really liked it.it is nice project , must have good team workGreat and potential project !i hope ACT will be token future I wish you success in the project, i’ll be watching closely!okteam work must strong to be make good good project , i will intresting Blockchain if Future…Guys thank you for your aim to support the social justice!Good project,but where you guyes plane to trade you should contact exchangers and get positive response from them too and create bitcoin tolk thread and inform meACT is an exceptional project that empowers citizens to be responsive to their individual needs, thereby minimizing the financial outflow of individuals.EXCELLENT PROJECTI believe in your project.ACT is the future. Thumbs up!Good Jobsit should interesting project hope make it successfull devI hope the implementation of this project will feel real in social life and useful for everyoneACT now! Play later! This is Great!I am really appreciate this coming projectGood Luck ACT.awesome method of distributionokThanks ACT! Long live.You are on the right track. White paper is well made up.I hope this chance I become the winner.
Hopefully the ACT project will be successfulI hope these project can succefulysuccess for The DAO ACT icogood projectI hope this project succeeds in helping those in needKeep the good job upI really proud of your themebest of luckLooking forward to the further development.Good project. Increased my awareness about the ICOthank u and i hope tis coin sucsesthanks for this cool contest. best of luck with your projectcan’t say anything, this is a good project i really happy to joinHopefully im one of the participant win the 1000 tokenGreat!!project is useful & interestingThis is Amazing Project hope to help and Develop other poor country or individual.Good luck and best wishes from BangladeshThank youThank you for the giveaway and will be posting more tweets daily. I believe in this very interesting project!added facebok fanspage for website.ACT is a truly innovative concept in the cryptocurrency space focused on social goodi just say congratulations . hope pre ico successIts nice to see thyisI hope this business will be successful alwaysACT must have good future than athers tokensGood luck ACT projectThank you!need those tokens 1000 please :DBest of luck, I believe in your project!Very interesting and necessary projecti hope ACT will become a platform of social responsibility that is diverse in everyday life in the future, so that the main stream runs smoothly in exchange for crypto in the background such as SMS messages today. Independent confidence, guaranteed blockchain and will empower every aspect of everyday life, from banking, to social media, to energy, to, we expect, increased social accountability.good company with a good team!Looking forward to being apart of this community! Great idea and nice promotional toolthis is great project with a solving a techonoly problem that can help people in the reality :)yesA very easy to follow survey. I wish you the best of luck with ACT.im just prepare for this one , pre-ico i will buy ACTGood luck for your project.I support this project and I would love to encourage it.Brave idea and i strongly support it.I hope you success with your conceptGreat idea doing this, love the project so farThis is a worthy and noble project. I hope everything goes as plannedHighly Prospective and innovation. Keep it up . not for nowI hope this project will succes this is crypto social platform so I will support this projectGreat idea.It sounds amazingThis ticks all the boxes from the investor, blockchain application, useful smart contract and making a difference perspectivesi hopeI hope the act can exceed the bitcoin value because now the prospect is pretty good
I am very intrigued and impressed by this proposal. I think it will be of extreme use to those fighting for change.your concept is great.. I have learn about vision and mision of ACT Project. Thank youThe project looks great and promising. Looking forward to it!best wishes for this programGoodNoa project who puts citizens first, great!im looking forward to your ico soongood project sirGood Luck with your projectThank you, I understood about ACT nowI feel this is a pretty promising project, I feel excited about it. I believe it will be successfulthank you so much i was looking forward for this amazing project im so happy to hold this token for a long term period thank youThis is Awesome. I wish you to Best of luck.Best wishes for this programI would to participate in the icoSuper Projectgood projectGood technology and very unique I will watch for the launchingI always support the project you are doing and support to your teamThanks hope may reward will be credited 
And more power in your companyits good giveaway because all your question must be follow to read and watch all your project.keep up the good workthis project will be greatest in futureVery excited for this program to flourishi think you need social media campaignGoodnice projects, i think i will keep follow your updategreat job, I behope this get successly workThis is a Good Projectplease make social campaign0x060c7546ca25d41a84e74955e5189206b66473caAwesomeLove giveaways. Like early solo mining… i have joinedIt would be a great generation in future financei hope this project will be grow up and betterthanks I think it’s a good idea. I am happy to support youVery good idea! I can’t wait to see this grow!Keep up this project, hope this will done succesfullyI hope your platform succeeds, the idea sounds great.glad to hear it, good luck teaInterestingI think this could be a good dao structure. Another airdrop and bigger giveaway, please? It’ll attract more peopleTo the moon !Really Great and Unique Project to address real world issues, nice concept.very good!Nice project, seems very different from all those money hunting ICO’sKeep up the good work devs !Thank you!Hope to see more projects soon. Getting excited here !All the best to your teamThanks for this awesome contestThe next sweet project successGodspeed !I am looking forward to seeing the potential of the technology once things are up and running. Great work and an awesome idea!great news, stay tuned on you, good luckKeep it going after reading your whitepaper am totally supporting your projectEverything looked great I really liked this project, will check it in future I think, this is good project I love it.I hope this project, SUCCESS.. aameenKeep up the good work dev ! More project soon.Thank you for the GAgood jobGood luck
I believe this is a planned project in the hands of its expertsYou guys are one of the few legit projects out there. Keep grinding. All the best. nothingACT to da moonI’m would like to participate in hereGreat idea. I love this project. Good luckVery thankful to the dev and team of this big project. I’ve never seen any ventures that offers opportunity such big like ACT during pre — ICO. I’ll hope I can do all my best to be part here all the way from the start until the days where everyone taste the success. Keep it up ACT team!Thank youthis is very good project, thanks for giveawayGood luck.I Hope you success,,,!!May this be a true voice of the people and not a political tool. Great projectcheer up!!!Keep good work!good projectGood!!! I LIke your procedure…Good luck!I will pray for you !wish the best for ACTI like your project, it looks very interestingLove it guys!! Very awesome project. Incredible graphics.nice project. looking forward to help build communityGreat projectGood project!This is a great proposal the project has a lot of futureThanks for everything. Idea is superb.EnjoyableI follow u. Thanks.This paid questionnaire is a very good idea, I like that!i would like to be a part of this project cos its unique..Good luck!Great job0xfd871FF8fF0F2D60449FE25e865Ec72cAd9e0296it’s new airdrop with questionair, but i think it’s good idea and i like it, interesting project i will follow thisI hope you have a success ICO!!! Good LUCK…Hope the project will succesACT is what the world needs right nowI like this projectcongratsInteresting approach…I wanna join your ICO…….okeyBrilliant project to our future. Well done!Hopefully your ico success will be! I am very supportive and ready to investGood luck guys! Thanks for the opportunity to see this amazing technology.Good luck for this projectExciting project ! Good luckGreat project, i wait the ico ! Sad i haven’t twitter, i will promote you on bitcointalk !Good jobProject looks great, can’t wat to see how it developsI really like what I see, and look forward to seeing where this goes from now. Keep going strong !amazing project ! keep up the good workNice projectGood luck !good luckgood niceI Think its a very interesting project. Pretty clear, pretty simple.nicecongratsPlease , Do the bestGreat project im really curious to see it work good nightnoI believe this is EXACTLY the kind of out of the box Solutions across the world. Thank you, I am eager to see how many people we can help thru ACT.noneExcited about this project , lets make it a succes!I think your project will have a great future. The futur is greatLooks great, keep it up!nice goodgood luck0x58f1F10ED50ACBC65Ef905F5F8FDD194E7C1eF3cgreat projecgoodI am glad that task are making knowledge, great job! Succes for you and team…Great project keep up the good work!https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1995289.0goodniceGreat projectKeep on the right track. I hope this token can get best rate on exchange. Thanks for give us the chance, I will follow development on the thread and keep waiting another bountyAller les gars : on y va !NoneVery interesting concept, very lots of information, after the quiz I will read through the Technical White Pages I downloaded and I’ll have more feedback. It’s very impressive so far!!Nice project, good jobi hope your asset will be successGood luck ! Let be the first token of the market :)Hope to everything goes well. I am happy that I participated in this very interesting project, lookin forward to itThis is just what the world need! Lets help each other!Dont be too long enter the market if necessary before ico finished market is ready.
I am sure this will be one of the reasons investors join in icoHope this project does well!Very interesting project. Good luck!good luck with this project, it seems like a fantastic endevourGood luck with your project!none excited and curious+Great!Greatgoodhallo siri hope this new platform will change more life and give people more jobs and earning. thanks for great effort, keep it up.okeysounds exciting!all okokeyvery hard way to get airdrop, interesting project. hope it will be a success.nice goodit was good thanks!projeck nicegood progectI wish you a successful start and good sales!Good luck!!!I believe in the success of your ico, join!to the moongreat projectNoI just participated to get bounty ACT pre-icoi look forward to success to youНадеюсь вы выстрелите :)Success in your developmentgood luck to youSuccess!Project looks like perspective.Also thank you for free coins :)Good idea that the team is asking for feedback from the communityGood !!lritade2@yandex.ruGood luck to you guys and so that you can do it))GoGood luck for this project
Thank you very muchthanks for the coinsGood luck to the projectLove wings, now love daoact :)I loved your mission, I live in Brazil and the system will be very useful hereElbounjimiIt’s a great development and Awesome coin.More interesting than just airdropYou have a nice project worth looking of. Gambare!Good project, go ahead !Like your whitepaper :)Great projectnew goldLike it! great project, looking forward to it!this is a great project and I will tell all my friends to participate and take noticegood luck, guys!Looks interesting. Good luck with your project!Good Work :)great project i wich it all the bestThis project seems so great. Looking forward for more development and exciting announcement! Good luck team and God bless.Awesome! Thank you dev team, great idea.Good challenge, i hope this is good for our journey, congrats!!good niceif you want to success,you need to give it all.
no matter what,money,times and sweat.
you must dicipline and always up to datecongratulationits very interestcongratsGood luck for this project, this project is very interesting for meI would like to wish you good luck)nothingnookegood projecokeyoknice for projectI like your idea.yesGreat Projectokgood luckAwesome project — Send 100% bonus because i’m nice to strangers? ❤Thank you, I like the project.Good luck with the projectHopefully when entering the market the price of coins is not bad and there is no obstacle at all :)Haha is very challenging and interesting
Я думаю это хорошая идея I wish you all the best !!This is a good project. It will change how authorities treat their subjects. keep it uphttps://twitter.com/SerB1979/status/881362216817221632интересноGood))god bless you ;)щУдачи. Верю, что у вас всё будет здорово.GOODlooks goodОчень интересный проект. Удачи вам.все просто отличноКрутой проектNoЖелаю удачи в начинаниях!nice project — Very good project, many successes, the blockchain is the future, this is changing the way of working in the world are in very good way and I am recommending themokey0x16c1bF5F5C3B18841Fdf3bBE907572028fEc37b2yesgood — -______________noooknogood luck ACT////thank you yes — -Попробуем!nothing******yes devI hope you will succeed!wings***Looking forward for your start, you could help a lot of people to get going with there lives. hope all the good for the team, Regards.Thanks,very goodGood project***Thank you, and good luck!Keep it upСпасибоGood luck to youвсе супер я вас поддерживаю+Hope everything will be okNoNice project**-Good project, I hope always stability this projectGreat idea!Good projectI wish you luck, guys! You’re AWESOME ^_^it’s goodЖдем токенов !I like see the list that join free ACTi wish the project success and good luck С большим интересом ждем старта проектаThanks and wish the project successYoure the best group! Every employee member has made beautiful work! I’m so proud, thanks and wish to you a big achievementthank you and good luck!Good luck!Goodthanks for initiating thisgo on, good ideaGreat idea, will join your ICO.Thanks so muchNice to meet you, guys. Greetings from me! Wish you success.Count Me in with this ICOGoodLuckgreat questions for basic knowledge project.Interesting and promising project in my opinion, I will follow the developmentThis is very well informationVery nice projectall okThis is very cool, promisingI’ll be watching your project and will participate in pre-sale.Keep up the good work!Go BigGood project and the best teamПроект много обещающий, жду такого же успеха как и в WINGSI wish you success
Wow, thank you for free tokens!Very cool project, I’m sure that ICO will pass quickly and without problems.fantastic new coinGood project!Good luck the project and high sums fees ICOyou guys rock !!Thxit is interestingGood Luck !!No comments ^^Do you need promotion in Runet? Good luckThanksBest way for airdrop, and I’ll be in this project!very good Thank you very much, develop and continueВсе гуд, понравилось, успехов вам!nice!Good luck!Good luckI think there is a future in this.You’re great guys!thanks youCool project!I really have good to provide very nice.I Belive in You!Keep goingNo commetsi hope this project success for the futuresgoodWhat you’ll are striving to do is commendable keep it upVery very goodYou need to become a dynamic speaker!!Great job!I wish you every success!great campaign and nice bountyKeep up all the good work!I like your project!look goog ))I hope ACT gets bigger and making profit for all people who hold your tokenthanksyou effectively persuades others in order to build commitment for ideas. continue your work…Great cryptocoinwell such a innovative invention and question hope this projecy had a big successgood job guysThanks for the giveaway.Интересный проект, с радостью поучаствую в продвижении. Привлекло участие Wings. Да и вообще, будущее за DAOI will keep my eyes on ACT project. best of lucknice projectWish luck to your project. great projects for our futureThanks for this awesome and cool offer.I wish this will reach to thousands of people.I really hope and try my best to spread this among our friends.All the best and good luck Conducts effective meetings, very interesting!Крутой проект!great idea love itМне нравится такая технология)) я думаю, что за ней будущее. Рабует когда люди создают достойные проекты, а не просто пытаются заработать денег.I wish you successWish You good luck!good giveaway. good luck)gook luckvery nice bounty concept, like it)Очень интересная идея. Рад поучаствовать в таком проекте. I hope I answered correctly, thanks for the chance :)
I really like this project, all my best wishesшикарный проэт!I see the good future of your project and wish you good luck!Thank you!Nice projectThanks for the contest. Learned more about ACT btwGood luck and best regardsThis is a very well bounty, my compliments. Thank you :)Great, let change the world together
Very interesting project, I hope and I believe that you will achieve success.Very interesting projectlike Nice :)Nicegood project :3successThank youI love the idea of this project, I really hope we it does wellThis project will reach the moon ;)More blessing to comei like this 2 video, make moreI hope this helps meThis survey was a great idea to help people learn more about this project!Clear and very useful informationGood luck guys) I would be happy to get coin.I like your project :)Very interesting bounty. I wish you success
Keep going, you guys are doing good~good luck. I’m very want to get coinsThanks. I very want get a your coinsvery goodlikeGood job!!!noBest wishes to the upcoming ICO!okeynice goodI really want to get your coins.maybe another social media for the last answerThe quality of a successful project that has a really beautiful appearance is now certainInvesting nicely will collect even more investmentGood idea dev, good luckdoneBelieve a project is accepting the future success on the investissmmentiyaokeyLike a Bossgod bless youlike this #actnowGood to see something like this. Positive wishes your way. good luck
Many thanks for the opportunity to participate in the project with a great future.Everyone is waiting!!!!!:):)This is a very good bounty, giving me the knowledge of the ICO coin that will slide and who is who is involved in this project. Thank’sThanks. Best regards!Thank you Thank you for the opportunity to receive the tokens are not participating in the ICOredy to goSuper!!!Успехов вам и нам!Goodluck and thanksI think you have a great team and a project which will find a lot of investorsnice moveInteresting coin , I will follow it and participate in ICOЯ очень хочу получить монетки! Желаю успехов вам!!!Very goodgogogoExcellent! social media campaign please :)It’s interesting for me, thanks.THIS IS a BEAUTIFUL project. France is behind you guys, keep it up ! :DI’m waiting for the behining of your ICO, I hope it will be very successfull!!!where is the ICO and bounty?I hope this project different with other project and can be succesfulWiss you all the bestI’m really interested in your project, the way you have presented it is very encouraging for the human society at large, hope you succeed.any bounty sir ?wery intrestingGreat initiative. Best wishes.we need more update and detail, bounty perhaps?Wish you luckI really like the way you do to earn free coin. That is good to prevent the unfair distribution. Good luck and try hard. Thank youI’m waiting for the start ICO because this project is awesomeCool project GL HF!Thanksi hope i was correct Nice project and looking forward to engage.

Good luck guys.daoact will be a big market. good luck guysgo go go :)My best wished to daoact project!I’m reading the withepaper, look like a good project.:-)luck you I hope this project remains consistent in future developmentthank youready for 18 July
good luck)good luck, nice giveawaywinnersI am impressed with your project and would be happy to participate in!nice projectJust want to parcipate and take some tokensACT is cool!Can’t wait!I’m interested in Cryptocurrency and want to know how it works.i like daoact =)its really fantastic!good luck )many many thanks for the survey and for the possibility to earn bonus tokens! Good jobI hope the project is sucessfull and helps as many people as possiblego to the moon soonNice project ;)I will track your project, good investment opportunity!nice program !This kind of bounty is really innovative! I think that may useful, for the developments of this project!Very good ideaGreat ProjectNice workGood luckSupport the ICO, we will support ourselves :)Great JobIt’s nice to know that you give more and more information about your activities. Thank you for this!Presenting a way of protecting investors is very nice of you. A lot of ICOs nowadays doesn’t offer this protection. Thanks a lot!Thank you!good work !! i hope the team will maintain their scopes through the projectWe support you and hope for a good result. Good luck to you!!!I really want to get coins, thank you.Вперед!Good project, follow youthank youits yours time I really appreciate this 1k token airdrop, good luck to ACT!wow, i cant wait for this moment. success for you.I couldn’t decide whether to give you my ETH address or not as it wasn’t clear (even from your whitepaper) what the Tokens were, and what wallets would support them.Желаю вашей монете большого будущегоGood luck and success!Fingers crossed for some good development and achievements!good luckThe idea is very interesting, it should be noted all. Progress and success in your future work.Good luck to your projectI very much want to receive your coins, I’m sure you have a future, and you are the best team, I wish You all the bestvery niceAmazing project. Great job daoact. Keep workingDAO ACT is the future !!!!11!1Thanks:)good luckSuccess is yours ICO.thank you so much for all what you do! i would like to get some tokens Hope this will be SUCCESSFULL COINawesome project, growing up up and be better for anyone. hire translator for all language to support this projectvery coolWow its very wonderful. Hope you can get a successful DAOActI like your programEverything is fine thank youvery happy to get your coins, good luck for your projectAlright, I’m officially invested.wonderfulGoof lucksdathank youNice project, good luck (:Give me your coins please) I need it!questions can be directed to nickk1946@mail.ruNice work!Keep it up !Hope this successI really would like to receive free your Tokens. Looking forward to nice projectMore news are needed. please hit more news on facebook and twitter.ok !Thanks guys, appreciate 100 ACT!Please , gift me )) Thank you )) This is a great project, success always and hopefully more gloriousIt finally started to be what we had been waiting for and it has already attracted a lot of investmentthanksThanks for the airdrop!Good questions, good for youI like the way the user approached from you it was great, thanksThe quality of a successful project that has a really beautiful appearance is now certainInvestingAMAZING AIRDROP! tytyty!am i right?Thanks for all the questionsmany thanksUp and go!very wonderfulI believe in you. Thank you.Good luck and prosperity. I really want to get your coins.time to go upОчень хочу получить монеты!The idea is very interesting, it should be noted all. Progress and success in your future work.Go Team. Good luck!!!sound goodчудовий проектGreat looking project. Not the normal stuff we have been seeing as of late. Very excited about DAOACT.orgLoving the citizens keeping the govt in check part. If you pull this off it will be legendary!Really excited for this project and will be spreading it to my associates in social entrepreneurship.beat them allGreat approach, spreading free funds will earn humble supportersLove the concept. Awesome Job.i think il done righthope together we will grow!noGreat idea, good luck!Love the quiz I hope I passed!!! Great idea all the way around. Can’t wait to see you succeed. I feel very confident in you guys. Your presentation of the product your producing is by far the best I have seen. Keep up the good work. Good Giveaway. Thanks…awesomewish you all the best , let do it! I’ll really enjoy Tokens good luckI am looking forward to launching “ACT” very much.-i think this project is having a big luck for all membergood thingThis project seems very interesting. Good luck always dev.Anything is possible!Your presentations are top notch. I enjoyed them. Thanks and good luck.This looks like an amazing platform that I would like to fully support. i like itwait and watch itThe quality of a successful project that has a really beautiful appearance is now certainInvesting nicely will collect even more investmentthanks for this offer.i wish all the best for this projectThank youProtection will make people enjoy to invest their money in this projectVery excited to be part of this. Can’t wait to see where this goes. Спасибо за интересные вопросыvery nice project.i wish good luck from my heart. Project is very good, such was not yet in my memory. The idea is very interesting, it should be noted all.Im very excited to join! Thanks much.I’m looking forward to this projectSuccess for ico and time good jobGood Luck !
Good coin, I want to get itGood luck with your project !I support the project! Wishing for success.promising project, cool idea with the quiz, keep on doinI really want to get your coinsIt great deal guys!I hope the best for endless. Endless Success!Awesome idea! I love the potential! Cool idea with the quiz! Go on!very good project!!!thanks!!!Hi people its greatGreat communityWaiting your ICOgood luck dev! i hope the ICO can succesfullygood job, keep it upProject super is worth attention ! im support you!I guess to get this excellent coins. Have success in Your project.After watching the meetup, i’m very very excited about this Great Project!Good luck guys!!!2017 is the best project team and good luck to all who believe in this project!Thanks a bundle!Ну просто замечательно и потрясно)Project seems good!This is very unusual, our expectations of this project is successful and provides many benefits to all. good workI support youWaiting for a great future!Понравился проект и думаю об инвестиции. Жду больше позитивных новостей!-noneVery interesting project. Good luck Dev!Thank you! Everything is very interesting!Hello! I really like your coins!hope this ICO will work out :)cool
I really want to get your coinsNice. I’m interested.Great Job. Welldone.Interesting project, I like itSuccess and ProsperityGood luck! -Очень понравилась ваша идея, желаю быстрейшего её воплощения в реальную ведущую блокчейн-компанию в данной области.
Many thanksmeetup nicegood luck for awesome projectI feel happy and interested to read about ACT project on whitepaper hopefully will succeedNice Idea to get widespread interestGood LuckReally interesting article!Отличная баунти компанияVery interesting survey.I really want to get your coinsGreat projectI would like to receive your tokens for further participation in the icoquiz contest is a great ideaI hope your project forward to successnice way to begin an icogo aheadAwesome! Looking forward to participate in the ICO! Thank you for such an interesting project.Have a great ICO and great results!Поддерживаю вас, хочу получить токены;)ico will succeedGood projectlooking forwards to see you launchThis is an awesome project. Good luck.Thank you!it is waiting for your coins!Sounds niceinteresting project, waiting for your service. good luckkeep it upI would like to get your coinsI want your coins :)I want to build the future with ACT DAO!thank for bounty, success full for dev and teamGreat jobvery nice video, keep it up daoact teamYou’re greatnice interviews! I really like your project and I think it will shape the future of daovery impressive, good job!i think many people support daoact crowdsaleGood luckCool. Great video and interview. Must watch for all supporters and people who are new to crypto worldVery nice bounty, new crypto world :).love daoactСупер больше информации больше вкладчиков я с вами.I wish you the best of luck!Thanks I love this offerNice infooNice try to get me interested. It is worked)Project is very good, such was not yet in my memory. The idea is very interesting, it should be noted all. Progress and success in your future work.Our team will much appreciate to use your Acts, and will thankful such a big .I need give you monets!success for you and success for investorА печеньки будут?It is a great mindset. The founder are wise. We salute your project. Congrats.This project seems very interesting. Good luck always dev.Tassty!!ThanksI would love to receive your gift. Thx.I think you will successful!Thanks for the good workGood initiative continue like thisSo far so goodThat’s awesome crowdfunding project seems interesting.Good luck!Beautiful presentation, I look the icoI want to take your coinsWay tot go!Good luck to project, I’ll follow it!Looking forward for your ICO! Keep going!go to moonInteresting thing, I’m ready to take partwork plus dream mean succesGreate ideaSpend collected Ether wisely!This poll is brilliant — uninterested parties should be filtered out nicely.Croatia is with you! :)) I hope when you get your woork done, you will come and enjoy on our coastline!Like itGreat Idea… Might buy in ICOWe have very interesting projectthanks so much!I want to get coinsi would support youi haope a win 1000 act coin :)It’s wonderful… This website has a good reputation…nice :)Good job n excellentI hope this project will be the bestVery goodLiked you project and will take part in crowdsale! Good luck!Looking forward to help build community in this projectGreatGood ideaVery good way of doing a campaignNice work, guys, You guys would be successful!! I am waiting for you!!I would like to learn moreThat’s amazing idea, guys! Will do world of mouse as I can! Thanks. I like this project, very happy!All goodVery Interestingthank you !!!Скорей бы начало, интересно глянуть на первые сборы, на сколько будет монета актуальна для комьюнити!Good design. Good team work.Nice workThanks for this bountyNice to meet You!very nice !!Next level for DAOWould like to learn moreTO DA MOON!! ! !!!! ! I really want to get your coins!great conceptdaoact has great idea. and all team hard work to make this successI will buy ICOJust more interesting ICO than others for some monthsno, all it’s goodProject is very good, such was not yet in my memory!Это интересно, это будущее!Good project, it will be much people wnat to investGood Luck !I’m already discussing on bitcointalk forum. Thank you.my 50 cent to change the world..ICO is very interestingЖелаю успехов!wing2go!Thank youОчень хочется поучаствовать! Вижу большие перспективы.Good projectGood luck, awesome and promising project!!!Move on daoactReally good plan !! Additionally to this bounty, it would help if this team launch another social media bounty program at bitcointalk.org to keep sharing this great project at Twitter, Facebook an all other big social media platforms!Hi, thank you for this opportunity. Godspeed.TyI’m excited to participateI belive in you! Nice idea. Good luck.A really nice way of an airdrop, well thought.I hope , that see all ur wishes come true ;) have a nice day guys)I wish you the best of everything! Thank you very much. Best innovative work ever.Good luck and all the bestThis is a wonderful opportunity.
Will review your ICO details on Wings. This is a good but very complex project. Good luck!This Project sounds good, i hope it will be success in the futureA great ideaI wish you wellWish that your ICO went well.noЯ хочу получить ваши монетыLooking forward to seeing what you can accomplish over the next couple years for the community.I hope ACT ICO go to the moonGood luck to ur projectKeep it up :D ChaizoNice Project. Promise futureInteresting! Really want join this projectMove to the top of the worldPresentation was very well done.It’s so exciting how blockchain and thereum based projects are about to change our world :)All the best!Good LuckI will follow your projectKeep the work up, you guys are going to go places!Thank younothingGreat Project!i hope this project success
and achieved its missiongreat way to get the info outI think this is good projectNice Work!Good Luck to everyone!wish this project will succeedNice project. Looking forward to get some more in the ICOgood coinI read the concept and your whitepaper, well all I can say is we need good projects on crypto community like this one. Keep it up.Keep up the good work, Crypto ROCK ON!!!!!want to invest to your projectA good idea. Let’s see what happens
I really want to get your coins and help in the development of the project. In advance thank you very much. And good luck to all of usi am willing to support this project and will spread the news to help other people in need.Best of luck for this meaningful projectSpasiboGood luckвсе очень круто надеюсь на дальнейшее развитиеGreatI love this project.Nice project!Keep improving this project!Very interesting project, I would like to see in it more opportunities for interaction between people and the stateHope I can get bounty :)Hope this goodLots of nice ideas behind this crypto!It looks like a good project, good luck to you!GoodThank you for the bountyGreat compliments. We hope to receive the prizeI like the concept. Would be glad to be a part of the pre-ICO. Keep the good work. Will be looking forward to hearing about the project progress from you.Мне все понравилось, хочу получить награду.Interesting idea and nice promo with wingsI’m reading the withepaper, look like a good project!I like your concept with the free tokens, because the people read your website and white paper attentively.I’m sure many people will know this project if they participated on the giveawaygood luckGreat ideaVery interesting, wish you all the best! Like the introduction questionnaire Thank You!I think this project is cool.Love your work, bright future coming for you guys. Keep up the good work.good luckGo guys!Good luckВерю в вас и ваши проекты)positiveCool! I want your tokens!Супер сайт, отличная монета, всем рекомендую.Это супер!Please do your bestBest of Luck!I’m very interested in learning how ACT works. This will be my first experience and I hope that it will be very useful to me and mankind) nICElooks interesting to be a part of you. I believe the ICO will be successful in the future and achieve targetsI wish best of luck to your exciting project!Please do your bestcoolIf I can help you with translation to Slovak language for coins let me know :) Удачного старта!No, thanksGood Luck. I hope, blockchain and technologies based on him will change the world to better place.:)rock on guysget succesbe a believerVery good idea with this questionnaire, never saw it before.Very like your projectI wish your team to succeed!Good luckI believe that ACT has great potential and great opportunities in the world of crypto-currencies. Thank you for the opportunity to get it for free, and start using it soon.-Please add them here. I really want to get your coinsI will take part in advertizing of a campaign and I believe in your success!I’m glad to see prodjeckt from post rassian area!Thank you in advanceI wish you the best of luck.Good luck :)good luck!I wish success to this projectDAOACT is very interesting project. And thanks for this bounty.ThanksThis concept seems very interesting. Good luck.This concept seems very interesting. Good luck.0x0033ade6Da3B62896739D92244009466c2C49e9cI loved your project after reading your Medium articles and Whitepaper.

I’m native Korean, and want to translate your White Paper and make a contribution!! Please let me know if it’s possible.

Notify me by sending an email will be thankful :)Very interesting project and a great idea. Good luck.esay todoWould be glad to receive your coins)It’s a very interesting project. Will definately participate.Tanksow long does it take before the score is being calculated regarding thepre-ICO “Earn while you Learn” Questionnaire?Good luck with your project!Thanksgood luckluck to your projectI am from India , Read about the concept and technology you guys are coming up with. This was really neccessary and I am very confident that this concept of yours will really help millions of people around the globe , Best wishes .NiceThis project looks vers goodnice project i like it…. so gogogothx for doing thisРебята, удачи в реализации вашего проекта!Good job ! To the moonI will follow !no comments… interesting projectVery interesting project, I’m waiting for pre-ICO. Good luck guys !thanksNonenice bounty, thank you, good luck :)to the mooooooooooon )Good luck :)nice work teamyou do a very good jobalways do great job sir, make this token more stable. i hope u always too make continue to work and make good progress (sorry my english is to bad) good idea
I have been interested in crypto currency for a long time, and I would very much like to receive your coins.And to you, everyone, thank you very much.Good jobnoGreate idea^ i hope, it will be works!Good projectGood luck with the tokenthat coolThank you for the free tokens, further feedback will follow with wings.ai
I very much believe in your project and I want to participate. It’s great !this project looks very interestingi wish luck for team Dao Act in implementing an interesting business model.Wish you x1000 next year! Good luck!good luck guysВаша работа очень важна и необходима в современных условиях. Большое Вам спасибо.go nowThanks for your project.I am love daoactnice projectPleased to discover such a great team!I hope ACT will be a good the long-term projectgood drop. thank youThank youGood luckGood :-) love itI like it. Your project can make this world betterYou have an interesting idea, which may help many people around the world, I really respect that. Hopefully you’ll succeed. Very interstingI believe you’ll make it! Wish +100 to luck from Siberia :-)I hope we will the bestYou are doing a great job, thank you!good jobGOOD LUCK ACT COINYour project are great Good luck!I lovely recieve the DAOACT

interest project to different group of peopleThank you! Good job, guysinteresting project. Keep up the good work!GoodThanksGood project! Love you!Daoact makes life more comfortableGood luckCoolgreat project!!!thank youNothing. Thank you!I was interested in the project. I also want to participate in IСO.very much want to receive your coins!Success and good luck^-^Good good goodAfter getting acquainted with the block, I began to think that the world has a futureSuper!Thank you very mutchGood afternoon, I would like to receive your coins, thank you in advance!all good.your project is very interesting, I want win 1000+ ACT TokenLooking great idea!all fine.I’m looking forward to supporting this campaign further!Good Luckgood luckI believe in your project and your idea👍nice giveaway. hope i’ll be luckyThank you for your interesting project. That’s will be success for sure with your great idea!Все будет супер! Вы супер!Незнаю Great Project!! Wish you guys good luck and success !!!! SEE YOU ON THE MOON :D”Earn while you Learn” is very epoch-making and nice, I guess.Good luck. Looking forward to this great project!thank you!Good luck for this coming project and i am waiting it with all my heart )Looks like a pretty interesting project! Thanks!Seems like very nice project, will be happy to get free coins and investNice concept social accountability, i hope the succesful of this social project *english not good good luck!go act !Everything is fine, the project is goodGood luck) Waiting for project :)Nice questionairre, answered easilyi think it will be coolVery interesting idea. Keep nice work Having a questionaire was a great idea. Everythings looking great!I really want to get your coins. Huge thanks if you do.Nice idea to give free tokens in exchange for reading about the projectThx =)Good project!!!Really excited to join this giveaway program, hope can meet the success in the future. Suggestion still few promotion on my country about cryptocurrency, we have 200 million people can be a large market for using cryptocurrency.Good luck with the projectgood luck guys!I’m waiting for the start of your projectVery encouraged to see daoact get on feet and start operatingI really want to get your coins Thank you very much. It’s nice to work with you.Just so you know, the possible answers to one of your questions are incorrect, namely the one about the example character in your intro video. The following answers are almost correct but that are in fact wrong: “Lena Dzuba / Minsk” and “Maria Cordova / Minsk”. The correct answer is “Maria Dzuba / Minsk” but that is not an option ;) Good luck with your project, I look forward to receiving the 1000 ACT tokens. Thank you.I like your proposal.I really want to get your coinsI really want to get your coins, great project!Hopefully ACT is fast in the existing big exchangeVery cool possibility, thank you for all, will take more your tokenslookig up whats going onThank you. Well done.I wish good luck for the team! Hope everything will be allrightAwesome work!All the bestvery goodThe future is yours. I believe in youGood Lock “ACT”Good luck!Excellent!wish good lockRead my blog for some of the ideas that I have, but to me, this really is the radical power of political organization on the blockchain enacted. I’ll be sending money and support your way! Eager to see your project going live, greetings from Germany :)Thank you very much for such great project, I hope it could change our mindes, change our cruel world.good job!good luck!I want your tokens)I like this project. It’s really looked greatI believe that you will succeed and I look forward to the release of the projectGuys really believe in your idea and project. Good luck, you will succeed!All right)Best way to encourage people to get updated .Can buy via BTC?Really great project. It looks very profession and well done. Good luck!Wish u a great long jorney guys! All the best to you guys!I hope everything gonna go well!goog lack guysgood luck!Wish you luck ;)Thank you for your work! I really want to get your tokens!Good luckTo the moonNew world orderexcited for the projectI’m wait you !!! Good Luck!very informativegood luck project seems interesting i watch it.Love ICO Love Wings Love ACT -Very perspective DAO. I wish it makes world much better!Good luck!Good luckHopefully ACT price could exceed ETH pricegood luckGood luck!!!your project is cool. Im waiting its start)). i will hope that ACT gives a lot of possibilities and profits. Good luck!!!!I really believe in the project, I look forward to it!I wish success to the project and are waiting for its launch eagerly!I wait your project very match! Good luck guys! I love you! Great project, nice to be able to attend!Ожидаю большего, успехов в начинании!Guys, the idea is awesome! Believe in the project, you will succeed)This is a great project and I hope your project will be successful !b!best wishes!very goodGOOOOOOD LUUUUCK !!!it should be long-term platfromPlease add them here. great projectokGood luck!)good luck guysI wish you good luck and big profitC нетерпением ждём проект! УДАЧИ ВАМ И ПОБОЛЬШЕ СБОРОВ!super!!!)Please fastЖдём проект
long life to your project!Very supportive of this project getting better and betterI just wanna get your tokens to test the systemI’m waiting for the project, good luck and success!You are very cool developers, I hope everything will be fine with coins! I’m waiting for them!Add Russian translate please and good luck!Thank’sgood luck, guys!You are cool!!!Nice project ! good luck!I’m interested in this project! Good luck!I am very interested in your project, I am sure that all your undertakings will be supported by a huge audience!Looks like a promising project, good luckgoodЯ верю в вас!!!!Wishing you luck and success in your workGood luck, guys! Very soon we all will be rich!Splats *ACT rulesHope that your project will be useful to people and will break into the leaders!Wait your projectI liked the idea of the project, I will be happy to follow it.I love actОчень жду вашего ICOЖдем с нетерпением!!!Good luck!i want to reach your coinsI will keep an eye on the news about ACT, I think it is a very interesting and innovative project! Success!Good dayУдачи! Жду результатов!Хорошего развития проектуСпасибо! Я желаю вам удачи!Пока многообещающе, а там посмотримbonne chanceя очень хочу получить ваши монеткиОчень жду вашего ICO, второй раз заполняю форму т.к. не указал кошелек Ethereum, прошу понять и просить 
Good luck to your team, good result and successThank youI wish you a successful ICO and to meet the expectations of investorsGood luck guys! Wish your project every the best!Good day! I’m a fan of Your project, was waiting for him. I wish him great success and prosperity! Good Luck To You!Have a nice trip to blockchain world!Good luck…..its boom projectThe first time I do it. It is a delight!!!Good luck!
Thank you for your work, I really want to receive your coins and become part of the projectУчаствую в пересейле, можно получить немного токенов и поддержать ребят. По всем вопросам в ЛСA good project! I’m so stocked to be a part of it!This is the best project! Good luck!Круто!Friends, hope your project! Waiting for 
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good luck guysGood luck!!!great projectThank youI’m waiting pre-ICO. Good luck!A very promising project!I look forward to the project, I wish the team good luck in their endeavors!)Keep going guyz this is awsome !!!Awesome concept in the direction to making the better.Классный проект так держать. Успехов и развития вам.Хочу монетки оченьyou are the best I,m coin-token-cripto-maniacGood luck”Together we Strong… lets bring back people power on the right track…dimon.s.d01@gmail.com Thanks, all the best.I hope this Idea works. Good luck!Hopefully it works better than crowdfunder!Good luck! Waiting for the beginning of the project!good luckExpecting a great ICOAmazing Project. Greater Good is something we all shall look forKeep it going!Your project is coolThis is an awesome concept, I’m sure that this project will help a lot of people all over the World. Good luck with your projectGood luck! I’ll soon br waiting for the pojeckt with impatienceI want to win and take coins!Thank you! ))Good luck, guys!Nice project, good luck!I’m interested in the concept of DAOACT and I want to get your coinsWonderful project for social cause. Can it be useful to PETA organization?cant wait for releaseAll is good.thank you for your work, everything will turn outFirst project I actually 100% believe in. I am positive ACT will take the future by storm. My full support to the vision.Love the project. Love the way you handled the giveaway.It’s kind of future, what you’re doing here!I’m really looking forward to the Token sale, and please don’t sell everything in the Pre-ICOInteresting Project. Looking forward to get involvedGo Team. I love this project and am fired up!!Very Promising !! :) Whoo Hooo Go ACT Token!!!!ACT to the moon!great jobExcited to be part of this. Thanks so much. Good luck. I believe in you. Great. i think i’ll invest DAOACTThanks for letting me take part in this adventure!You website and imagery is fantastic. Keep up the great work.Excellent idea. I am very happyУдачи! Чтобы все получилось!thank you very muchi think act will be greatмолодцы ваще ребятаGood luckupupup gogogoGreat programgood survey and good answerHELLO WORLD伟大的项目You guys rock!Beautiful website and very nice white paper. cant wait to see where things go from here.Lets do this…….Good Luck Dev and Design teamGood luck!Go TeamThis is one of the worth use case blockchain app for human being, waiting for the pre ico schedule
I’m waiting for the projectGood luck to everyone in this businessajd7622@yandex.ruRemarkable project! I look forward!SuperGreat work. More power devs!I am so excited in this superb project. I wish you all the success! God bless to all the staff!await the project eagerlyGood luck, guys!Also add anonymous contributor feature, most people will like it.meow
you are awesome
send me tokens to my wallet pleaseЭто крутой проект. И бонус очень радует.Earn while you Learnplease, give me some coins, I like your project!Good luck! Waiting for you, guys! good luck and thank youОчень интересно. Спасибо.Its great! I will starting my cryptolife!I hope your ICO will be a successIm hoping for the success of your project.СпасибоI Hope The ICO Is SuccessFullcool idea,I’m inI want to receive your coinsThank youGlad that you have been in Ukraine, my country. WAit for your release.It seem promising. I keep an eye on this ico!good luck with the project!Good luck :)I want to get tokensi want to get your tokens Hopefully we can stand together looking at the future with no more social status issues under the auspices of this project.Interesting project it’s realy good and perspective project!!! I will join bounty program.Good name your project. Wish you all the best. Good luckGood luck, guys!Will seeThank you.
Wonderful project. Great idea.Good luckPromising projectThank’s Good luck ThanksI hope daoact will reach your goalsGreat project. A good team will bring the matter to mindSuper!! я очень хочу получить ваши монеты!Good project. I will definitely support this project for long-term.Good luckI believe in youGood luck to you!Бесплатные монетки это всегда хорошо :)Good LuckОчень хочу монеты. :)Interesting project.я очень хочу получить ваши монеткиI await the project eagerlyGood luck and prosperity!Спасибо за монеты all great at time Nice idea this kind of airdrop and to force people to inform about your ICO before investing.Всё прекрасно, Хочу монеткиI want your tokens very mach))Please transfer me coins))Очень жду проект, желаю удачи всем участвующим и создателямThank you guys for the generosity . Good luck in the development of the project. I hope You will succeed.Получить токены стало проще, разбираем здесь https://www.daoact.org/win-1000-act/ This is completely awesome and excellent work of you team. More power!Join Act Pte-ICO and earn while you learn. it’s a great idea. thank you) I really want to get the coinsgood luckThx, interesting theme. Any final comments, words of encouragement, or feedback? Please add them hereThanks for your ideaI like your project! I wish you success.I want to recieve tokens and become a millionaire!Wish you luck! You guys are awesome~ :3A good start!good luck
I really want to get your coins. Thanks for the great opportunity!Love the conceptACT now.Great project! Good luck!Encouragement Thank you for this promotion!Thank You Very much.0xBC55D5a664C5e7d15E7624B430e43821fe7c6785I appreciate the opportunity to participateI think, this is will be a better future for a new investor. I am very interested in this and I encourage yall to continue the great thinking and I’ll be praying for you all.good luckбыстрее-выше-сильнее)Great idea. I like it.Мне было бы очень приятно, получить ваши монеты.Cheers for the upcoming ico and for upcoming success.быстрого развитияGood luck!thank you for the opportunity :)The project is wonderful.You’re doing a really nice job! Great materials! Good luck!Good look!Thanks for all.Your have very interesting project. Good luck. Thanks.Hope ICO goes wellGet your 1000 ACT tokens for free now.Just do it, best!Very good project, I hope to go to the moon Omasukin saranStrength and luckThanksGoodluck!!!I want win tokens!Nice project.carry onGood luckall okGood Idea!I want to get your moneyThanks for ideagood luck guysReally liked your serviceGood luckGood project from best peopleGood luckI love itGreat!Thank youSimply superIm excited for thisGood projectЖелаю удачи в проектеI believe in your successI trust Wings. You are interestingGood luck, just good luck in the future ISO
good luckVery interested in this project!good workingGreati think its good idea. go onWhat about another language version of your project?Good luck!! This is a great projectgood luck to youThank you !Indirectly, by following this at least be more able to know more about this ACTAwesome is your concept regarding Social Accountability and its applicabilityBravi! Keep going!thanks. good luckgood luck boys!!Здравствуйте! Мне очень хочется получить Ваши монетки!!! Мне кажется они принесут не плохой доход в мою и Вашу копилку!!!Good lucky :)This project is good for the futureя очень хочу получить ваши монеткиGuys, good luck, work hard dream big and I am sure you do it!! All the best я очень хочу получить ваши монетки.Nice initiative!great job !To the moon!best whitepaper I have read in a while, finally something REAL coming at us. Keep it going! Good Luck….nice work. thanksThank you! and good luckgo up !Great idea! Good luck!great idea !Good luck guys!nice, thankssoon to the moonKeep going!Great Project! Thank you !Good luckInteresting project, looking forward for the pre-ICO!thank you ! good luck and thank youthanks, good luck to you.interesting projectgood project. gowaiting for ICOvery interestingMake it great. thank you!Good luck with the project and thanks in advance!
Thank you for giving us the opportunity, for your successful development!good jobThanks guys!! i think big rise coming soongood ideathanks. go upgood team, good luckGood luck!!!Thank You. Good LuckТест понравился.It is sensational and faboulosGood luck friends and thank you for your excellent workvery nice projectKeep it up!Great project, looking forward for the ICO !Great work. Hope your project go smooth.Wish you succeed.I would like to receive an official statement from the Wings team.i love act.Thaks and good luck!Exciting project, look forward for start and participation!good luck guysGood luck
Excellent Project !!!! Citizen of the World we are becoming !!!! #ACTgreat ideaAwesome idea! Giving power back to the people!Good Luck !1



спасибо удачи вашему проэкту
thank you good luck with your projectNice project!go go go — I like this projectSuccess for projectGood jobGreat works ! Sounds a nice projetIt is a good social programThank youtnxnice projectthank youwe need you to suceedthnxnice project, thank youkeep it upgreat project, good team, seems promisingThank you”Earn while you Learn” — this sounds very interesting.всем спасибо)a good startGood feesThank youThe project is really great! This is not because I participated here, but, upon reading the whitepapers, the objectives will be for the goodness of humanity. Good luck!Желаю удачиACT is the bestGo ACT! Go ACT! Go!!!!! Let’s change the worldGodspeed to you guys!Please go on with your mission!Желаю удачи и с нетерпением жду проектаI wish you good luck
ЖдуI wish to come true in the near future to all your ideasHello brothers love ERC20 Price future ACT 0.01 yes Its Really good concept . Ig one through whole video and white paper regarding solving the small issues its really great initiative.Good luck!very intersting projectgood luck and succecyo-ho-ho!)Good luckI’m grateful for your actions regarding this projectthe model this giveaways unique. we should learn the project before get the rewards :)Very nice project is coming, lets rock it together! )Good luck!good luckWish this project successgood luckInteresting questionnaire gud lak ty yugood lackвсем удачиThank you and rise to your projectСпасибо за вашу работу :)now time to go upnice projectочень хочу получить Ваши монеты.Верю в успехgood project. thank youyou are best, go upThe best ERC20 you ACTGood luck guys!wish you luckThank you. nice questionsgo on. thanksThanks and luckGood luck and big rise!I’m waiting for the project !!This idea is interesting, thank youTo live good. A good life is even better.Thank you and Good luckmega heights in development and a speedy recovery!Good luck!Very interesting project.Good project. Looking forward to invest!Happy collaboratorlooks like it’s gonna be a nice projectHopefully this event is a successGreat contest!Очень надеемся на Вас!Interesting, will participate in Pre-ICOi like itЖду проект с нетерпением. Успехов!Желаю успеховPlease go ahead and change the world!goodWho was this nobody will be all!Like it! And thanks…thank youNice project!Nice project good feedbackiI very want your coinsFire up to hope projectGood luck to your projectWish u a great successnice project, good luckOnwards and upwards.good luck Nice job thanksGood luck Folks!Goodthat is a good way to get people familiarize themselves with the project.Good luck!GO GO GO !!!!Have a great journey !Gl !!bon courage pour le lancementSounds very good ! I’m excited about this project.Quite excited about this project!GO GO GO THE TEAM Keep it up ! cheers from France :)Nice project! Good luck and especially best wishes for success!!!
You are genial, go to the end of the thing and do not back down nothing these are the two keys to the successGood projects let’s follow it ;)I hope a great future for this ICO, in all the developer look competent, I am confidentKeep koing guyyyysI wish you a speedy promotion projectKeep going, u will change the worldI hope that your project will be brillant and lot of courageous for The Team !! 👍Nice projectGOOD LUCK FOR 18 /07/You are the best!!!LET’s go
I hope this project will go very far good luck !!!You guys are doing a great jobs ! Don’t give up !to the moonguys, you’re greatmerci beaucoup et je votus souhaite une très bonne continuation.Good luck :)Good Luck Dev !Have faithI really want to support your project! Keep up with your great work!le projet est interessant on va voir ce que ça donnebelieve in ur projectGood luck.love ur projectGREAT initiativeGood luck for your future ;)Congratulations, continue like that. Good jobThank’s you , good lucknice ideaI beleive this project can have an impact in World’s managment decisions. Thanks !I hope a big succes for the project ! Bon courage !Continuer comme sa trés bon boulot en perspective you can do it, succes is comingNice form, good luck.I’m reading white paper, I think will invest SarahTeamwork makes the dream workCongrats for such a great idea behind a truly social projectThanks for this operation !super projetGood luckGood luck in the crypto jungle!i’m very happy for this icoI enjoyed this. Am excited with the innovation you’re bringing to this spaceNice project, good luck!Sounds like a great project with a bright future. The curator algorithm seems to be sound and the rewards giving are exponentially each year the longer you hold your tokens.Thanks.thnkswould be nice to actually recieve theseNice to know this cryptocurrency and encourage people with this bonus thank you so much Nice Job waiting the ICOthanks for theses free ACT, keep going guys ! Absolutely love what you’re looking to build here and cannot wait for the pre-ICO. Thanks for the opportunity to learn more throughout the questionnaire and get some free ACT to boot!good jobnothing to addGreat job ! Bon travail et belle équipe, je vous souhaite de réussir et mener à bien votre projet.Go go go !Great team and project ! lets go0xcacab0ff3c0076e290226e8d0b27dfdd0a347adci hope this gonna be success project , since i have i niece that have cerebral palsy , i know that this mobilization of citizen support will mean a lot to whoever that need it.Better MarketingthanksGood luck guys :)you are the best goodgo ahead !!I am looking forward to the successful implementation of this project.Good luck !We need you ACT ! Great job guys! Interesting project, looking forward to evaluating it on WINGS platformNothingGo go go !Спасибо за возможность участия.Thanks!I hope the best for this projectGood job good luck to youYou won a like on facebookFrom Japan with Lovegood luck guys, beautiful project.Félicitation aux développeurs pour cette nouvelle crypto très prometteuse!Keep it up guys!i need this promo As i am still partially unclear, hope there will be a TLDR!okI belive that you will have sucsess!Like this project! Good luckI really want to get your coins and I wish you good luck and prosperity!
looks promising! good luckit’s good project, hope to see it live soonGood bounty! Thanks!Make it big !thank you, and good luck :)Good luck guys you can do it !!!!Please do it well and great!Желаю успеховThank you so much and good luck!!good lucki love your project, great work!Nice projectThanks !Good!Good luck! tkanks!!!!Keep up with the good work :)I think this project has a lot of future and I will support you.Good Project. Keep the good work up.Thank you :-)continuegood jobthis is by far the best ICO project for this year! я хотела бы получить ваши токины. благодарюI work for techfugees france and what you’re doing is needed !The concept is amazing, I got a big hope in your project. I’ll stay tuned, ty.Nice concept!come ongood job partnering/using the WingsPlatform :)Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the worldGood way of distribution!good luck !Cool airdrop!good projectVery nice project !This project is very interestingIm from blocklab, we are also looking in rotterdam for a similar system for smaller communities a voting system with investement in community values. Which will be our first building block.Good luck of a frenchNopegood luckBest of luck on the pre-icoLove your project, good luck!nice❤cool !goodLooking forward to an awesome project!Good bounty, thank you guys!It’s very good way to introduce the project from giveaway through question and looks like it’s gonna be a nice project. I’m sure many people will know this project if they participated on the giveaway.Thank you!happy dayI hope this will be a sucessMay The DAO more advance and more developedCourage pour cette aventure You have good project, Go go go !!good luckgo go goGreat project! Good look and best wishes Good look! nope, looks greatLooks like a great project!Love the projectexcitingGood Luckwery good. thanksGood Luck ! Nice project !Thank you :-)can”t wait for ICO. Th. u.I wish you the best, great project.Keep going, and gods will be at your side ;)Thank You and Good Luck!Create a large “ACT” community, the more famous a coin the more expensiveGood job and thank you!good project, thank you !Good luck in project development!Good luck to you and me !Nice idea, thanks if i get coins.Good luck, you can do it Thank you and luck!Hey guys it’s good things it will be gréât itrust in yougood luck ! thanks !Good Luck :)nice project, i really believe on your token, good luckthanks for coins and good lucki like eth tokens)To the moon!GOGOGOGO !https://twitter.com/NepToZz/status/883056444777607168I like this concept and have proposed using this protocol, to help the local homeless community in my jurisdiction.Good luck guys ! may the force be with youthankGood luckACT rulesThank you guys !Good luck you teamTo the mooonyou rockWish you a successful ICO, and all the best during the important journey ahead!good luck in this wild world !J’attend ce coin avec impatience, bon courage pour la suite !grate pleasure to know something interesting about your ACT pre-ICO and i want to get my coin please.Thank youThanks and get some luck on ICOI love this project ! Great for all !Realy nice project !!Good luck! I think there is potential here!good luckI like this proiect !I really trust your project. Good luck!Bonne chance !Great idea!This is a great project! Keep up the good work!bon courage que la force soit avec vous Keep up the good work.Promising project. Good luck!Awesome, keep going !Nice job, keep goingYou’ll never walk alone.good luckNocommendable effortLooks like a good project, look forward to forecasting on WingsThank you for doing a great job. Job well doneI believe in ur project 😁Wow !! I am very impressed ! I actually believe in this project. Unlike most of the garbage coins around. You have alot backing you so I see it is serious. Good this is what I like to see. No messing around just right down to it. Good job !!Best of luck with the project, I really hope it does well for everyone.wow good luckYou can then increase your number of received ACTs by doing something with the hashtag #ACTNOWGood luckgood jobGood luckInteresting of this project. I’m shure that will be very profitable. Good luck!Удачи вам!let’s go Good luck!i want receive your gift coinsgoodyour project is great, hope it will be successfull !!!Will be a user of this solutionGreat job!I like it)This is a good way to make people understands more about your project. Goodjob and keep goingBest wishes for your team!Nice project and i want to be in, im from spain and im going to spread the word to all my friends and family :)Желаю успехов , пусть все круто получится!I want to be in this amaizing proyect, i think it will be very nice for all the people and the future, thanks for all :)Thanks, good luckGood luck with this project!!Hello. I was very interested in your project, and I want to join.Go ! Go ! Go! wish you a good luckGreat project !wa are waitngGOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!Думаю есть перспективы у этого проекта- 0x2F3C7A797cd7A66C3734375941baB14F1cbCF357У вас все получиться, верим в вас!Looks like a great concept. Hope you all the best of luck getting it goinggreat job!Blockchain technology is the future!goodLuck for this project! Best regards, Dunno!I’m glad that I found out about youI really dream of getting your coins, thank you!Great work guys !!!Excuse me, but I write some word on Russian. Желаю Вашей команде удачного проведения ICO и успехов в разработке конечного продуктаGreat sounding project — good luck!Go guys, great project! ;-)keep it realNice project :)Thank youBitcoin grow faster :-)I likeGreat project. Will be a great success.En vous souhaitant plein de réussite good luckgood luck with the project!goodнихао! успехов и профита вам!So much excited about the project & ICOthank you for coinsIt’s an interesting project, good luck!i hope i did right answersThank you. Good luck.Thanks guys, good luck.goodGood luck to you !Nice, thank yougood lucklove the concept, will be there for the icoGreat Concept, wish you all the best !was interesting. thanksFantastic project. Thank you so much!thanksThank You/Good Lucky. very excited for this project!!!Cool techIt’s great!I belive in you. Let’s do itI am your project and am wholeheartedly with you!thanksHappy to join this fair pre-icoForce may be with you
I will be very glad to receive your coinsI really believe in this project , hope you don’t disappoint and take it to the moonThank you for trying to make life better for many people.Nice concept!!I hope to do the right thing for the worldFantastic project ! I support you!i really trust this token good luck for usGreat idea. Spreading the word on Steemit.Great conceptI love the approach of this ico!Great idea! Looking forward to participating ;)I will suport your project,, good luckThanks and keep it up!Thanks!great ICO i will support you thank you so muchThank you.Cool Project and Good LuckThanks for these free money and please keep the great workKeep moving forwardGood luck!I wish you good money
great ico we will support youi like the story and the campaign, hope you can help people in the future with this business :) cheers and blessingsNice Airdrop Keep it up !!!Amazing questionnaire.This is how all ico’s should be done. Blockchain technologies should be for enjoyed from everyone. Giving away tokens like this ensures further adaptability. I will support your prosperityGreat work !!!Cool test! I’m waiting for the opening of the project!
GO Team!!!!!Excellent idea on the test. I loved it. Great project. Great looking team. Very professional presentations. I’m impressed. Good luck.Beautiful. Glad to have found this project. Looks very promising. ThanksCheering you onGreat project great team. Can’t wait. God BlessokI pray for the value of coins to riseLooks good.I look forward to the value of the currency rising.This does look interesting. Thanks.trust a very big success for this nice projectThanks a lot:)You’re being supported.fantastic guys !
Wish ICO success and ACT great valuei hope this project successfully :DAmazing companythis is very interesting conceptThis is a necessary project. Congratulation! A very interesting conceptGreat idea. I hope this works out as you planed.I hope this coin succeeds! Good luck!Good luck!I hope you have a good project, everything will be okayI hope to participate ICO soon.I see a very promising project coming and I have got my eyes on it!Good luck!!Excellent project!Let’s go make some coins !good work!Верим в рост! =)Thank you very much.Good jobWould it be a good idea to translate whitepaper to other language, e.g. chinese?Good idea A true Cryptocurrency for help and change lives, bringing oportunnitiesYour project is excellent. I am very pleased to participate in itIt will change the world for the better!Sounds great!Great idea! Good luck!Good luck on your project!I love the way you designed this giveaway. Learnt just enough to want to go back and properly read the white paper.Sounds great!It’s actually very confusing about the hard details of what you are going to doGreat project ! I wish you the best !This is an awesome project I hope it we get the entire community involved!Thank you for the opportunity you give us to join a new economy. Long live ACT
попробуемkeep up the good work and best of luckI’ll waiting for your replyThis is a great idea and a great cause, keep up the great work!I like your idea and waiting for the pre-ico best of luck with your projectnaAwesome Work!. Good luck and enjoy!thanks for the invitationGreatGreat and innovative project Thank youGo ACT!I think ACT will become greatSuccess!This looks like a really interesting project I wish you all the best!This Campaign is really true to its name..Nice giveaway gesture!I really want to get your tokensLooks like a really interesting project! Excited to take part!Keep up the good work!Good luck on all! This looks like a legit project, now let’s get the ball rolling! Hope it will be a successful projectIt’s a necessary advance for the future organizations and relationship with state and citizens to have the capacity to make micro payments for consolidate the future we want.THE Best solution blockchain yes ACTThanksHopefully the ACT project is successful.
I hope that the ACT project can change the world for the betterUsing an ACT project might help people like Maria Dzuba get his rightsNeed to understand the project even betterIt’s very interesting and testing knowledge skill about cruptocurrency. noneI’m very interested in this project and I enjoy itI this will be usefull in the futurei want 1000 tokensI like the project you are starting- Good luckGood job, nice concept.gl hfGreat project. World needed such thing. Looking forward to go long way with ACT. Thank you top demais, quero ficar rico!!RefuelingBest of luck with the ICO & beyondGood project icoThanksIts an exciting ICOThank you.This is Amazing Project hope to help and Develop other poor country or individual.okThe project looks very interesting, and hope you guys succeed. Still not very clear how validated your assumptions are and the viability of the model. (On medium I found information which is not as sustainable for small investors — e.g. change.org receives X per year so we assume we get double, which as a pitch is weak.)Have a great ICO!ThanksGood projectNice promo !!!bulkiOkThank You!Good luckI really want your coins. looking forward to see your next steps. if you need german translations let me know.祝你们成功Looking forward to the project with impatiencegood luckNoGood luckGreat goinglgood luckGood project,good luck!Waiting for the start of the projectGood luck guys! I think it will be great project!Good luck to ur project!really looking forward to see the development. Thank youi will follow this project and i will help to promote you.Thank you. Success to youуспехов вам и хочется получить свои монеткиn/aI am excited for this new blockchain. Keep up doing the good work of helping the blockchain community strongerПобольше таких проектов с бесплатной раздачей монет.it’s a cute, I hope You’ll keep Your startCool!Interesting project. Good luck!Filling this was fun :-)Good luck to all the team ;)Plz, email further instructions, help me.Good job. Looking forward for more detailsспасибо за возможность присоединиться к миру криптовалюты и удачи вамgood luck!Experiencing New Techology of cryptocurrencyLuck!!!Very Interesting idea. I support you.Good luck Great idea, great project. Will definitely take part in ICO!Wish good luck to your project!Cool dude!I like the way you structured the give away, it actually forces people to read what they are about to get invested inI wish you luck and success in your implementation!Be the bestThe project has a great idea! I sincerely wish success in its implementation :)Вы молодцы!!! Мне очень понравилась идея! Желаю Вам удачи и стремительного развития! Я буду с вами навсегда! Really like to see ACT grow.Keep up the good work !i hope more best like ETH or BTCgoodluckI hope that the token can be distributed more common, to avoid being contracted by individuals. I hope your project will be successful.Succeedgo go goI think ACT will be greatGood job!Great project!Great initiative, long term commitment is missing in current cryptocurrencygoodluckinteresting project, i like itGreat job!I hope to the moonI really want to get your coins!success to the daoact ‘s teamdemyan7Hope the platform works good, great projectI look forward to the project with impatienceEmpires are rewards of forging the weak in the firegoodluck, i wait this projectThanks to you guys ;)great project, i think i will buy into itgood lucknice campain ..thanksvery nice and ethical project ! good luck !You have a great way to get others to know you well I think this is a really interesting projectKeep up the good work guys !Interesting projectI look forward to the project with impatience!!!Желаю успехов ;)thanks and go head whit this great project.Great idea! Good luck!I love this project and i will do my best to for this project. okLooking forward to the product.Thank you!NoN/AI wish you big gain of your project More info on your web would be nice. Business Plan, Team, Expectations… Best of Luck!This is excellent!wish you luck! I believe in you!интересная идея…Wish you good luck and success with your project ;-)good luck!Great work!It was very nice to learn about ACT TokenI anticipate a hype in the ACT.thanks for the free tokens, look forward to ACT and it’s successserver19just support ACT tokenGood luck to all the team ;)
Sorry I don’t use tweeter or I would tweet it !I hope this works out for everyone. It’s a good ideaGreat project. I am long term supporter.I will be closely watching the continual development of your platform and wish you and your team the best of luck.Good luck! Great social idea.Great idea! I am excited by the platform and look forward to seeing its future.good luckI like the concept and am in the learning stages of block chain and acts conceptMuito bomNice siteLegalLooking forward to the ICO and future developmentsI’m new investor on Ethereum this project looking good.NoNonegood jobthe great project ACT in the futurecoolIf you have any cool news to share with my views, look up Mythocurrency on YouTubeThis is o e of the best cryptocruncyKeep up the good work!ACT NOW. JOIN ICO!hoping you extend your help to all those in needKeep on keeping onNoудачи thanks a lotIt’s good Good Luck, guys. You have a very good projectIm in LOVE with this projectGood project!NAGood LuckThanks)))I wish you the best of luck with this project. It is inspiring!We are eager to wait to use ACT by all people in the world.I hope your project succeeds and everyone gains something good from it.I want to earn more free ACT token. How?GLPLS dont get hacked againThis is the first humanitarian ICO i’ve seen to date, I mean all of these blockchain enthusiasts are aiming for a good cause, but this site seems exceptional.ThankspeaceGo ACT!OK!I’m pumped for your crowdsale! I’ll be a long time holder for sure. Good luck, I can’t wait for the release.This is an amazingly clever ICOGood luck projecthoping the best for your team, very well organized pre iconice project!I hope in this projectGood luck, and be transparent with the investors and community please!!Thanks for doing this! And the best wishes to make this project greatIt looks like the future of social network with libertyThanks a lot for this ICO, it’s my first participation to an ICO, thanks a lot from a Newbya great social projectI wish the project all the bestYou are doing a great job guysI think this is a very intereresting project, best of luck with the launch!Great project. Good luck.dont have yet but can help you do social good.This is a great and unique way of promoting a great and unique project! Concept is goodI feel wonderful, the world will become oneGoodI have PLBT address as i dont have ethereum yet..i hope so it will be sufficenice platformIt is very intersting for me! Thanks, guys!I wish success with your ICO.Thank YouVery interesting looking project!Good!!Good, i like itGOOD LUCK FOR THE NEW BLOCKCHAINVery nice project, I totally like itI tried hard. English is a second language. Good luck to you.NothingGood luck!This was an effective way to get me to know more on ACT. I might invest someBest wishes to realise the dreamThanksЖдем развития проектаVery nice project, I am looking forward to it.First of all, I just thought that it would be an easy giveaway. On the other hand, it made me learn about your project. And I loved it. Hopefully, everything will be smooth as you wish.cool project!i think act will be successed ico Can’t wait for your ICO and thanks for your social conscience greatI really liked this concept of blockchain solution focusing towards the social benefit.all will be wellThank you! I’ll watch your projectkeep it up the good workУдачи в ICO!Goodluck! keep spirit and good luck with awesome projectThank you Liza and the team. =DGL!Hope you have a very successful ICO, so we can bring positive change.ThanksVisit Mythocurrency. They are promoting you on YouTubeWell Done!very interesting projectOk)Very interesting white paper and description. I’ll wait ICO and hopefully it will be funded.This project has me excited!looks like a promising ICO. Waiting for 18th July to make an investmentGood luck meThank you so much.Good luckGo gett’emIts very interestingThis is a worthy project. Keep up the good work and wish the team every success! :)It looks like a good platformThank you!I’m supporting.I love the concept. Hope it will be a succes!good luckThis will be a good project to follow, I hope this ico will succeed, good luck for the teamDo your best! Waiting for your project and wish you good luck and great success!good luck ))Keep the good work, dev!Bon courageI’m glad to hear about this, wait for a nice time :)Way to go!

Good luck to the whole team!!!! I’m waiting on July 18!????I hope this ico can succeed like any othercan’t wait for ICOThank you!Just do it:)Good
May i win!!good luck to allKeep positive the future is yours!!good luck !Thanks, good isoGood initiative for the test. Incentives to learn more about ACTi hope i recived credit act this airdropHello,wheri welli like there motive this will help crores of people who are really suffering.Я в вас верю) i think it is a wonderful project. Best of luck for the projectSuper! Very happy to participate.Я тоже в вас верю) Меня он тоже убедил)It’s a cool concept…way to go ….Good CoinI hope you’re gonna go well when you’re gonna be introduced to exchanges !Keep up the good work!hope you succeedVery nice project, thanks for the opportunity.ACT pre-ICO turning ideas into reality!everything good. good luck with your projectgood luckInteresting! It will be easier and faster to help causes we believe, together with the advantages of the blockchain. I’ll be following for updates. Good luck !!I’m confident in this projectGood luck guys !you are amazingGreat project! I wish you all the best!Good LuckGreat brilliant concept of smart contracts to help in needLoving this project.no commentNot RealyKeep up the good workGood jobthis is going to be very helpfulBeautiful looking project, guys! Best of luck to you!No comment all superI wish that this project can go to the moongoodSuccess and move forward daoactlooking very promising guys!Best luck :)I wish luckmore advertiseB cgod luckLuckThe bestYahuuuu!look forward to being involved with this project.great idea and I’m excited to be a part of itSome of the ICO now a days are all hyped and after collecting the money they stop responding for any question from investors, antshares is too honest admitting that they have taken a vacation while living their thread hanging with a lot of question from investors.Goodluckno commentLove it!This Blockchain project is so great. I know that there are many investors join Crowdsale in this project. This is one of a great platform ever.well played I wish your project only growth!the citizens need thislovegood luck guys!Good projectGood LuckNice giveaway, and just in case I referred myself from bitcointalk.Keep on striving for success !Keep up the good work dev !I like this project. A good idea!great projectsОтличная штука, мнеп понравилось! Вы супер!Thank you and good luck отличноWe can do itDao Act Rules!coolI believe in youYou notice things well doneLooking forward to see this project social project launch and get involved.Yes we canPeaceYes I would like to be a great teamFine project!
Thank you for the opportunityGosteiAwesomeJaFascinating stuff, very coolПоро лрорщкь ожщшьо щшькщш лрь!!!!!
The addition of me is, the more successful the future do not disappoint the other participants :) god bless you.
Thank you Beforegreat oportunityThank you.Valeu a pena !THIS IS A GREAT OFFER AND HOPE WHAT I WILL DOinteresting approach to smart contractsGood luck!This is an excellent project that helps all of us to be better ACT
Free coins ! miamI like your site ThanksLets do itKeep it up! Go for it!Go!Nothing other than having great expectations. I read the whitepaper and it seems to be on the right track. It is up to the execution.Good Luck!Keep up the good work !Good luck, Go ACT super ACTYour project is awesome, and you developed a great way for people to get acquainted with it. Good luck!My wish is a wonderful project?Have a good icoThanks !all goodnothing to sayQwertygood luck!!!I love it!Go ahead!JeanGreat project!Keep it up!ShowThank yougood job daoact. successGood lucknicely done and creative way of making an airdrop. it actually binds . keep on the good work!thanksThank you and good luckthank you for coinsnice questionaireGood LuckHope ill earn as I learn. Good luck guysIts a very good project which not only help investors but also help societies as well as individuals all over the world.thanks and lucknice. thank youGood idea. good luckGOOD LUCK !!!Exelent proyectThank you for the oppertunity to participate. This is truly an innovative concept and I wish you all the best of luck!great project,potentially will effective responsiveness to world problemsGreat cause!The idea is really excellent and is something that our society needs. I will support it in any way I possibly can.Tenho fé que toda iniciativa que foque em ajudara as pessoas se desenvolver e aperfeiçoar o uso das tecnologias criptográficas, tanto para pagamentos quanto para investimentos é válida e se torna parte da experiência digital em suas vidas, Jesus abençoei. Good work and good tradingthis is a good project, and i will support this movement.ACT project has a very nice mission and perspective and I hope you all the best!In ten years we will continue hereWe are the bestThe best whitepaperDo it!!!!your project is a very nicegood luckCitizens FirstIt’s a great way to present the project from offer to question and it looks like it will be a good project. I’m sure many people will know about this project if they take part in the offer.Citizens FirstI’m looking forward for this ICOI’m looking forward in to this new ICOI really hope the ICO will be succesfull! Keep up the good work. Good luck!Great Idea! Great Pre ICO !god bless youthank youthank you very much for this giveaway..and good luck with projectgreat survey, looking forward! Great project I hope a great future!From what i see that you create something just like dao or steem did. But of course with improvement there and there. Why not trying another like join other social network and did something there. Like try instagram and give valueable for every like or something like that. Not create another platform. Anyway this is just my opinion hee.. sorry if my opinion border you guys. Simply just ignore my stupid idea heheBest of luck and thanks.TnxReads like an interesting project. I’ll follow closely in the weeks and months to come.Thanks for the giveaway, people really appreciate it and it probably gets you quite a lot of attentionGoodReally excited about this project and appreciate the detailed information provided about it.Keep up the good work!1Muito interessante o projeto e a plataforma apesar de não falar Inglês consegui compreender o projetoDurchstartenThis is very interestingThanks for the tokensThank you!I would love to take advantage of this great opportunityGooood!!GoodluckHello ACTIf only change could be this easy. 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