Questions about the questions!

Its absolutely amazing how many people (2725 at time of writing) have completed the questionnaire and learned about ACT, which, historically, is now live on

Anytime we get overwhelmed by our work for the community, we just dip into the comments to get encouraged to drive on! Actually, I have just posted the 2725 comments so far here. #sharethelove

I wanted to address the most common questions which inevitably come due to these volumes, and ask people’s forgiveness for responding to emails, slacks, telegrams, facebook msgs etc. with a link to this post rather than a more respectful personal email. Really, we have to focus on the many requests relating to the imminent pre-ICO rather than some of the below, which we can tackle in due course.

When will I get my tokens?

ACT tokens will be created and distributed by the smart contract at the earliest November 18th, 2017. I say “earliest” because this is when the smart contract will be ready, but it will not “go live” until fundraising is complete. The latest possible date is January 18th, 2017.

What do I have to do to get my tokens?

Nothing more. You don’t have to claim them. There are no more steps. Our smart contract will distribute them to the addresses provided. On bonuses, we will work this all out based on what you submitted.

Where can I get my tokens?

Firstly, your ETH address should have been from a compatible wallet and not an exchange such as Coinbase. This is for the simple reason that those exchange addresses change. For more details please read this simple guide to participating in an ICO, which includes information about compatible wallets.

If I used the wrong ETH address, can I change it? If I forgot to put in my ETH address, can I sent it to you?

Yes, you can but please don’t ask us to attend to the change here and now. You must complete this form to let us know about address or other changes.

And finally, for the good news!
Yes, we decided to award everyone who tweeted in support of the project, or referred people, the 1000 ACT tokens if they scored 5 or more (rather than 7 that was originally published).

Please do take a look at this simple guide about participating in a crowdsale, and we hope to see you on July 18th getting the 10x bonus for early support for ACT! Just let us know if you need more guidance to help you prepare.