My path from chronic disease to living well with ease.

The short story of how I learned to heal + practical tips for you.

Who am I?

Certified health nut (learned to reverse Crohn’s disease)
Yogi Entrepreneur (co-founded DaoCloud — the social network for wellness)

My journey down the conventional path…

Around 10 years ago, when I was ~16 I started developing pain after meals. I grew up eating a lot of processed carbs and sugar just like most other American children. The SAD (Standard American Diet), they call it.

Originally I was misdiagnosed with acid reflux & guided to eat a lot of tums by the gastroenterologist. Symptoms spiraled into the whole spectrum of GI distress and unwanted weight loss. Around my 18th birthday I was re-diagnosed — this time with Crohn’s disease.

The symptoms got worse as side effects of drugs intensified, and I simply got sicker. It got to a point where the side effects of the prescriptions were worse than the disease itself, and I was assured that the appropriate course of action was to add additional prescriptions as my health continued degrading. This is a common story now — maybe you can relate.

How I forged my own path to wellness & how you can too…

I knew that covering up symptoms wasn’t the solution, so I started taking my health into my own hands instead. Intuitively, I knew what needed to be done. I changed my diet and lifestyle step by step, and listened to my body as it started healing itself.

Forging my own path to wellness took years, a lot of pain, and trial/error. Now, my body shows no signs of autoimmune activity purely ‘managed’ by diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc. Along the way, I developed a real intuitive sense for what good nutrients taste like — and now I crave those foods.

I could have healed a lot faster, though. In hindsight, it was unnecessarily difficult to find information and professionals that I could trust to guide me along a holistic path. So, being an entrepreneurial spirit, I noticed some big problems and decided to learn how to solve them.

For the past few years I’ve also been connecting with leaders in the worlds of functional medicine, nutrition, chinese medicine, ayurveda, health coaching, etc. to build an online platform for wellness called DaoCloud. It’s an online community of wellness seekers and professionals. It’s totally free, and it’s personalized so you can access all of the information and resources that are most relevant for you. Check it out!

My 3 pillars for healing

Here’s how I’ve deconstructed the healing process for chronic dis-ease:

1 — Self care
First and foremost: listen to your body. Do you feel pain? That’s your body letting you know that something is getting in the way of the healing process. As opposed to covering up the pain — I listen to what that pain is communicating. In the case of chronic dis-ease, I’ve found that pain is usually my body asking for a change of diet/lifestyle. You cannot outsource self-care; it’s your job.

2 — Technology
Technology enables us to learn with each other. Do your homework, and avoid the Google death spiral by exploring online communities like DaoCloud.

3 — Community
Seek & embrace supportive communities where healing is the common thread. Consider checking out local yoga studios, wellness centers, workshops, etc. where you’ll meet like minded people who are also committed to healing.

Want to learn more?

I’m co-creating the tool that I wish I had when I was struggling with Crohn’s disease — DaoCloud — and it’s my aim to accelerate the healing process for people around the world. Learn more & join the community at