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DAOfi Weekly Update, April 25th, 2021

We will be writing brief updates every week that report on development and adoption progress!

  1. We shipped a NFT with Qrion and pplpleasr: https://daofi.org/qloudplsr/ We wrote a contract that lets people redeem ERC-20 tokens for a ERC-721, because many of our buyers requested for this. Most users want to own a ERC-721 so they can show it in their OpenSea profile and have it in their Ethereum wallet. We learned, based on user feedback, that customers value tremendously only a ERC-721 collectible and being able to view it any time. The Qrion x pplpleasr NFT performed well with a majority of the 30 NFTs selling out in the first few hours.
  2. We published the specs for our V2 product, and have finished the front-end prototype of the product as well: https://medium.com/daofi/daofi-version-2-roadmap-update-97c0484fbbc We expect V2 to be done in just about 2 weeks. The major features including ERC-721 collectibles on bonding curves, royalties to artist with each sale and purchase, and credit card integration.
  3. This coming week we’re going to be focusing more on launching community tokens on DAOfi v1.0, with a trial community called Trance DAO on Binance Smart Chain. Many more to come!
  4. We deployed on BSC: https://bsc.daofi.org/

Notes on strategy: The feedback on the QLOUDPLSR NFT was the friction was significant to redeem ERC-20 to NFT, therefore, we will hold off on more art launches until DAOfi v2 launches. The v1 art pieces will be migrated to v2.

QLOUDPLSR by Qrion and ppleasr — https://daofi.org/qloudplsr/
Specs: https://medium.com/daofi/daofi-version-2-roadmap-update-97c0484fbbc Prototype:
We’ll be launching an explore page to join token communities on bonding curves.
We built our own token-permissioned bot for communities launching on DAOfi which will be public soon.
DAOfi was deployed on BSC EVM — https://bsc.daofi.org/



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