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📣 A Discord Reboot Breathes Fresh Air Into the HAUS

Improvements made to the DAOhaus Discord embrace a “Choose Your Own Adventure” styled approach for ecosystem engagement, which include all of the following: tracks, open/closed-channel environments, optimal channel orientation, new DAO channels, and consequentially, unforeseen rewards and opportunities for participants who level up!

Greetings Party people, there are some amazing developments that we will be delving into in this post, touching on some of the bigger ticket items when it comes to the vision of DAOhaus and HAUS holders in the DAO ecosystem.

Before we get into the juicy dreams of DAOhaus and focus our attention on the recent renovations made to the DAOhaus discord, let’s review why the discord reboot was necessitated.

A Brief History of DAOhaus

DAOhaus might possibly be one of the most exciting socioeconomic experiments in this century.

DAOhaus rose out of ETHBerlin 2019, where today it’s composed of 25 contributors collaborating at multiple levels in the organization from around the globe.

The platform has witnessed +300% growth across memberships, unique addresses, and new DAOs in just the past 3 months.

Armed with a Discord server, as well as a handful of software tools for governance, coordination, and contributor incentives, we have managed to enable anyone to join in the fun and contribute value to the DAOhaus platform, regardless of where you are from.

This is only possible because the core ethos of DAOhaus is to create a self-sustaining protocol with integrity at heart. We believe the best way to accomplish that is through adopting a Community > Capital approach.

Being community first is about building out in the open. You can only mobilize and empower a community to contribute when information flows efficiently and freely. Our future vision and direction are decentralized, iterative and driven by its members, not premeditated. Our success will emerge from the community’s own willingness to contribute, self organize and collaborate. Our strengths lie in being flexible and tolerant of the chaos that comes along with community ownership.

What’s next? Decentralization

Over the past few years, DAOhaus has made magnitudinous improvements with respect to the dApp interface, features/modularity, speed/quickness, as well as user support and documentation. This has been made possible by our team of 25 core contributors over Discord — our town square where all the DAOhaus magic happens.

Social Graph Created from HausDAO Coordinape

However, as we embark on creating an open, decentralized, and permissionless ecosystem of users, patrons, and contributors, we must continuously refactor and create new ways for people to engage in positive sum relationships.

We will require thoughtful attention and domain expertise from fellow contributors, as well as a degree of redundancy ensuring the platform approaches autonomy.

Thoughtful attention is fostered through appealing to the interests of the DAOhaus community; action is incited by providing a clear path to contributing/receiving value and reducing coordination failure through good communication.

Domain expertise is knowledge that can create value in the DAOhaus ecosystem through action, whether it be learning, contributing, supporting, or otherwise using a product or tool.

Redundancy is achieved through gaining a significant enough count of contributors and supporters, ensuring that if anyone leaves unannounced, their responsibilities are not left untended to.

With that, we saw the need for some renovations to be made in the town square (DAOhaus Discord), so we have introduced contributor tracks in conjunction with tools to incentivize ecosystem-wide participation.

Introducing Tracks + Roles

As a way of onboarding new contributors, tracks make it easy to start your journey of learning and contributing to DAOhaus. Paired with our on/off-chain coordination tools, such as: Coordinape, Collab.Land, & Circles, you get an explosion of outcomes and value exchanges.

Tracks in our discord are broken down by categories and channels, which serve as focused spaces for open ideation, sharing, and information transference, think meatspace coordination.

Roles are the “personas” used for participating in different tracks, making for a fun and easy way to engage in DAOhaus, contribute value, and level up… you’re on your way DAOing it!

Here is a quick overview of the different Roles available:

Scholar 👩🏻‍🎓

I’m new to DAOhaus and want to learn more about the product and community

Supporter 💎

I want to talk about HAUS token. I’m a holder or want to get engaged in the community.

Contributor 🔨

I can offer skills to DAOs, want to contribute and want to earn crypto.


I have summoned a DAO, or want guidance on summoning a DAO.

Just browsing ❓

I’m not really any of these things. Just want to browse the discord or get support.

Just as you would imagine, each role you see serves a certain function in moving the DAOhaus needle forward, the list above is just here to get you started 💥.

Scholar Track 👩🏻‍🎓
serves the curious folk and ready thinkers who want to learn more about DAOs and the DAOhaus product.

The track will take you through a series of Getting Started quests that will advance you through the subsequent levels. There are currently three levels within the Scholar track

Some sample tasks to get started include summarizing any videos of our Haus Parties, completing a Gitcoin quest, researching DAOhaus-related topics.

As you level up, you will unlock more perks such as tips, HAUS rewards, Haus Party stage invites and more! Once you have completed all of the levels, you will be eligible to receive a DAO master certificate NFT.

Supporter Track 💎
is reserved for HAUS token holders who want to jam on HAUS tokenomics

You begin by using the !join command in #proof-of-support. Once you have connected your MetaMask using the Collab.Land bot, you will gain access to one of the three levels:

  • Level 1 - 0/1 HAUS or HAUS/xDai LP
  • Level 2 - 100 HAUS
  • Level 3 - 500 HAUS
  • Citadel - 2000 HAUS

With 2000 HAUS in the Citadel, you have a sweet view of all of the inner workings of the DAOhaus core team, as well as our client and partnership channels.

Contributor Track 🔨
is for those who want to have a direct impact on DAOhaus. We welcome all skilled persons, technical/non-technical, who are aligned in our mission.

You can begin your journey as a contributor by taking up good first issues and after completing an issue, posting in #proof-of-work under the contributor track. Especially when you reach Level 3, think about what Circle you could contribute the most value to, depending on your skillsets, experiences and interests. More information can be found in the Bonus section below.

Once you have arrived at Level 4, you will be eligible to receive shares in HausDAO, the core contributor DAO that helps coordinate the circles.

Summoner Track 🏡
is for those who want to or have already summoned a DAO!

As a Level 1 Summoner, you will want to do the following:

  • Share a link to your DAO in the proof-of-dao channel in our discord.
  • Ask for help from our fellow DAOstillers or offer help as a summoner!

At Level 2 Summoner, you’re on track to becoming a DAO who can participate in UberHaus!

If you see yourself fulfilling one of these roles, please visit this channel in the discord and select your role to get started.

Within each role, there are guides, tasks and community channels to help you level up and start your DAOhaus journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in Discord.

Go on, start DAOing and we look forward to what you’ve ahead of you!

Bonus: Circles 101 for Level 3 Contributors

Have you made your way to a Level 3 Contributor? Then you must know about Circles — how DAOhaus contributors are organized into different functions-based groups for better coordination.

  • Alchemists — This circle is fascinated by tokenomics, providing critical insights and feedback to DAOhaus on how it can improve HAUS token functionality, and more broadly they help DAOs with their own tokenomics and microeconomics.
  • DAOstillery — A circle for organizing contributors to other DAOs on the DAOhaus platform. DAOstillery deals with questions of deployment, parameters for deploying your DAO, and additional featuring tailored to your DAOs specific needs.
  • Magesmiths — These people are responsible for the maintaining and improving of the DAOhaus platform, think subgraphs and custom fields for interfacing with data or building in new functions for your DAO.
  • Paladins — They work to coordinate all of the circles in DAOhaus. Paladins make sure DAOhaus is on track with its scheduled deliverables as outlined in the roadmap, and they continuously provide feedback to the different circles based on information they gather.
  • Rangers — This circle is focused on growing DAOhaus and spreading the DAOspel. Rangers keep communications flowing and are dedicated to engaging with the wider community of DAOs through community events, podcasts, newsletters, and social media.
  • UberPaladins — A circle for coordinating UberHaus meetings and ensuring that UberHaus is meeting its goals as the DAO of DAOs governing the DAOhaus platform.

Each circle serves a specific purpose in DAOhaus and provide a framework for DAOs to coordinate labor and capital throughout the DAOhaus ecosystem. In order to engage a circle, one must first make their way into our discord, start here and begin your Contributor journey from Level 1 and beyond!



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