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What happens when you bring together some of the most talented DAO wizards to revamp a platform to summon DAOs?

You get DAOhaus V2 — an upgraded, community-operated, sustainability-focused product to spawn magic internet communities.

Over the two months, core DAOhaus contributors have been gathering for weekly workshops called War Camps. During these events, leaders of different circles share their progress and receive feedback from other divisions in the project.

War Camps were created to take DAOhaus from a grant-reliant side project to a community-funded, future of work platform in which anyone can be supported for adding value to the DAOhaus ecosystem.

To accomplish this, DAOhaus has seeded a native token — HAUS .

In this article, we’ll quickly recap our experience along with a concept called transmutation — a new means of using a DAO as an intermediary to distribute tokens. Through DAOhaus, we hope to share this template with other communities that are interested in doing the same.

DAOhaus transmutation in action!

There will be plenty more content and learning like this to come, so be sure to join our Discord for a first-hand look!

HAUS Mentality

The core ethos of the DAOhaus team is to create a truly self-sustainable protocol with integrity at heart. Communities should be prioritized over capital and we’ve created a manifesto outlining exactly what this means.

DAOhaus has no hierarchy — the summoners are simply that, maintainers of an ever-growing community of DAO enthusiasts. For core contributors, different circles were established with clear cut objectives (product, communication, DAO/token design, etc).

DAOhaus is initially operated using the HausDAO — a MolochV2 which grants governance rights to core contributors while providing capital contributors with Loot shares (i.e. non-voting shares) so they can exercise ragequit (or the ability to withdraw a pro-rata claim of the DAO bank) without being able to significantly sway a governance vote.

For core contributors, the goal is to make DAOhaus sustainable through DAO-upgrades called Boosts. These allow DAOs to become more flexible, modular, and customizable. No two DAOs are the same and Boosts offer upgrades for communities to scale technically with limited technical knowledge.

Sneak peek at Boosts. Pricing and features subject to change.

Instead of Boost sales going solely to the core team, that value is shared with the greater ecosystem. This creates a positive feedback loop where purchasing Boosts benefits both DAOhaus as an open platform and users who happen to be HAUS holders.

DAOhaus as an entity does not silo value. While HAUS is initially held by the DAO, the wider objective is for any power user to earn a token which not only accrues value but gives them direct mechanisms to influence its future growth. This is what Jesse Walden likes to call the Ownership Economy.

Bootstrapping DAOhaus

So, we’ve got a team willing to build and to do that they need a strong runway both financially and socially from those contributing alongside them.

On the flip side, we’ve got people with ETH, DAI, etc. who want to see the Ethereum ecosystem grow.

DAOs expand and put ETH & DAI to good use.

During a contribution period (deemed manifestation), parties pledge to the DAO in exchange for non-voting “Loot” shares. As the DAO allocates capital to value-added sprints, Loot holders receive their pro-rata allocation of HAUS through a process called transmutation.

Transmutation facilitates collaboration by rewarding all parties when capital is allocated to value added sprints. For every $1 spent by the DAO, 1 HAUS token is claimable by share & loot holders.

If the DAO is successful in allocating its capital, HAUS is distributed pro-rata to all shareholders. Loot holders are free to exit at any time but only receive their full token allocation when all funding is spent by the DAO. Given that they can not directly vote on proposals, Loot holders retain the ‘right’ to raqequit.

What emerges is a tight-knit system in which contributors actively participate in governance to ensure capital is only allocated to the tasks which provide the most net positive value.

DAOhaus Next Chapter

We’re excited to share the aforementioned manifestation period has exceeded our wildest expectations. DAOhaus was able to successfully seed a runway from highly aligned community members who want to see the DAO ecosystem succeed.

The core contributors have now formed new circles geared towards the future development and growth of the platform. Each circle has created a specialized strategy to help DAOhaus offer the best tooling for magic internet communities.

If one thing rings true, it’s that capital does not equal success. DAOhaus’s manifestation window was kept intentionally small to ensure core contributors are always aligned. While future contribution periods are almost certain to happen, DAOhaus wants to ensure excess capital is not a deterrent to shipping value.

DAOhaus is an experiment on the cutting edge of the future of work. The development of the platform is being driven by and for the community.

The amount of rewards contributors receive will be directly related to their input. There is no expectation for anyone to contribute anymore (or less) than what they would like, and we believe this experiment paints an interesting dynamic for how the platform will grow.

If you’re passionate about DAOs and interested in either summoning your own — or want to contribute to the platform — join our Discord!

As a community-driven platform we are prioritizing those who show interest in contributing early on. If you’re excited about helping us build out the future of work please let us know and we’ll notify you when there are future opportunities to get involved!

In the meantime, be sure to keep a close eye on DAOhaus as we’re hoping to be the first to bring DAOs to Layer 2.

Haus out!

Special thanks to Burrata,

, Spencer Graham, and many more for input on this post!

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