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AnRKeY X SHO guidelines


The DAO Maker team is excited to introduce our new Strong Holder Offering *(SHO) — AnRKey X

This is the first refundable SHO that will take place on our fundraising platform, kicking-off the series of refundable SHOs at DAO Maker. Learn more about the rSHO framework.

Founded by well recognized global leaders in blockchain, crypto assets, and DeFi, AnRKey X™ is a gDEX (Decentralised Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs in its gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports).

Check our research on AnRKey X, and see how they are bringing a truly innovative approach to DeFi gaming, while implementing proven utilities to the $ANRX token and collectible NFTs: daomaker.com/sho/anrkey_x

SHO Contributor Rules:

Only whitelisted wallets are allowed to send funds. If you have won a ticket and contribute from a different wallet than the whitelisted wallet, your transaction will be refunded. In order to qualify for registration, your whitelisted wallet balance must exceed 500 USD in tokens or in Uniswap/Balancer liquidity pools.

Participants have until the 11th of December 18:00 UTC to connect their whitelisted wallet via Metamask. We highly recommend using your most active wallet to register for the SHO. Each wallet will be scanned using our chanalysis tool kit. Each wallet will earn a score based on the following criteria:

Main criteria 80%:

Total USD denominated value users who have been acting as Uniswap/Balancer LPs to all tokens. The overall amount of USD and duration participants held tokens in their wallet.

Bonus points 20%:

Earn additional bonus points for holding NFT related coins or erc-20 DAO community coins for more than 60 days, these included: GHST, DEGO, RARI, OPT, ORN.

The top 200 wallets will be informed that they can move onto the KYC & AML onboarding. Once approved, users will be able to contribute 500 USDC to the $ANRX SHO.

Twenty percent of raised funds will be given directly to the project, while 80% is held in secure custody for 6 months. These funds are dedicated to refunds in case the $ANRX token price drops below -20% from the initial public sale price.

Whitelisted wallet holders can send 100% of their purchased $ANRK tokens to the DAO smart contract 6 months after the TGE and will receive 80% of their funds back. Meaning if the token price remains above 0.8x the value of their tokens would be higher than the refund value.

In the case that DAO Participants are happy with the outcome and decide to keep their tokens, 75% of the non refunded money will be sent to the SHO company, while 25% of the funds will automatically be used to buy back more $ANRX tokens and sent to the DAO Reward pool. There these tokens will be distributed to all DAO Token stakers.

Our refund policy will be canceled if the price level manages to stay at or above 400% for a period of 4 months.

The AnRKeY X public sale price is $0.025 per token. It will be conducted through a refundable Strong Holder Offering and split across two rounds. An overall total of 5.000.000 $ANRX tokens will be allocated for this public sale.

Round 1: Strategic round

Round Allocation: $25,000 (1,000,000 $ANRX)

The strategic round is dedicated to notable investors that are committed to adding a high degree of value to the project in the long run and will be giving individual requirements to justify their allocation.

You can apply for the Strategic Round with your value proposition here

Round 2: Public round

Round Allocation: $100,000 (4,000,000 $ANRX)

We will run a chain analysis on all opted-in participants and we will choose the ones who are proven to be long-term token holders.

These two rounds are happening simultaneously.

Allocation size

The allocation size for AnRKeY X SHO is 500 USD per participant.

The best 200 investors with the highest holding score will be required to pass KYC & AML and contribute in USDC to the SHO wallet.

How to participate

Step 1: Head to this link and sign into your wallet. (Sign-ins are open from 7.12.2020 at 12:00pm UTC to 11.12.2020 18:00pm UTC)

Step 2: Connect your most actively used ERC-20 wallet for registration. We will run a chain analysis on your wallet and all the tokens that you hold.

Step 3: Your total holding score will be calculated and you will get a ticket assigned if your Metamask wallet has more than 500 USDC on it.

Step 4: On December 11th, at 6pm UTC the results will be announced. The 200 winning participants with the highest scores will be invited to pass KYC and send 500 USDC (exact amount) to the provided wallet. You will have time (until December 14, 5pmUTC) to pass the KYC and transfer the funds.

Step 5: $ANRX tokens will be distributed on the announced date to the winners’ wallets.

Refund conditions

  1. Inside 6 months after the Token Distribution Event date, whitelisted participants can send 100% of their purchased $ANRX tokens to the refund contract and will receive 80% of their funds in return.
  2. If the price of $ANRX remains above 400% of the ICO price for 4 months, refunds will automatically be canceled.
  3. All participants will be able to apply for a refund for one week, via the DAO Platform.
  4. In order to claim a refund users can only send tokens from their SHO winning wallet.
  5. All reimbursed tokens will go back to AnRKeY X.


- 7.12.2020 (12pm UTC) — SHO starts — Wallet sign-in is open
- 11.12.2020 (6pm UTC) — Wallet sign-in deadline
- 11.12.2020 (8pm UTC) — Announcement of winner’s tickets / KYC/AML invitation / Funds collection starts
- 14.12.2020 (5pm UTC) — Deadline for KYC/AML and sending funds
- TBA — Token distribution event
- TBA — Potential refund trigger date
- TBA — Potential refund claim deadline




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