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DAO Maker Insights: Why We are Launching Gamestarter

How Big is Traditional Crowdfunding?

  • Major companies like Facebook subsidiary Opulous were product crowdfunded
  • A single traditional crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, has more traffic than all token sale platforms combined
  • Traditional crowdfunding is at almost 100 million users with billions
  • Individual platforms raise over a billion dollars a year

Traditional Crowdfunding Sucks

  • Illiquid : your capital likely cannot be sold for many years
  • Risky : there is a very high chance your capital can never be sold
  • Limited : there is a high chance you are not even allowed to participate or the cost barrier to entry is just too high
  • Huge : you are not participating in something adopted by almost a 100 million people, in a sector that grows double-digits yearly with billions transacted already

So Why are Token Sales NOT the Norm?

There Might be One Loophole

  • Game items are massive economies.
  • Game items are often non-fungible digital items with a utility: skins for showing off or celebrating, weapons for combat, resources for creation, etc.
  • Game items are heavily adopted among the global game economy, a $160 billion business that grows by 10% or more every year

Games: A Massive Informal Digital Economy

- Game items have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars

- Game items generate tens of millions in fundraise through traditional crowdfunding

Game items are an incredibly popular way of fundraising.

  • Illiquid: most players do not know when they can trade their items
  • Risky: as some indie games may not deliver, there is no opportunity for gamers to cut risk early on to more risk-taking buyers, even at discounted selling prices
  • Limited: highly regulated platforms are the only places game items are funded
  • Huge: … game item crowdfunding is still absolutely massive

The Benefits of Crypto, Now Available in Game Item Funding

Enter NFTs.

  • Game developers do not have to issue utility tokens
  • Gamers do not need to participate in illiquid and high-risk equity
  • Hyper liquid
  • Less risky
  • More accessible

The new standard of game crowdfunding is here.

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