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DAO Maker - Recap of the Week 17/08/20 to 23/08/20

It’s been another busy week for everyone at DAO Maker and there was an unprecedented amount of interest in the Open Predict sale. The number of whitelist applications grew to 11,000 and the sale was 22x oversubscribed.

The massive amount of interest completely overwhelmed and eventually broke our servers, however, we were able to recover and get things back on track. The Open Predict Token (OPT) was successfully listed on Uniswap and Poloniex and peaked at 80x, and has since stabilized at around 38x.

This strong performance has had an immediate positive effect on community sentiment and DAO Maker accounts are selling for $15! We’re remaining focused and pushing ahead with developing our investment platform and have also expanded our team and renovated our office in Prague.

DAO Maker Ecosystem Update

DAO Maker ecosystem is doing great across the board. From the development side as well as from the performance side. Orion Protocol just announced its 3rd stage of TestNet with the integration of Elrond´s blockchain. OpenPredict shared info about their first product launch.

There is much more to come from us, and we are currently looking into several different options for upcoming Strong Holder Offerings (SHO). As ever, our SHOs look to reward community members who hold onto their tokens and these offerings give preference to community members who have participated in token sales and continue to hold their tokens.

We are currently preparing for an upcoming DYCO and will announce all the details soon. Make sure to follow us across all our social media channels to get all the latest news as soon as we release it.

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DAO Maker is a strategy and marketing consultancy that is also an industry researcher, Key Opinion Leader, and technology developer.

The company uses its proprietary Social Mining technology to double their clients’ token utility and massively expand the community. The expert team then designs strategies for business growth, user onboarding, powerful token economics, and global marketing, executing most deliverables at rapid speed in order to accelerate clients’ footprint in the blockchain space and beyond.




We are pioneering organized decentralized ecosystems that efficiently leverage human capital.

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