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DAO Maker’s #35DaysOfGrowth: a Recap

March 31st marked the end of our first official Growth Campaign. It is far from an exaggeration to declare it an utter and resounding Success! Our dedicated team has worked tirelessly on 3 Key Aspects of our Strategy: to facilitate greater access to our native $DAO token, create conditions for wider exposure of our platform, and making it easier to onboard to all our products on a global level.

In just over a month, DAO Maker became available on 11 Wallets, got listed on 5 Exchanges, successfully organized 5 SHOs, and has entered 15+ Strategic Partnerships. This is not counting the ongoing integration of our Multi-Investment Platform — the „DAO Pad“ — into the wider ecosystem, expansions of Social Mining and LP programs, or various network partnerships, that will greatly enhance our community outreach and brand recognition.

DAO Maker’s explosive expansion is a development that has left us surprised, excited, deeply humbled, and grateful to our community. The success of the platform gives us the motivation to bring you even more good news on a daily basis. On the following pages, it is our honor to present a comprehensive overview of the #35DoG Campaign.

DAO Pad Developments

„We are happy to announce DAO Maker has successfully transitioned to become the DAO Pad, your go-to site for Venture Capital Investing“

First up, one of our most successful incubation projects — Orion Protocol — will be advancing the DAO Pad with its epic features of trading coins on Binance, etc. without leaving the DAO Pad interface. For our Community, this means no more transferring funds from Wallets to CEX’es and back, which takes time and is tedious. DAO’s and ORN’s partnership takes this worry from you, Orion is aggregating every CEX, DEX, and swap pool into one decentralized platform.


Soon the DAO Pad will be compatible with Binance Smart Chain. It is our mission at DAO Maker to offer people the highest quality public and private rounds, regardless of the blockchain they want to operate on.

Fiat On/Offramp

At DAO Maker we believe that the key to the success of any crypto investment platform is the seamless onboarding to its native currency through a reliable network of Exchanges, Wallets, and direct FIAT On-/Offramp options. Thanks to DAO Maker’s new strategic partnerships with Transak, XanPool, and Alchemy Pay it is easier than ever to use a bank transfer, credit card, or your local payment option to acquire $DAO.

Alchemy Pay is not just one, but a network of 300+ FIAT and crypto payment channels. These include Visa/Mastercard, WeChatPay, Alipay, Dash, GrabPay, and many others to provide DAO Pad users with maximum variety and convenience. It is now possible to purchase $DAO in 18+ countries, including the UK, US, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Additionally, Alchemy Pay is driving crypto payment adoption worldwide. It is accelerating the global movement towards financial inclusion by relying on its vast network of merchants. Thousands of merchants and service providers are already accepting BNB, BUSD and many now start to accept $DAO. DAO Maker is tapping into Alchemy’s Offramp technology which creates a seamless crypto-FIAT transition for the participating companies. This means that while you pay for your taxi and a couple of delicious cocktails in a Singapore bar using $DAO, the driver and barman are receiving local currency. They don’t even necessarily need to care or know anything about crypto.

Welcome to the future!

Transak is as simple as it is beautiful. It helps us facilitate FIAT payments on the Multi-Investment Platform from 60 countries in 39 currencies. When you buy or withdraw cash through Transak, you can be sure that your funds are in good hands, as it takes diligent care of KYC, AML, and fraud monitoring. Additional peace of mind comes from the fact that the platform is backed by Consensys, which specializes in blockchain security and Ethereum smart contract audits.

XanPool is another internationally compliant FIAT-gateway software solution for the DAO Pad, which supports primarily Asian countries. It offers users the possibility to buy $DAO with alternative local payment methods, including PayNow in Singapore, UPI in India, and iD Pay in Australia. XanPool has competitive fees and is partnered with such industry behemoths as Binance and Bithumb among others.

C2C Expansion

„Crypto happens — accept it.“

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, although the quote belongs to NowPayments — our new strategic partner in the crypto sphere. $DAO is now one of 70+ coins integrated with NowPayments, which means there is no longer a need for a third-party service for crypto-asset swaps. DAO Pad users will enjoy the convenience of directly participating in SHOs, DYCOs, and all other upcoming services without the need to possess the designated crypto assets in their hands.

On day 29 of our #35DoG, it became official: DePay’s powerful payment structure will be available to all users on the DAO Pad. Through DePay users will be able to pay with everything they have in their wallet, as long as there is a liquidity pool or an order book. The magic of DeFi lets users automatically swap any coin to a designated asset, making the process of crypto payments seamless and bulletproof. DePay performs automatic token conversions as part of the payment transaction.

Oh, and did we mention it’s backed by Crypto Valley in Switzerland?

New Exchanges

As of 2021 Exchanges, especially CEX — Centralized Exchanges (like Binance) — are still vital for the functioning of the crypto-financial system as a whole. However, DEX — Decentralized Exchanges — are recently getting more traction among all stakeholders in the Ecosystem, because users feel them more convenient, profitable, and secure because they are absolutely un-hackable. During the #35DoG time period several major Exchanges, have listed our native $DAO token. At DAO Maker, we firmly believe that this exposure is highly beneficial to everyone believing in the DAO project.

On Day 1 of our #35DaysOfGrowth

Balancer — the third-largest Decentralized Exchange on Ethereum — has whitelisted the $DAO token for $BAL airdrops! This is exciting news for the liquidity providers in our Community, as they can now earn a steady stream of Balancer’s native token by using their $DAO holdings as liquidity on their platform.

Next, a deal was struck between DAO Maker and one of the more widely recognizable DEX’es — Sushiswap — holding a firm 2nd place in the ranking of Decentralized Exchange platforms. It boasts $3,2 billion in liquidity and has a daily trade volume of $400+ million. The whitelisted pair is DAO-wETH with a current daily ROI of 0,44%. By participating in the LP Program, $DAO holders will be earning SUSHI tokens, which are tradable at great liquidity across most Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. It’s an amazing side-hustle opportunity!

ChangeNow is bringing convenience and speed to the DAO Pad. This is a Decentralized Exchange that is famous for its non-custodial service created for fast and simple cryptocurrency exchanges. In simpler terms, this means that you swap as much volume as you like without the need for an account — safe, simple, and convenient. DAO/USDT got listed on Day 6 of our #35DoG.

Similarly easy is the FIAT Onramp option, which gives ChangeNow users the ability to buy $DAO using their Visa or Mastercard. Additionally to the $DAO token, there are over 200 crypto-assets on the exchange, exposing DAO Maker to a large userbase.

On Day 5 of the #35 DoG, the $DAO token got listed on New-York based cryptocurrency Exchange Bibox in two pairs — DAO/USDT and DAO/ETH. The AI-based exchange platform announced an average per-day trades of US$100 million, and that was in 2018. „Bibox can handle more than 10 million users at the same time and 1 million transactions per second.“ Still 2018. The trade volume as 2021 is US$658 million and 61 of the top cryptocurrencies are supported — you get the picture.

$DAO was listed on XT Exchange against USDT. XT is a Hong Kong-based Centralized Exchange that sports 2M registered users and 200K+ active monthly users. It has 100s of USDT and altcoin pairs and boasts a Daily Trading Volume of US$258 million, with an Estimated Real Volume of around US$56 million, according to coinpaprika.com. On March 8th DAO/USDT went LIVE making it accessible to an even greater audience.

On March 13th $DAO went LIVE on Coinsbit Exchange in two trading pairs — DAO/USDT and DAO/EUR. Coinsbit is an Estonia-based platform, that was launched in August 2018 and since then is home to 2 million users. These users have the opportunity to buy $DAO through 6+ FIAT gateways, including Euro Onramp. According to coinranking.com, the 24h trading volume equals US$2.18 billion, with 54 vetted cryptocurrencies listed, making it the 20th largest exchange and an overall market share of more than 1,2%.

Then, on March 15th, we went LIVE on AEX Exchange — a China-based digital asset trading service platform founded in 2013. Since then it accumulated millions of loyal users and is home to 125+ trading pairs, of which $ became the 129th. The scale and importance of the AEX community in China are hard to overstate, therefore it is our honor to have introduced DAO Maker and our services to this extensive market. According to coinranking.com, it has a 24h trading volume of US$117 million.

In other news: from March 8th — 10th $DAO fans and enthusiasts experienced a Flash Sale on ChangeNow. The first 100 buyers were able to get their hands on the $DAO token for 30% off while getting 3% cashback. So that was also pretty cool, we think.

New Wallets

Any token is only as useful as it is usable. Digital, Soft- and Hardware wallets are an integral part of the path of mass adoption and value creation. The $DAO token will find a happy home in 11 additional Wallets and many of them will sound familiar. With $DAO being in circulation across multiple Wallets and platforms, its use-case grows, while risks associated with holding the token are diminished. A loud cheers to all the fine Wallet companies that help us keep our wealth and $DAO in our pockets, where it belongs.

Guarda Wallet was the first to be signed on Day 2. It’s a custody-free crypto wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, TRON, DeFi Tokens, and Stablecoins. Like any respectable Wallet, it has a dAPP for Desktop, Mobile (iOS/Android), has a Browser Extension for Chrome, and also open-source Single-Currency Wallets to hold a variety of coins. It has even built a dedicated application for Zcash to handle Shielded transactions. Cryptocurrency owners may install all of them or just make use of their most convenient option.

But the biggest deal about the $DAO token being listed on Guarda is that it is now possible to onramp to $DAO with Euro from the SEPA region using a direct bank transfer; very much to the delight of DAO Pad users looking to participate in SHOs, DYCOs and SEED events.

$DAO can now be stored in the Matic Wallet. Polygon (MATIC) is a household name in blockchain infrastructure and the creation of the Internet of Blockchains.

„We envision an open, borderless world. A world in which people and machines collaborate and exchange value globally and freely, without gatekeepers or intermediaries. A world in which communities thrive, unconstrained by artificial borders and archaic regulations“ — is a beautiful vision and one we at DAO Maker share wholeheartedly.

Polygon will also solve development challenges in the Ethereum network, that cause ecosystem fragmentation. It is a framework protocol for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks and at the same time inter-operate with other blockchain networks. We are especially glad to have partnered with them.

One day later in our #35DoG campaign, the $DAO token became available on Token Pocket Wallet. One of the leading multi-blockchain Wallets, Token Pocket has 10s of millions of total users with more than 1 million downloads on PlayStore. The inclusive list of available chains consists of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Polkadot, TRON, BSC, HECO, IOST, Cosmos, Binance, BOS, MOAC, and Jingtum.

The next day $DAO got integrated with Enjin Blockchain Wallet. This is another one you might have heard of, because it is, frankly, legendary. Founded in 2009, over the years it has amassed a 20+ million user community. As a leading player in the field of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) Enjin set the ERC-1155 industrial standard which still has a great impact on today’s crypto space. It is a feature-packed and convenient Wallet to store your $DAO on — built for traders, gamers, and developers alike.

On the same day, which was March 7th, our $DAO token got signed by SafePal — a leading crypto-asset management platform with both Software- and Hardware Wallets. 60 thousand of SafePal’s users — who must be very risk-averse, but also smart — trust the company with their valuable crypto holdings. The company has a partnership with just about every big name in the crypto-verse — Binance, Tron, Ripple, Polkadot, Zcash, Uniswap, Dash, Kusama, Compound, and Lightcoin.

SafePal is what gives you that extra peace of mind — a big endorsement from us at DAO Maker.

On Feb 28th $DAO went LIVE on Zapper! If you like convenience, ease of access, and the word „open finance“ makes you tingly in your stomach, you should check out Zapper. With 54 supported DeFi platforms including Sushiswap, Futureswap, Loopring, AAVE, Maker, etc. they offer to manage all your DeFi Assets and Liabilities in one place. Now part of the mix — the $DAO token.

As of March 12th, you can store your $DAO on Lead Wallet — a decentralized multi-crypto Software Wallet application used for DeFi Access and other use cases. With 100+ supported cryptocurrencies Lead Wallet is a valuable addition to our sprawling platform.

Another security-first multi-asset Wallet started supporting our native $DAO token a day later — Coinomi. DAO Maker’s global reach is invaluably enhanced by this partnership, as the Wallet supports a total of 1,770 tokens to be stored, which are available in 168 FIAT representations. Millions and millions of users use this blockchain Wallet in 25 languages. The potential from such a vast conglomeration of wealth, talent, and business through one easy-to-use platform cannot be overstated. Through partnerships like these, we get closer to our vision of leveraged wealth creation for the common retail guy.

The global accessibility of the $DAO token is further accelerated by our expansion through HyperPay digital Wallet. Having millions of users in Asia, HyperPay will allow a huge number of stakeholders to access our financial innovations and SHOs. This Wallet is so huge, it supports 43 mainstream blockchains and 150+ Tokens. The reach of the DAO ecosystem and Multi-Investment Platform DAO Pad is greatly enhanced by becoming a partner of HyperPay and we are proud we did it. By forging such partnerships, we steadily advance our mission to provide wealth creation opportunities to the common folk.

D’CENT Wallet is big in South Korea and South Korea is very big in crypto-land. That is why we are delighted to announce that as of March 24th one of the country’s key Wallets is providing the opportunity to purchase $DAO using 30+ FIAT Onramps. Also, D’CENT features different types of Wallets, namely biometric, card or software Wallets. These features make it very popular in the South Korean market, give the $DAO token exposure to a greater audience, and are just… well, stylish.

Last but not least we entered a wonderful partnership with Vidulum App — a multi-coin Wallet supporting 30+ cryptocurrencies. DAO Maker is the first ERC20 token to participate in V-Staking on Vidulum, which enables the Wallet owners to earn crypto rewards for holding specific coins and tokens in a non-custodial crypto Wallet. Holders can now store, send, and receive $DAO in a non-custodial fashion through their DAO Wallet on Vidulum App while accumulating rewards.

New Strategic Partnerships

They say one should always seek out people who are smarter than oneself, for this way learning happens. Similarly, it is imperative for an enterprise to seek and connect with like-minded endeavors to extract maximum value. At DAO Maker our wonderfully talented and savvy BizDev team spends its days (and oftentimes nights) finding the best opportunities for collaboration and shared growth. What follows is the result of their tireless work during the #35DaysOfGrowth Campaign.

On February 23rd we hit a jackpot! The headline reads: „Leading Crypto-Friendly Travel Booking Platform Travala.com Partners with DAO Maker to Integrate $DAO as a Preferred Payment Method“.

After NEM and Elrond, now $DAO holders finally have access to more than 600 airlines and 2.2+ million hotels worldwide. Travala.com is a Binance-backed travel platform with the support of more than 35 cryptocurrencies as payment methods, partnering with the likes of Expedia and Agoda. For $DAO holders this translates to 1,3 million properties additionally that they can book on this market-leader-of-a-website. Find out more about this fantastic collaboration in its own Medium article.

An old partnership becomes official! DAO Maker and TokenSuite have been working together as network partners since the Elrond Project 3 years ago and we are ready to take our joint ventures to the next level. The team is comprised of experts in the field of brand creation and maintenance. Now that Elrond is a certified brand with mass recognition, they have turned their eyes on the next target. TokenSuite has helped us tremendously during the incubation of YIELD Protocol and it is as always a pleasure to be working with them.

DAO Maker is excited about its strategic partnership with AllianceBlock, allowing our community to benefit from the feature of Single-sided Liquidity Provisioning (SSLP) with Impermanent Loss Protection.

AllianceBlock is building the first globally compliant decentralized capital market. The AllianceBlock Protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-agnostic layer 2 that automates the process of converting any digital or crypto asset into a bankable product. Incubated by three of Europe’s most prestigious incubators: Station F, L39, and Kickstart Innovation in Zurich, and led by a heavily experienced team of ex-JP Morgan, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs investment bankers, and quants, AllianceBlock is on the path to disrupt the $100 trillion securities market with its state-of-the-art and globally compliant decentralized capital market.

DAO Maker enters a partnership with BidaoChain — a Decentralized Stablecoin Ecosystem. BidaoChain’s mission is to use DeFi to facilitate an open, inclusive and transparent financial world, where anyone willing to provide liquidity (in our case $DAO) is enabled to generate the trustless $BAI Stablecoin. Bidao’s team aspires to create a new standard of digital money through Blockchain Agnosticism, where anyone can mint stable-priced coins without requiring to possess a specific crypto asset.

This 100% crypto-collateralized Stablecoin is permissionless, open for anyone to use, send, and ideal to be used in DeFi applications. Anytime, anywhere.

We applaud the visionaries in BidaoChain’s team and are happy to join a network consisting of familiar names like NEM, Elrond, Tron, ChainLink, and Travala.com, among others.

DAO Maker partners with Measurable Data Token. MDT is an ecosystem that consists of several innovative brands pioneering in consumer data monetization using blockchain technology. MDT’s technologies possess enormous value to several industries, such as retail businesses, prediction markets, and decentralized finance.

DAO Maker and MDT are collaborating on multiple levels. Firstly, MDT will improve the chain analysis of SHOs to optimize the upcoming multi-investment platform and enhance users’ data experience on Social Mining SaaS. Secondly, DAO Maker will incubate their startup projects, utilizing their expertise and advantages to accelerate data innovations’ industrial adoption.

Next, by entering a strategic partnership with Troon Technologies, DAO Maker has tapped into the company’s two major assets: software development and brand marketing. Troon Technologies’ services range from complete project management to à la carte services like hosting and maintenance. They deliver the latest web, mobile, and cloud technologies and have been a huge help in implementing our vision of introducing new wealth creation opportunities for everyone into reality.

Essentially Troon Technologies is a tech ecosystem built on a mutual sense of entrepreneurship, collaborating with leading academic institutions in Canada and Pakistan. From providing custom-built solutions on blockchains to preparing developers with an excellent academic record, their willingness to deliver work is admirable.

DAO Maker’s new strategic partner — StrongBlock is a pioneering monetized node operation, utilizing DeFi protocols and NFT’s to further incentivize the node community. StrongBlock’s Nodes As A Service (NaaS) allows anyone to run a node without technical expertise, creating a seamless on-ramp to attract more users to build and strengthen their blockchain of choice.

By partnering with StrongBlock, DAO Maker will expand its ecosystem, allowing an optimal solution for our blockchain partners to efficiently enable network security in a fraction of the time.

DAO Maker will assist the strategic expansion of StrongBlock from Ethereum to additional blockchains, enabling business collaboration to maximize network benefits within the DAO Maker Ecosystem.

Huge news on March 14th! DAO Maker entered a strategic partnership with 4ire LABS — a Swedish-Ukrainian IT Consulting and Development Company catering to the likes of Coinbase, ICBC, YES Bank, Barclays, and Mastercard, among others. Their services include Financial Software Development, Asset Tokenization, and assistance in dAPP Creation. 4ire LABS boasts 200+ finished projects and supported 100+ of the top coins in their 10-year experience in the field of Consulting.

DAO Maker will benefit greatly from the company’s trusted Solution Architects who bring comprehensive financial architecture, proven design methodologies, and real-life experience to the table in improving all aspects of our Multi-Investment Platform. 4ire LABS’ commitment to the success of the final product is commendable and we couldn’t be happier about a new partnership of this caliber.

Day 28 of #35DaysOfGrowth saw the addition of BlockRocket to our list of strategic partners. BlockRocket is an early-investor and accelerator platform based in Germany which is already supporting over 50 blockchain startups around the globe. DAO Maker’s 3+ years of experience in incubating a variety of successful projects will be a valuable addition to the BlockRocket network consisting of 200+ partners and 30+ VCs.

Yet another glorious strategic partnership: Fantom Foundation — a fast, high-throughput open-source smart contract platform for digital assets and dApps. This development will bridge $DAO to the Fantom Chain through integration with Multichain.xyz . Decentralized cross-chain asset swaps are now possible with $DAO on Fantom and Binance Smart Chain, exposing our native token to a much larger potential userbase.

As of now, DAO Maker is supporting the extensive Fantom Ecosystem, which allows our community to participate directly in SHO projects on the Fantom Chain, diversifying our investment options and supporting more blockchains. Bullish!

BlockStart is an EU-backed community of investors, subject matter experts, and founders, focusing on supporting Europe’s most talented blockchain innovators. The team helps with the implementation of their solutions in real-world commercial pilots and attracts follow-on investment. BlockStarts’s clients can now take advantage of Social Mining — a unique value-creating solution for driving community growth — courtesy of DAO Maker.

Furthering the development of the fintech startup industry by joint promotion of knowledge about the benefits and opportunities of blockchain technologies unites BlockStart and DAO Maker efforts to build a more inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.

Community Outreach

Even though we are confident that our quality services speak for themselves, we nevertheless make time to actively promote DAO Maker’s innovative solutions for the future of blockchain space. Our extensive web of network partnerships is instrumental to introduce DAO’s vision of wealth creation opportunities for anyone, anywhere. The #35DaysOfGrowth Campaign contained important additions in this regard.

We will let them introduce themselves:

„Government Blockchain Association (GBA) promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve public sector challenges around the world.“

It is an international nonprofit association helping government, public sector professionals, and organizations to understand, implement, and benefit from blockchain-related technologies. GBA stands for a vast sprawling Global Network comprising of 90+ chapters and thousands of members worldwide delivering education, training, and certification, such as the „GBA Blockchain Consulting Certification“.

Since the partnership during the #35DoG GBA already hosted a panel discussion involving DAO Maker, NEM, and others, focusing on the successes and challenges of next-gen blockchain platforms. In fact, you could say the folks at GBA are readying the world for the crypto space of tomorrow. Their chapters are located anywhere from the US, to Europe, South- and South-East Asia, and some in Latin America and Africa.

On March 17th the first Panel Discussion hosted by our new partners at GBA took place. Attendees included Ryan Williams — Executive Director of Blockchain Academy, Pavel Prigolovko — Co-Founder of TON Labs, Tote Fernandez representing DAO Maker, Nick Pelacanos — Head of Trading at NEM Group and David Wasson from SIMBA Chain.

They were discussing how next-generation blockchain platforms perform, what their features, challenges, and optimal uses are. The conversation also included how to select the right blockchain for a particular use, communities and infrastructure that support them, and their suitability for use in government and the private sector.

By showcasing the success of startups and associated Communities within our ecosystem, we aim to accelerate governmental adoption of Decentralized technologies.

During the #35DoG time period DAO Maker has also made valuable connections to different regions across the world. We partnered with the Swedish Blockchain Association (SBA) which introduces an eager community to $DAO and provides us with additional expertise, helps us with talent hunting, and will, in the future, serve as a powerful educational platform. Sweden is famous for being extremely forward-thinking in its approach to blockchain technologies. In this light, we are pleased to introduce ourselves to our friends in Sweden.

Another regional hub is known for its firm belief in technology and everything crypto is Israel. This is why it was an honor to partner with the Israeli Blockchain Association. The IBA facilitates business leaders, educators, policy-makers, and citizens in using globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for blockchain technologies. Their Consulting services will be a welcome source of industry-native information for DAO Maker.

Lastly, DAO Maker is thrilled to announce that over 250 girls and women in Afghanistan graduated from Code To Inspire — a non-profit academy educating women on blockchain technologies. 70% of graduates have already found above-average paying jobs in their country and help us advance our mission of providing wealth creation opportunities to all. Code To Inspire is creating blockchain synergies in Afghanistan and we are happy to associate with such talents.

Our Main Hustle — New SHOs

The #35DaysOfGrowth saw the addition of SEED rounds on DAO Pad, which will allow a much greater number of participants to partake in both public and private rounds. Since the start of the year, DAO Maker has offered around $2 million worth of public unlocked sales. DAO Maker SEED will enable us to 10x this funding volume and acts as an important milestone in our journey in becoming a global Multi-Investment Platform.

We would be lying if we didn’t mention that we are very pleased with ourselves for growing the DAO Maker Ecosystem, while still focusing on our Core ProductStrong Holder Offerings. Below is a list of successful SHOs just in the #35DoG time frame:

  • YIELD Protocol
  • DAFI
  • HAPI
  • Orao Network

All of us at DAO Maker want to extend our deepest gratitude towards our DAO Community and we continue to strive to deliver excellent results for you.



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