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DAO Maker’s NFT Launchpad


  • DAO Maker will enter the largest metaverse segment: NFTs
  • DAO Maker’s premier NFT launchpad will announce its first sale on April 6
  • Collections, with established fanbase among billions of people, are lined up

The metaverse has enjoyed an explosive 2021. Its adoption and momentum continue. We’ve had every intention to be a part of this major new sector, yet waited till we saw sustainable high-demand opportunities. If we enter a space we come to dominate.

It’s clear that NFTs are the dominant way people get involved with the metaverse. They have the highest value among any metaverse app/tech/product — however, none looks at them.

An increasing number of retail users are getting involved in NFTs. In fact, the numbers might already match that of token holders. The NFT space has grown so much so quickly that it never got past the baby problems that utility tokens faced.

The NFT space currently operates in a fragmented frame: individualized collections run independent exposure and marketing campaigns, relying on a loose network of influencers, media, and NFT info platforms. Costs are high and intransparent.

Worse: all collections, legitimate or scam, follow the same frame because there is no alternative. The result is that the end-user is given little to no signals between legitimate and scam.

DAO Maker’s NFT Launchpad

Over the last several years, we’ve played a clear role in cleaning up the token space.

NFTs and the metaverse are there to stay, and they are growing, and we will grow with them.

The addressable market here may be larger than utility tokens. Yet it’s a sector with only a few established players, who only focus on the secondary trading of NFTs. The primary market, the issuance stage, is our point of strength and is completely under severed.

There is little competition yet an immense need for an established primary sale market of NFTs. As part of our kickoff series, we’ll announce the first collection this Wednesday, April 6. This collection alone may have a fan base of billions of people. There’s more of similar scope in line.

DAO Maker is starting its journey to be the foremost NFT issuance platform, and we believe this Wednesday, we’ll already make significant leaps towards that goal.



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