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DAO Pad Alpha going Live!

DAO Maker is proud to announce that the alpha version of DAO Pad is now live, starting with our first Strong Holder Offering Alphr: https://daomaker.com/company/alphr

Starting today, 11th of April, users are already able to create a new account and pass the KYC & AML requirements on DAO Maker. In order to comply with regulatory requirements, all users are required to create a new account and submit their KYC & AML documentations. DAO Maker partnered with Persona and InReg.com to comply with the top industry standards.

We recommend users go signup and submit their valid KYC requirements already today. Tomorrow 12th of April, we will open participation to Alphr SHO.

We received a lot of feedback on the low winning probability of our sales as well as concerns on single people winning multiple SHOs in a row. DAO listened and is proud to introduce our newest feature DAO Power. DAO Power is designed to create a fairer distribution of SHO participation winners. DAO Stakers and LPs will receive DAO Power that they can use to sign up to startups on DAO Maker. If a user wins the SHO that they sign up to, their DAO Power will be used up and will restore automatically after 15 days. DAO Power ensures a wider distribution of winners for all our projects and vastly increases the winning chances for the individual user.

ALPHR SHO Participation Guidelines

Start of the registrations — April 12th, 12pm UTC

End of registrations — April 14th, 2pm UTC

Winners ANN — April 14th, 4pm UTC

Distribution of tokens — TBA

Previously the KYC was enabled only for the winners, and from now on, you will need to complete your KYC before in order to be able to register for all our upcoming events. This has to be done once.

The KYC process is the same as previously with your ID/Passport and Proof of Residency checks. We also scan through PEP and Sanction Lists and currently not allowing residents of the following countries to participate in our events:

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, Central Africa Republic, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, North Korea, Laos, Libya, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Sri Lanka, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Vanuatu, United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

Once you’re done with KYC, you will be able to start pre-funding your account with USDc in order to participate in DAO Maker fundraising campaigns. Prefunding your account will allow you not to worry about missing out on the sale when the contribution process starts because now, once the winners are chosen, their allocation amount in USDc is automatically deducted from the pre-funded account. This happens at the exact time when winners are announced, and no extra action is required from you. Fully automated process!

If you have won an allocation spot and 500 USDc was a project’s allocation amount, we will deduct this amount from your Pre Funded Deposit and transfer it automatically into the pool.

If you haven’t won, 500 USDc will stay on your pre-funded account and can be used for future events on the platform. From now on, there will be no more gas wars or FCFS in DAO Maker’s events.

!!! Prefunding will go live on April 12th, 12pm UTC !!!

In order to pre-fund your account go to your Portfolio section

Add funds to your Pre-Funding Deposit. The maximum amount you can add is 2,500 USDc.

For ALPHR Seed SHO, the allocation amount is 500 USDc, and you will need to have at least 500 USDc pre-funded in order to participate in this Seed SHO.

Staking is an essential part to perform before registering for the sale. The staking process is now complemented by the DAO Power, which allows you to decide how much you would want to stake for each particular SHO, and that will put you to the specific tier with varying chances of winning the allocation.

In order to Stake your DAO and get your DAO Power to proceed to DAO Vaults as usual and stake either DAO or LP DAO.

In order to participate in Alphr Seed SHO, you will need to stake at least 500 DAO in the vault. That will give you exactly 500 DAO Power. LP Providers will receive 3x times their DAO Power.

Proceed to https://daomaker.com/company/alphr and click participate. The registrations will be open on April 12th, 12pm UTC

Make sure you’ve completed all the steps above. If you haven’t, you will be notified, and then once all steps are completed, you will be able to participate in the SHO.

Once your wallet scan is complete, you can proceed to signing the Terms & Conditions and allocating your DAO Power to the SHO.

In order to participate in SHO, you need to allocate your available DAO Power. The more DAO Power you allocate on the particular SHO, in this case — Alphr, the higher your chance to win allocation (more DAO Power means higher lottery Tier).

Tranche 1: spending 500–999 DAO Power

Tranche 2: spending 1,000–1,999 DAO Power

Tranche 3: spending 2,000–3,999 DAO Power

Tranche 4: spending 4,000–9,999 DAO Power

Tranche 5: spending 10,000+ DAO

Winning chances per tranche will be determined at the end of the sign-in process.

Once you have allocated your DAO Power it will be fully used in case you have won the SHO and will be locked before the winners of the SHO are announced. If you have allocated 500 of DAO Power and happened to be a winner, your DAO Power of the same amount will be deducted and be restored only in 15 Days. If you have not won the SHO allocation, the DAO Power will be returned to you at the end of the event and you will be able to use it onwards for the next SHOs.

Potential issue: not seeing my DAO Power, although I have been already previously staking my DAO through the Vault before.

Solution: Clear the Cache of your browser, please see

Brave example:

Google Chrome example:

Once you have allocated DAO Power, you’re officially registered for the sale. You will see the following confirming that you’re participating in the event.

Once results are announced, you will see your result on your portfolio page and if you won, your pre-funded deposit and the allocated DAO Power will be deducted for the SHO. We will also send the confirmations to the winners via email.



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