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DAO Token: DYCO Round 2

On Monday, we closed the core community round for the DAO Token DYCO.

This round was accessible only to people who had signed up for an allocation before we had even released our whitepaper or token economics paper — truly the core community.

The core community round brought the raise to 50% completion. Now the “strategic round” is initiating. The goal of this round is to expand beyond the existing community of the project. We will be onboarding individuals or entities that either provide a good synergy for the development or have the capacity to boost platform user base.

  • Active funds, angels, and advisors provide a good synergy as they have the ability to expand the platform’s business flow.
  • Influencers and KOLs have the ability to drive audiences towards signing up and using the platform.

The above criteria can also match companies, agencies, or professional workers in the space.

Strategic Round is Now Open

We have already begun to onboard notable influencers, several funds, and prominent advisors that are an established part of our network.

We are confident these strategic buyers will have a valued role in expanding the development, either through project flow or user growth. Their combined network will generate a powerful snowball effect on growth.

The process of strategic buyer discovery is live. Individuals and entities can apply for an allocation to the strategic round by providing information on how they can contribute to the platform’s business flow or user onboarding.

To be a part of the strategic round, please send an application to:


The allocation request should include:

  • Individual/Entity Name
  • Country of Residence/Operation
  • A description of how the individual/entity can expand the platform’s strategic standing, be it client growth, increased sign-ups, or a different resource
  • Desired Allocation

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