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DYCO Private Sale Privileges — Explained

Exclusive rights for Dynamic Coin Offering buyers: refund tokens at 80% of value, receive 20% bonus tokens, and also get 25% increased stake forever.

Explained —

Suppose there are only 2 holders, and each has 1 ORN token.

Holder A bought during the DYCO

Holder B bought after listing

Under Orion’s Dynamic Coin Offering, early supporters (buyers) will get a privileged extra stake of 25%, so each of their tokens counts 1.25x in the reward calculation.

If a month’s reward pool is $10,000, under normal staking, both holders will get $5,000 each.

Normal Token Staking

The tokens held by DYCO buyer (Holder A) and exchange buyer (Holder B) are given equal weight in reward calculation. In our example, as each of them has 1 token and the reward is $10,000, the reward is evenly split.

Each holder receives (1/2) * $10,000
Holder A: $5,000
Holder B: $5,000

Orion Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO)

The tokens held by DYCO buyer (Holder A) are given a privileged weight in reward calculation. Each token held by Holder A is considered as 1.25 tokens (25%), while each token held by an exchange buyer (Holder B) is considered as 1 token.

So, in our example of 1 token with Holder A and 1 token with Holder B, with a reward of $10,000, the reward is skewed towards the DYCO buyer.

DYCO buyer receives (1.25/2.25) * $10,000
Exchange buyer receives (1/2.25) * $10,000

Holder A: $5,555.6
Holder B: $4,444.4

$5,555.6 (staking reward for DYCO buyer) is 25% more than $4,444.4 (staking reward for exchange buyer).

This privilege for DYCO buyers will last forever.

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