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Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO) in 300 Words

A DYCO is a token sale framework in which utility tokens are USD-backed for an extended time period. This by design generates a token model that is stable to the downside but has the freedom to move upwards.

A DYCO’s downward movement is limited through guaranteed buybacks financed by a major percent of the raised funds, the token retains the ability to move upwards through a speculative and utility value.

Speculative and utility value of a utility token are based on product success, demand in staking, revenue-based buybacks, product fees, token-based loyalty programs, etc.

Projects selling tokens under a DYCO framework guarantee to return most of the raised money back to DYCO participants through buybacks.

This creates a stop-loss or limited downside for DYCO participants. However, all participants have full exposure to the success and appreciation of a token from day 1.

A. Buyback Rounds

The buybacks are processed in 3 rounds.

The extended time span allows teams to prove themselves. At the same time, the ability of DYCO participants to claim their guaranteed buyback turns into a tool to pressure teams that are not performing well.

B. Burns and Supply Reduction

Any token bought back is burned, thereby reducing circulation and project valuation.

The burn system also creates a penalty on teams that fail to deliver, as holders can claim buybacks for 100% of the purchased tokens, thereby eliminating the project.

The burns also cause the eventual circulating supply of a token to be left only with long-term believers.

C. Trustless Locks

The team is mandated to buy back sold tokens until the last buyback round is complete.

Any unsold token like tokens for team, foundation, marketing, advisors, etc. begins unlocks after the refund period.

The locks enforced in a DYCO are trustless. If a team attempts to circumvent the terms with a stealth dump, holders’ trust is lost and the project is forced to buy back all tokens from the holders, to a point of token elimination.


Website: https://daomaker.com/dyco

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