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Empowering the Launchpad Revolution — Strong Holder Offering API

For the past three years, DAO Maker has facilitated the launch of some of the most successful launches in crypto history. The present bull market has ushered a powerful series of back-to-back token sales for fresh, innovative ideas.

DAO Maker offers the only data-enabled approach to conducting token sales that create high-value communities for projects. The demand for this technology is high: the DAO Pad remains booked several weeks ahead of time.

In order to ensure maximum utilization of our technology, a new but rapidly growing industry launchpad has been granted access to the technology. PAID Network will be given access to the chain analysis and data analytics technology of DAO Maker through a custom API.

As a result of this partnership, PAID Network will be able to assess the behavioral fit of applicants to its sales, and the DAO token will gain exposure to launches on PAID’s Ignition Launchpad.

Our vision of public sales is that they are a powerful commodity that must be used to seed committed communities that use the associated product, support its secondary market, and have provable (on-chain) interest in the token’s market category. We are now taking a major step towards making sure this vision spreads beyond our platform through a mutually beneficial partnership.

Strong Holder Offering API (SHO API)

DAO Maker is building an API that will make its Strong Holder Offering technology accessible via an API.

This API can be used by an external launch to run merit-based launches like DAO Maker. In return, the launchpad that uses the technology will make a portion of its launches require the holding of DAO tokens.

This creates a powerful synergy: the launchpad can share in our vision of making public sales a means to seed powerful, dedicated communities to projects rather than mere luck-driven lotteries of first-come, first-serve launches.

At the same time, it expands the access for our community to launches beyond our own platform.

DAO Maker has a broad network of products and all of them have many industry participants yet we continue to maintain our market share in all: governance solutions, compliance, staking services, CRM SaaS, and more.

Similarly, there will be more launchpads. DAO Maker is excited to enable their ability to share our vision in creating a merit-driven space for startups seeking high-quality communities.

The API is targeted to be live and integrated by the end of Q1.

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PAID Network Website: paidnetwork.com

PAID Network Twitter: twitter.com/paid_network

DAO Maker Website: daomaker.com

DAO Maker Twitter: twitter.com/thedaomaker



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