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Evolution Finance LP Tokens (EVNY) First Token for DAO Reward Pool

DAO Maker has entered a strategic partnership with Evolution Finance, a DeFi project working with renVM to port the top-50 digital assets on to Ethereum as ERC-20 tokens. These assets will be integrated in the Evolution lending market to margin fund leveraged positions on the Ethereum network.

Evolution Token & Evolution LP Token

EVN is the utility token of Evolution Finance, it is used for privileges within the Evolution lending market.

EVNY is the LP token of Evolution Finance. All liquidity added for EVN tokens is permanently locked (read: CORE LP system). Furthermore, EVN tokens are deflationary: a portion of supply is reduced for each transaction. These transaction fees fund the reward to LPs, making it possible for Evolution to finance a non-inflationary liquidity farming model.

  • The locked liquidity ensures a price floor for EVN tokens.
  • The transaction fee provides non-inflationary incentives for LPs (EVNY holders).
  • The EVN token itself maintains powerful utilities within the Evolution lending market.

Evolution LP Token

DAO Maker has advised Evolution Finance during its token design. Furthermore, DAO Maker will assist Evolution Finance in community development, staking, partnerships, and marketing.

DAO Maker will procure EVNY tokens (LP tokens), and add them to the DAO Reward Pool. Liquidity has to be locked to earn EVNY tokens, and these tokens then earn 1% of the transfer volume.

Evolution Token and Metrics

Evolution Token will have a fair launch.

100% of supply will be added to Uniswap liquidity pools. EVN will not be owned by any team, VC, advisor, etc. EVN tokens will have a price floor from the moment they are made tradable.

  • EVN Market Cap: $300,000
  • EVN Valuation: $300,000
  • EVN Listing: Pending

Stay tuned for details.

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