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HAPI SHO Guidelines, DAO Vault going live!

HAPI Rules

DAO Maker is excited to introduce the new Strong Holder Offering (SHO) — HAPI.

HAPI is an On-chain Cybersecurity Protocol solution for hack prevention focused on DeFi.

HAPI cross-chain smart contracts are embedded in DeFi protocols to block suspicious transactions.

This is the first project launching from the Hacken Foundation, and the Foundation will manage the business development direction for HAPI. Moreover, to ensure the continual development and safety of the platform, the tech team has received in-depth due diligence.

This SHO is non-refundable; all raised funds will be dedicated to the project upon completion of the SHO. For more details about the project, check our research page on HAPI.

HAPI SHO Guidelines

Only whitelisted wallets are allowed to send funds. Sending money from Exchanges may result in the loss of your funds, never send funds from the exchanges.

If you have won a ticket and contribute from a different wallet than the whitelisted wallet, your transaction will be refunded.

There will be two rounds for HAPI SHO

  1. Merit round — 85,000 USD

Merit round is a main public round where the participants sign in with their wallets for participation.

In order to participate, you will need to stake at least 500 DAO in our Vaults. To access our vaults go to http://vault.daomaker.com. The Hapi Staked DAO Tokens and Staked LP DAO will count towards the sale. Please note that once DAO is staked in our Vaults there is a 10 day unlock period. Unlocking before the end of the 10 days leads to a 10% burn of your tokens.

Use this link for staking your DAO vault.daomaker.com

Once you have a minimum of 500 DAO or more staked you can go and sign-in for participation at socialmining.daomaker.com

DAO Tokens outside of the staking contracts will NOT Count for the SHO!

Use the same wallet you have staked your DAO Tokens with to sign-in.

The staked amount will put you into the specific tranche

Tranche 1: staking 500–999 DAO (35 winning tickets — 5% chance of getting the ticket)

Tranche 2: staking 1,000–1,999 DAO (43 winning tickets — 10% chance of getting the ticket)

Tranche 3: staking 2,000–3,999 DAO (46 winning tickets — 15% chance of getting the ticket)

Tranche 4: staking 4,000–9,999 DAO (57 winning tickets — 20% chance of getting the ticket)

Tranche 5: staking 10,000 DAO and more (44 winning tickets — 25% chance of getting the ticket)

Only staked DAO or DAO LP via using vault.daomaker.com will count. LP DAO will receive a multiplier of 2x. Meaning having 500 worth of LP DAO equals to 1000 DAO.

We will issue 225 winning tickets for 170 allocation spots.

The personal cap per winner will be 500 USDC. The SHO will be closed once 85,000 USD is reached. Participants who will send money after 85.000 USDC have been filled will be refunded.

Sending USDT or any other currency or sending from exchanges or custodial wallets will result in loss of funds.

Timeline for Merit Round

March 9th (14pm UTC) — sign-ins start

March 10th (9am UTC) — sign-ins are closed

March 10th (11am UTC) — winners are announced by email, KYC is open for 1 hour

March 10th (12pm UTC) — Contributions are open for winners

Contributions are closed as soon as 85,000 USD cap is reached

March 10th — Scheduled TGE

2. Community round — 15,000 USD

The community round has already started with the applications through the form.


The form applications were closed on March 8th at 17pm UTC

Winners are going to be selected on March 10th and notified via email about their results. We will send out emails as soon as the collection of merit round will be finished, so we will open the platform and KYC for the winners of the social round. They will have to log in to socialmining.daomaker.com, pass KYC, and contribute 100 USDc to the provided wallet, one hour later.

There are in total 150 allocation spots for this round and there will be 200 total winners, so once you receive an email make sure to be quick, pass KYC, and contribute to the wallet in one hour.

We will close the contributions as soon as the 15,000 USD cap will be reached.

Once we send out emails, users who won will have one hour to pass KYC and the contributions will start in exactly one hour. Same as with the process of Merit round.

For this reason, keep track of the emails that you have provided in the form to know your result.

Timeline for Community round

March 5th (14pm UTC) — applications via form started

March 8th (16pm UTC) — form applications are closed

March 10th (after merit round collection is closed) — winners are announced by email, KYC is open for 1 hour

March 10th (as soon as 1 hour for KYC is over) — Contributions are open for winners

Contributions are closed as soon as the 15,000 USD cap is reached

March 10th — Scheduled TGE

KYC Limitations (Merit and Community Round)

Citizens and residents of the following countries are not eligible to participate in the event:

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Bahamas, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Cambodia, Canada, China, Ghana, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, North Korea, Laos, Libya, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myamnar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.



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