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Infinity Pad: Market Leading Launchpad for Binance Smart Chain

Infinity Pad is the first chainmaker (launchpad) created with the DAO Maker Chainmaker Kit.

Major names in the industry have come together to build the leading Launchpad on Binance Smart Chain:

The BSC chainmaker (launchpad) is the first to adoption of the Chainmaker Kit.

The Infinity Pad is here.

Focus Points of the Infinity Pad

There is significant development taking place on Binance Smart Chain. Many of these projects want a purist approach and want to launch only on BSC and to distribute tokens solely on BSC.

Their go-to market is on BSC and their goal, given such an exclusive focus on BSC, is often to attract the interest of Binance. Understandable.

This is a market segment that the DAO Pad is unable to capitalize on. There is no reason to leave so much value left untapped and the only way to capture it is with a chainmaker that operates solely on BSC.

Hence, the Infinity Pad must exist.

Stay Tuned

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