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Leading Crypto-Friendly Travel Booking Platform Travala.com Partners with DAO Maker to Integrate DAO as a Preferred Payment Method

  • Use DAO to pay for flights & accommodation via Travala.com
  • DAO holders can access more than 600 airlines & 2.2+ million hotels.

We are delighted to announce that Binance-backed online travel booking platform Travala.com has partnered with DAO Maker to integrate DAO token as a preferred payment method. The partnership enables the possibility of using DAO to pay for flights and accommodation through Travala.com.

Our partnership with Travala.com enhances the DAO Maker Ecosystem’s utility, allowing DAO token holders to book flights via more than 600 airlines and accommodation at over 2.2 million hotels worldwide. DAO Maker will utilize the business account services for the company’s travel needs.

“Travala.com has always supported the crypto community’s decentralized development, utilizing blockchain technology to add cryptocurrencies as alternative payment options. Many of our blockchain partners have been working with Travala.com, adding their native tokens to the Travala ecosystem, such as NEM and Elrond Network. We are excited to be partnering with Travala.com to integrate DAO on their platform, enhancing the DAO Maker ecosystem with valuable utilities.” said Christoph Zaknun, DAO Maker CEO

Leading blockchain-based travel booking service Travala.com is one of the biggest online travel agencies. Travala.com is Expedia and Agoda’s travel partner, adding additional 1.3 million properties into Travala.com’s inventory bookable for DAO holders. These partnerships help Travala.com stand out from the competition by providing alternative payment and booking methods, such as crypto payment, loyalty programs, crypto debit cards, and other blockchain technology benefits.

Travala.com platform provides innovative solutions with next-generation payment options that will connect the DAO Maker ecosystem with a fast-growing user base.

Commenting on the partnership, Juan Otero, Travala.com CEO, saidIn continuing our commitment towards mass cryptocurrency adoption, we’re very excited to partner with DAO Maker to champion the growth of the crypto community and to bring a new use case to DAO. The team impressed me with their vision for their business, and I have no doubt that we will see them making waves in the crypto community.”

Book your travel now on Travala.com with DAO.

About DAO Maker

Founded in 2018, DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups while simultaneously reducing investors’ risks. DAO Maker provides leading solutions in community incubation, fundraising, and other growth-related techs for tokenized businesses, featuring Social Mining SaaS for community growth, DYCO & SHO for fundraising support, and upcoming Venture Bond & YieldShield to create safe environments for retail investors.

About Travala.com

Founded in 2017, Travala.com is the leading blockchain-based travel booking service with 2 million hotels and 600 airlines globally. Travala.com is now a Binance-backed travel platform with the support of more than 35 cryptocurrencies as payment methods. For more information visit: www.travala.com



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