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Sweatcoin: Top 3 fitness app in the Google and App Store with 100M users to launch on DAO Maker!

DAO Maker has been working hard to improve the quality of our startups constantly. Today we are extremely proud to announce that DAO Maker will launch one of if not the biggest tokenization events in history. Sweat coin is a massive brand with over 100M users and the top fitness app in both the Apple Store and android play store.

Sweat has already created the most popular Health & Fitness App globally of 2022 in Sweatcoin, a Web2 app with over 110M+ users and a funnel to create the Sweat Wallet, a Web3 app powered by a new cryptocurrency — SWEAT. Since its recent inception, over 13M wallets have been created.

Sweat Tokenomics: https://sweateconomy.com/tokenomics

DAO Maker v2 will go live on the 5th of September and kick off with one of our largest sales to date. The total offering will be $2,000,000 split evenly between Public SHO and DAO Maker holders. The DAO sho will be conducted via the new guaranteed allocation fusion model (learn more). The Public sale will end on Friday 9th of September and will be finalized as an FCFS.

What makes Sweat Economy (SWEAT) unique?

  • No upfront fee. With SWEAT, no payment is required, and demand for the token comes from a fundamental value.
  • Business model. Most engage-2-earn projects rely on a circular cash-flow model: people buy the token to get an NFT, which helps them earn more of the token, which helps them upgrade the NFT etc. There is very little fundamental value in such a model. SWEAT business model is driven by fundamental value.
  • Value of utility. Access to amazing rewards people want, along with fun games, and use as a platform token (discounts on trading and transaction fees, and access to NFT drops).
  • Buy and burn. The incentive derives from established business models: user engagement and distribution (B2B) and transaction fees (B2C).
  • Track record. The team behind Sweat Economy has monetized user engagement since 2016 with Sweatcoin, their Web2 app's most popular Health & Fitness app of 2022.
  • Largest Web2 to Web3 conversion ever. The Sweat Wallet will become the largest on-ramp into crypto. Anyone with a smartphone can walk into crypto.
  • Long-term vision to create an open economy of movement. This is founded on the premise that movement has a fundamental value. Tokenizing movement enables SWEAT to be an expression of that value. This vision includes new Movement Validators to allow users to earn for gym work, cycling, and swimming, and the creation of the Sweat DAO to allow users to monetize their movement data and sell it to insurers and more.

More about Sweat Tokenomics: https://sweateconomy.com/tokenomics

Established in 2015, Sweat Economy is on a mission to promote healthier living by encouraging people to move more. Over 110M users rely on Sweatcoin to incentivize their daily movement with the app, currently the most downloaded Health and Fitness app in the world. The Web2 app awards" sweat coins," called “Airmiles for steps,” which can be redeemed for branded products, digital services, and charitable donations.

Sweat Economy is now leveraging Web3’s many opportunities to bring its users even more rewards. This year will see the release of SWEAT and the accompanying Sweat Wallet App, with a Token Generation Event scheduled for September 13th at 12:00pm UTC.

Read More: https://sweateconomy.com/tokenomics

DAO Maker is reinventing venture capital for the masses, becoming the go-to platform at the retail level in both equity and tokens. Launched in 2017, the DAO Maker ecosystem has rapidly grown to include more than 500,000 users, hosting successful IDOs/SHOs that resulted in more than 100 projects getting funded. DAO Maker’s ultimate goal is to transform how personal finance works by breaking down existing boundaries.



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