What is a Mirror Flip and How to Profit Through It?

H. S.
DAO Maker
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2 min readMay 7, 2020


The money-backed state of tokens issued under the DYCO framework makes it possible to profit on a token even if it drops in price.

This is possible by buying tokens below the price floor (buyback value) and then claiming a buyback for a risk-free profit.

A mirror flip is created: the profits generated from buying a token below the buyback value mirror the effect of selling a token above the ICO price.

For example, buying a token for 10% below the price floor and then claiming a buyback generates profits, as does selling a token for 10% above ICO price.

Only DYCO participants have the ability to claim a buyback; the value of this privilege is increased by the opportunity to mirror flip. Though, to ensure a wide number of DYCO participants get to benefit from mirror flip opportunities, the amount of exchange-bought tokens a participant can claim a buyback for is capped at 4 times his/her DYCO purchase.

For example, if a person bought 5,000 tokens in the DYCO, then this person can claim a buyback for up to 20,000 tokens bought on an exchange.

The opportunity to refund surplus tokens opens up only in the secondary buyback phase of each buyback round. [More Details on Buybacks]