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5 great proposals from the Genesis DAO during the summer of 2019

With ETHBerlinZwei finishing up, development interest in the DAO space is growing faster than ever. At DAOstack, too, new DAOs have been launching left and right. At the heart of each of these DAOs are the proposals passed and executed, and our own Genesis DAO has continued to excel in this domain. With this, we wanted to feature another round of excellent proposals.

This article will cover 5 proposals recently passed by the DAO and should serve as:

  • 🐕 A guide for those who want to submit proposals to do work for the Genesis DAO themselves.
  • 🔍 An insider’s look at the workings of the longest-running DAO managing funds on the Ethereum blockchain.


The Proposals

💻 Fund ETHIndia’s dHack

The second dHack is still in progress following EthBerlin, with ~30 Ethereum ecosystem projects being judged for additional funding.

Using Alchemy and DAOstack, the dHack is a decentralized process for judging hackathons around the world The project’s ethos is that hackathons have always aimed to be community oriented, and decentralizing the judging process is a way better to fulfill that ideal. dHack also aims to create continuity funds post-hackathon, so the best projects not only get initial runway, but also continued support! As the dHack is using Alchemy and DAOstack, the Genesis community seems to have embraced the project, given their passing of this funding proposal.

🤑 Alchemy Development — Consolidate All Redemptions

A mock of Alchemy’s new Redemption dropdown
  • 🔡 Summary: Improving the UI for redemptions in Alchemy
  • 💰 Budget: 14 ETH, 150 Reputation
  • 🤓 Proposer(s): Mark Pascall and TheDAO.Agency
  • 📃 Proposal Document
  • 💯 Result: A pull request waiting to be merged by the DAOstack team

As Alchemy becomes host to more and more DAOs, users find themselves participating in multiple DAOs across the ecosystem. This means many users must deal with reward redemptions from staking, proposing, and voting in multiple DAOs. With this proposal, Alchemy’s UI will have a single queue for redeeming rewards across all DAOs, rather than having to enter each DAO individually. A practical project to improve an in-demand feature is always welcome!

📜 Legalize DAOs

Connect with dOrg via their chat!

dOrg blazed a new trail for DAOs in May 2019 when they helped create and became the first “legal DAO” as a BB-LLC–Blockchain-based limited liability company. Legal issues surrounding DAOs remain one of the least explored, least supported areas of the space, and this proposal aims to expand on dOrg’s pioneering work. The project involves creating new legal guidelines, templates, and tooling so future DAOs can be confident in their legal compliance.

Building the legal tooling necessary for DAOifying the world will require a network of experts: we humbly invite DAO and blockchain legal experts to join the discussion in the DAO legal chat.

☎️ Alchemy Development: Mobile App

Join the Testflight beta!

The Alice project aims to create a crypto “super app”: a mobile app that combines many mini-apps, a la WeChat or Alipay. This proposal is for a mini-app implementation of Alchemy that would bring DAOs to mobile conveniently and with a high level of performance. Learn more about the Alice project here.

🖼 Case Studies: DAO Landscape Research

“The main finding of the DAO Landscape research was that each use case was incredibly different from the other. The methodologies employed for voting and reputation were extremely dependent on the use-case. It is hard to extrapolate “best practices” or specific industry needs based on the use cases, because they are so diverse.”

Overall Findings, Grace Rachmony, “DAO Case Study Research

  • 🔡 Summary: Continuing research into the current state of DAO technology and community
  • 💰 Budget: 6 ETH, 80 Reputation
  • 🤓 Proposer(s): Grace Rachmany
  • 📃 Proposal Document
  • 💯 Result: Findings

Though DAOs are new, there’s a lot going on. Through interviews with members of various DAOs, this research is helping Genesis answer questions like: What tools are DAOs using today and why? What tools are they missing? What are the functions they want to automate in the future? For non-DAO decentralized organizations, why or why aren’t they adopting DAO tech? A second round of interviews has been recently proposed to Genesis, given the insights collected from the first.

To those interested in making proposals to the Genesis DAO themselves–please do! These 5 proposals were all passed, and so should serve as great models. Submit your proposals here 🔥

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