DAOstack Hackathon — ETHParis March 2019

Hello and thank you for your interest in the DAOstack Hackathon! We are offering a total of $5000 USD in ETH through three different bounties in the context of ETHParis 2019. The hackathon will run from the 8th to the 10th of March.

Hacker’s Bounty — $2000

  • DAOstack will deploy a BountyDAO.
  • The BountyDAO will be active during the hackathon days (8–10/3).
  • The BountyDAO will be funded with 2000$ worth in ETH.
  • You are invited to hack it and claim the DAO’s funds.
  • Please see BountyDAO setup section below for more information.

Gas Optimization Bounty — $1500

  • DAOstack will publish its main functions regarding GAS usage.
  • The objective is to find a proven GAS optimization for the contracts.

Any GAS optimization for the following DAO functions:

  • Propose a proposal in any of the DAO schemes
  • Vote — In GenesisProtocol
  • Stake — In GenesisProtocol
  • Execute — In GenesisProtocol

Please submit your findings and code as a PR to the DAOstack Github to become eligible for the reward.

Best Implementation Using The DAO stack — $1500

Some examples would be:

  • A new DAO implemented using the DAO stack
  • A dApp integration
  • Creating new schemes

DAOstack will choose to reward the most creative idea/project based on the following criteria:

  • The idea/project brings value to the DAOstack ecosystem.
  • The idea/project brings value to the DAOstack economy (i.e. Increase GEN usage)

If you want to participate in this bounty, please submit a document which describes your idea and code as a PR to the DAOstack Github.

For questions and support, please don’t hesitate to send a message to our Telegram support group.

💻Hack on!💻

BountyDAO Setup

  • The DAO’s name will be “EthParisHackathon”

It will include 3 schemes:

  1. ContributionReward
  2. SchemeRegistrar
  3. GenericScheme — will be able to do any generic call to the wallet contract
  • All schemes will use GenesisProtocol as their voting machine with these parameters.

The bounty will be split in the following way:

  • $1000 on the “wallet” contract
  • $1000 on the DAO’s avatar

Reputation allocation:

  • DAOstack will have 51% of the DAO’s reputation
  • 49% of the reputation will be allocated to the hackers at their request (you can request reputation by sharing your ETH address in our ETHParis Telegram group)

DAO contracts addresses:

"main": {
"base": {
"GEN": "0x543Ff227F64Aa17eA132Bf9886cAb5DB55DCAddf",
"ControllerCreator": "0x14801ab171e6D2Cbf49c9Aa9A585ECB7922fDB03",
"DaoCreator": "0x7263C2717A4fF3778195106Dda7D5120252D0EE0",
"UController": "0x5786A6926328fc54D923F71d702944BcA7E0f2F8",
"GenesisProtocol": "0x59d767e793be9fc96b8b2e7039adde96e3d2a09d",
"SchemeRegistrar": "0xc440d501b17347ccbc1a671c6164471898af38e7",
"UpgradeScheme": "0xb8330A8C732e787f1Eb9c93700cD2Ed70379715f",
"GlobalConstraintRegistrar": "0xC277B51e18436cAa6cD69143F4d0D669CfeeEdf8",
"ContributionReward": "0x70b5E65102654dEc5efC40d02bb33A4495Ad8a2f",
"AbsoluteVote": "0x8535dAcd61DBF539e108978B6759f7FD303d8BE7",
"QuorumVote": "0xf98653f28EbaddaF12B2F95Dbc10a243561a6D7b",
"TokenCapGC": "0x5E3f80Ed01DA33F63A99C5EA8FC2aBA9C0762cd4",
"VestingScheme": "0xf02F5f7C40b530c6e16f43f71239960113a1DAb5",
"VoteInOrganizationScheme": "0x9Da8d931291f459356a84680fE5F868188E712FF",
"OrganizationRegister": "0x31E9c07c3bE915943eF1dBE92bDc21f73E85b4d9",
"Redeemer": "0xEfD4FE0EE9A0838A40CB8f83d9F2f1CF11b8114d",
"GenericScheme": "0x325c90dAfe7636b3D465CaAE5Ff9ab1a8F841BEE",
"Wallet": "0x82aaB01cB0FCc322A5136aeE47B503Ff394992dA"
"ethcc_dao": {
"name": "ETHParisHackathon",
"Avatar": "0x1DCc62f1941b00A49769dde6Fb72c08b3AE99c8A",
"DAOToken": "0xB8C93D2A53d13Df07CCc403901D9798c4dA9C53B",
"Reputation": "0x28715528632401fB55d94C875841858d6a12564e"