DAOstack Update: GEN Listed on Liquid Exchange || Genesis Alpha Update || Matan Field Presented at ETHfinex Governance Summit || DAOstack Global Leadership Summit in Israel & More

GEN is now listed on Liquid Exchange.

GEN Listed on Liquid Exchange

DAOstack’s native token for collective attention, GEN, is now listed on Liquid, the newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange by Quoine. GEN-ETH, GEN-BTC, and GEN-QASH trading pairs are available to start, with GEN-fiat trading pairs available in the near future.

DAOstack’s strategy for GEN includes many of the features that made Ethereum successful. For one, DAOstack is stimulating product and community development by channeling funds from its token sale through the Genesis DAO, the first DAO deployed using the DAOstack platform, created as a proof of concept for DAO development. Also, like Ether, GEN has a highly generalizable utility, as Matan Field, DAOstack architect and CEO, has pointed out: “In the same way that ether is gas for the collective attention of computers, the GEN token is gas for the collective attention of human beings.”

With GEN’s listing on Liquid, DAOstack is excited to be taking the next step toward an open, growing ecosystem of decentralized organizations.

You can learn more about the Utility of the GEN Token by reading this comprehensive piece written by Ezra Weller.

Genesis Alpha Update

Over the weekend of September 29th, the Genesis DAO was injected with another small funding round, and the community lept into action passing a new handful of proposals, including the building of an Alchemy Explorer feature, adding more DevOps support, and sponsoring a second official DAO-sponsored live event: How to DAO #2. Notable new Genesis proposal submitters include Yaron Velner, CTO of the Kyber Network and Martin Köppelmann, Founder of Gnosis.

Previously passed proposals have also begun to be put into action, including the Accountability Task Force, an experimental group concerned with proposal follow-up and understanding possible attacks on the DAO, and the Genesis Community Blog, a DAO sponsored publication of community thoughts soon to publish its first round. Genesis reputation holders have also begun in depth discussions on how and if the DAO will plan, set goals, and shape its narrative in the future while maintaining decentralization. Explore the DAO’s history in Alchemy here.

Interested in joining our official early adopter community and participating in the Genesis DAO? Email Erik, our Pollinators program coordinator.

Matan Field Presented at ETHfinex Governance Summit

The Ethfinex Governance Summit is an event focused around models of decentralised governance and took place in Lugano, Switzerland between 29 September — 1 October. Featuring academics, projects, innovators and more, this three day event brought together contrasting minds from across a wide array of disciplines to discuss the past and present of distributed governance and how we, as a whole, can lay the groundwork for the future.

You can watch Matan’s speech here and follow along by downloading his presentation.

DAOstack Global Leadership Summit in Israel

In the background you can see the ruins of an ancient village corresponding with the Iron Age.

DAOstack Technologies’ leadership team, including Matan Field, Adam Levi, Nathalia Scherer, Roberto Klein, Oren Sokolowsky, Yehonatan Goldman, Dor Garbash, and Pat Rawson met in Israel to develop a shared understanding of DAOstack’s vision and strategy, updating a six month internal roadmap and business plan for each department.

The team’s consensus is that creating a production ready Alchemy, onboarding clients, and facilitating a developer ecosystem will best accomplish our mission of building a decentralized future.

Introducing New Developer Relations Specialist Gareth Mensah

In order to help grow and communicate with DAOstack’s emerging community of open-source developers, we’ve expanded our team with a new Developer Relations Specialist. Gareth is an experienced software developer, and he’ll be working to connect DAOstack with new projects and developers in the coming months. Here’s what Gareth had to say about joining DAOstack:

Gareth Mensah, Developer Relations Specialist at DAOstack

“I have been following DAOstack for months and when the opportunity to join presented itself, I dropped everything, and I am excited to join such a great project. I believe DAO is the final frontier, the teleological goalpost for crypto and beyond, that we could soon live in world made and run by DAOs. I believe DAOstack captures that vision and has the potential to deliver on it. I’m bringing my years of software development to help foster a rich and open community of developers, hackers and builders looking to leverage the platform to build great DAOs.”

Speaking of developer relations, check out and/or follow the DAOstack Github, or jump into the stack with our friendly Hacker’s Kit.

DAOstack Meetup in Rio de Janeiro

Our Rio Node will receive it’s second DAOstack Meetup in the end of October at TEMPLO. The goal of the event is to create connections with the local community, present DAOstack’s toolkit for decentralized governance for the attendees and engage new Pollinators in the Genesis DAO experiment. Participation is free and a Happy Hour will follow so the conversation continues decentralized. Drop by if you’re around.

You can find more info about the event here.

Media Mentions

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