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Stratis Karadakis
Nov 7, 2018 · 5 min read

DAOstack at Liberthon, the Liberland sponsored Hackathon

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the the newly-founded Liberland. Liberland is one of the first countries in the world to welcome DAOs. We will work together to create the necessary infrastructure for the “crypto-powered nation state”. The Free Republic of Liberland will be the first experiment in decentralized autonomous government built using DAOstack’s software.

DAOstack CEO Matan Field and CTO Adam Levi will be attending Liberthon, a hackathon taking place the 8th and 9th of November in Tel Aviv, Israel. Co-sponsored by Liberland, Liberthon is “the first hackathon for reinventing the way countries work using P2P decentralized technologies.”

DAOstack is sponsoring the Brooklyn Tech Week Urban Hackathon

Join DAOstack team members Pat Rawson, Livia Deschermayer, and Gareth Mensah for the Inaugural Brooklyn Tech Week Urban Hackathon happening November 9th — 10th at the Bushwick Generator.

In the spirit of a decentralized Brooklyn — ”creating the foundation for social mobility and equity for all” — we will kick off the inaugural year by hacking on two foundational blockchain topics: smart contracts and DAO’s (decentralized organizations). Let’s come together to see how we can use these mechanisms to start improving the way we live, work and play in Brooklyn.

Register for the event here.

Genesis Alpha Round Update

Alchemy and Genesis now feature commenting via Disqus. See a few comments from the community on one of our newest intriguing proposals, this one for the first online ad campaign to be funded by the DAO. If passed, we’ll see a highlighted listing and landing page for DAOstack and GEN on Walletinvestor.com in the next few weeks.

The DAO has also passed by proposal the collective goal of 50 active pollinators by the end of November, and in light of that has recently welcomed over a dozen new reputation-holders from the crypto and governance communities around the world. We’ve also heard back from our last DAO-sponsored event, How to DAO #2:

How to DAO #2

The second entry in the “How to DAO” series took place during the Web3 summit. You can watch the entirety of it here.

DAOstack Pollinator Felipe Duarte sums up the event as follows :

“The panel at Web3 summit was an opportunity to dive deep, beyond hype and advocacy, and look at the nitty gritty of the issues DAOs face in the road ahead. From legality, human-machine interaction, and user psychology, to the importance of mental models and taxonomy, and even a weird moment where colonizing Mars came to the fore. The panelists applied ample amounts of radical candor — the gloves were off but the sparring was gentle. I am so, so happy to have caught this on tape. I expect to want to listen to this more than once, and I think the recording is going to be even more valuable a few months down the road, as a plethora of pilots explode on the scene.”

Introducing DAOcast!

DAOcast is an attempt at exploring the frontiers of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. It’s a series of podcast-style interviews with DAO researchers, developers and enthusiasts. The interviews always keep a casual tone. The show’s hosts are Danilo (previously community manager at DAOstack) and yours truly.

The 1st season features 9 episodes with the Pollinators, DAOstack’s early adopters community. Their backgrounds range from business, developing, non-profit, academia, art and more. We gave them the mic and asked two simple questions:

“Who are you, and what do DAOs mean to you?”

Listen at https://daocast.io/.

The first entry of the Genesis DAO Community Blog is live!

The Genesis DAO Community Blog, one of the Genesis DAO’s early passed proposals, has published its first entry, featuring three posts from Genesis DAO members about their DAO journeys so far:

  • “My Experiences as a Pollinator with DAOStack” by Yannick Hoffman
  • “Storytelling Matters” by Erik Rodrigues
  • “We Have to Talk about Flow Control” by Felipe Duarte

Give it a read here.

Introducing New Developer Jelle Gerbrandy

We’re happy to introduce you to Jelle, who has recently joined the developer team at DAOstack. Here’s what he had said about joining DAOstack:

“Hi, my name is Jelle Gerbrandy, developer and lover of all things decentralized.

I’ve followed DAOstack from the start and worked on one of the first iterations of the solidity contracts and arc.js in 2017.

I subsequently moved on to to other things, but I am very happy to be back, not only because I love the team, but also because I believe that the ability to create organizations that are managed through decentralized software is one of the most promising aspects of blockchain technology. I am excited to contribute the project and help shape this revolution.”

Media Mentions

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DAOstack is designed to catalyze the future of collaboration. It's a platform for decentralized governance that enables collectives to self-organize around shared goals or values, easily and efficiently.

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DAOstack is designed to catalyze the future of collaboration. It's a platform for decentralized governance that enables collectives to self-organize around shared goals or values, easily and efficiently.