DAOstack Update: Mainnet Launch & Genesis Alpha DAO || Plantoid Project || Media Roundup || DappCon || Exchanges || Community Initiatives

Alchemy and Arc Deployed to Mainnet; Pilot of Genesis DAO is Underway

DAOstack has deployed to the mainnet parts of its smart contract framework, Arc, and its initial front-end application, Alchemy.

In addition, the first pilot is underway with the launch of Genesis Alpha, in an experiment designed to prepare for the deployment of the Genesis DAO, which will manage a community incubator fund to help build out the DAOstack ecosystem and collaborative economy. Genesis Alpha is managing a small initial fund through the collective intelligence of about 40 DAOstack staff and community members.

Soon we will be calling publicly for proposals for the Genesis Alpha DAO! Stay tuned.

You can learn more in this newly-published overview of Alchemy and Genesis by project lead Dor Garbash.

The Plantoid Comes to Life: A Physical-World DAO Use Case (as Art)

An early Plantoid version.

Of the several upcoming DAOstack pilots, perhaps the most curious is the Plantoid, an autonomous, blockchain-based lifeform that is the brainchild of DAOstack alchemist Primavera de Filippi.

The Plantoid is a synthetic organism designed to look, act and grow like a plant. Like other lifeforms, the Plantoid collects the resources it needs for its own survival —in its case by collecting cryptocurrency from human passersby — and is also capable of reproducing itself: whenever the plantoid has collected enough funds, it opens a call for proposals on how to create a next Plantoid version. Funders then vote on proposals using DAOstack’s decision-making engine, and the Plantoid hires an artist, by way of a smart contract, to create a replica of itself.

The Plantoid project is an illustration of how a collective can produce outcomes through decentralized collaboration, entirely absent of concentrated leadership or even anyone at all at the center of the organization.

A fully functional installation of Plantoids will be making an appearance at an arts festival in the United States later this summer.

Media Roundup

Recent media highlights include:

You can also find a compilation of highlight media mentions from the past few months, recently published on our forum.

Also on our forum, you might enjoy the recent Q&As with Matan on majority value systems, GEN token utility, and the roadmap for Q3/Q4.

DappCon Berlin July 19–20

Matan is speaking at DappCon Berlin 2018, a non-prfit global developer conference focused on decentralized applications and Ethereum-based infrastructure. Join us if you can!

Exchange Updates

  • GEN is now listed on Hotbit.io. GEN/ETH and GEN/BTC pairs are available for trading, except in the US.
  • We are in process with more exchanges.
  • Note that we are unable to list on exchanges that necessarily allow trading by US persons.
  • DAOstack CEO Matan Field recently said this about exchanges on our Telegram community:
“Exchanges are coming, which is good for token economy. But more so, real product and product development, and partners, and customers, and users, and a lot of great things, are coming — which is what we have promised and intend with full intention to deliver, and what we are here for. But it’s also good for token economy, at the long term. It may take time, and we will constantly be updating on our progress. We are here for the long run, and welcome our supporters to take this mindset with us. Nevertheless, we are also considering the short-term needs of our faithful backers and working on that front too.”

Pollinator Community Initiatives

The DAOstack community is coming to life with collaborative projects. Two examples:

  • The Medical DAO, a collaboration among Julien Sedbon, Eyal Eitchcowitch, and Chirag Maliwal, aims to be “the first Decentralized Autonomous Organization using holographic consensus (a DAOstack native protocol) to take advantage of the collective intelligence of doctors to self-organize,” with a goal of redesigning the medical care industry.
  • A joint initiative with the Stanford Blockchain Collective and its spinoff Nomads to map DAO use cases and offer ideas to our community for prototyping.

The community members who are co-creating these projects are part of the DAOstack Pollinators, a group of ambassadors and early adopters who are incubating DAO concepts and technologies, as well as helping to extend our community.

Several Pollinators have also been busy writing about decentralized governance and DAO use cases:

Want to join this group of like-minded folks from different backgrounds working together to create a decentralized future? Email the Pollinators Program coordinator and join the crew. We do offer rewards to the pollinators.