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Starting October 9th, GEN will be listed on Liquid, the new cryptocurrency exchange by QUOINE.

On the Utility of the GEN Token

“In the same way that ether is gas for the collective attention of computers, the GEN token is gas for the collective attention of human beings.”

In a small DAO, all members have enough time to pay attention to all proposals.
In a large DAO, member attention is stretched too thin, making it difficult to muster enough votes for a proposal to pass.
In a large DAO with GEN prediction, the GEN predictor network can help order proposals by their relevance (via their predicted chance of passing) and removes the quorum required to pass the proposals at the top of the list (“boosted” proposals), reducing the attention burden on members.

The GEN Predictor Network for DAOs

To visualize how this might work, picture a “news feed”-style interface predictors could use to track and stake on proposals in many different DAOs (imagined here in an artist’s rendering).

The Game Theory of DAO/Staker Alignment

The Long Term Value of GEN

Learn More and Get Involved

¹ In DAOstack’s first Dapp Alchemy, DAO membership is represented by reputation, which is earned and lost in various, evolving ways. Voting is done using reputation, and a user’s voting power is tied to the amount of reputation they currently have. In the Genesis’ DAO‘s current round, for example, most members currently have between 1.5% — 2.5% of the DAO’s total reputation.

² Is ETH a utility token? It isn’t often referred to that way, but it certainly has an explicitly defined use: “a fuel — for operating the distributed application platform Ethereum. It is a form of payment made by the clients of the platform to the machines executing the requested operations.”



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