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The Alchemy Evolution: Part 1

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard to make Alchemy even more amazing. We have a number of exciting changes in the pipeline, and this series of short posts outlines the highlights for you.


In November, we finished rolling out our “Multicall” plugin. This plugin allows a DAO to submit a single proposal that includes any series of smart contract calls. Using this plugin allows projects and communities to easily interact with external contracts, and do things like place a trade on Uniswap, or earn yield on DAO tokens using Aave.

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Updates to our proposals pages

Previously, DAOs on Alchemy had various plugins, and each plugin had its own set of proposals. We simplified this by creating a single “Proposals” page that shows all of the proposals, from every plugin. This greatly simplifies the proposal discovery process, by giving users only a single list to look at :)

Easier DAO navigation

We simplified the process of switching between DAOs you have voting power in. Now you just need to click on a dropdown, at at any time, you can get information on another DAO you are part of.

Easier switching between networks

Alchemy now allows you to navigate between DAOs on different networks seamlessly within the same interface. In fact, the list of DAOs in the dropdown above include DAOs on different networks. We’ve seen a few instances of DAOs having both Mainnet and Layer 2 DAOs, which are used for different purposes. We believe this trend will continue, and we plan on continue taking steps to create a seamless interaction for DAO members.


Up Next

Our next set of updates includes giving new DAOs the ability to give voting power to an existing ERC-20 token, expanding the list of layer 2s we support, overhauling our front-end designs, and integrating Snapshot 😎

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series.



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