The Road To Alchemy Earth: Contract Migration

The DAOstack core developer team has hit its first milestone as it works towards the Q1 2019 launch of Alchemy Earth: The first major public facing release of our decentralized governance client. The Earth release marks a significant re-architecture of the DAOstack codebase and will be a catalyst for the growth of the DAOstack ecosystem, adding features necessary for new types of DAOs.

Today, we’re announcing the first milestone on that path, the release of the DAOstack Migration package, created by DAOstack developer Matan Tsuberi. The Migration package helps developers migrate applications and access DAOstack’s Arc smart contracts on any Ethereum blockchain.

By isolating migration functionality in a distinct package we are promoting code reusability and modularity, two key concepts in application development and important for the long term usability of the DAOstack codebase. By simplifying the creation of DAOs we are accelerating the expansion of the DAOstack developer community and the DAOstack ecosystem.

The Migration package is meant to reside at the core of any JavaScript DApp or library that uses DAOstack’s Arc contracts. The package provides several functions:

  • A Ganache database containing Arc contracts already migrated, and a sample DAO, already created
  • Arc contract addresses already-migrated to several networks, currently including Ganache (in the supplied database), Kovan and Rinkeby
  • Nodejs scripts, a CLI and a javascript API that developers can use to migrate Arc contracts and create sample DAOs on any Ethereum network

Following are some example use cases for developers:

  • You want to test your DApp against a Ganache database running Arc contracts
  • You have a DApp or library that requires addresses of Arc contracts on Kovan
  • You want to migrate the Arc contracts to a private network or the mainnet
  • You want to test your DApp or library against a sample DAO

If you have ideas about building on DAOstack, swing by the Genesis DAO Discord and let the community know — the Genesis DAO might be interested in funding your ideas.

Learn More and Get Involved

  • See the Migration repository on Github. To learn the steps required for deployment, follow the repo’s README instructions.
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