Blockchain-based MMO game “The Planet” to run its entire token sale using the Daox Protocol

“Imagine that you control an army which allows for conquering other player’s assets. Like an ancient emperor, but with tanks” — This is how the game feels like.

We are thrilled to announce the first project that is conducting its entire token sale using the Daox Protocol.

It also start with the DXC-presale stage aimed at raising 3,000,000 DXC tokens! The DXC price is pegged at 0.002ETH.

You can participate in this token sale with your DXC tokens right away:

A few words about the project:

“The Planet” is the first of its kind massive multiplayer real-time strategy with crypto economy. The idea of the game is to develop the city, build an army and search for other players to ally with them or attack them. Players deposit some amount of Engineers (EEE) to start building their cities and are able to hijack these deposits in case of successful attacks on each other.

Watch the trailer!

English, 1:55

The target audience for this product are young crypto enthusiasts (miners, bounty hunters, etc.) who already have some cryptocurrency and gamers who tend to try new opportunities. There are 700 million online gamers in the world and “The Planet” would be a unique experience for them.

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Daox team.