Blockchain startup SocialRemit to raise funding using the Daox Protocol

Sending money and remittances of payments — Real estate investment in tourist places.

Today we announce that the blockchain startup SocialRemit will be offering its tokens using the Daox Protocol. The company is looking to raise up to EUR 10,000,000.

About the project

SocialRemit presents its 2 blockchain projects:

The innovative blockchain platform for sending money that will allow the recipient to receive the funds in a very short period of time anywhere in the world and with the lowest commission costs in the market.

Main characteristics:

  • Free user account without associated or maintenance charges.
  • KYC validation and AML protection
  • Dashboard with quotation graphs of the main currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • Maximum time reception funds: From 3 to 5 hours anywhere in the world.
  • Commissions maximum 0.99% and without additional or hidden charges.
  • Maximum security provided by the blockchain architecture.
  • Wallet with up to 100 FIAT coins and most important cryptocurrencies

An innovative blockchain real estate investment in the main tourist destinations of the lot, which will revolutionize the market for its simplicity and the elimination of legal obstacles in the acquisition of real estate.

Main characteristics:

  • Our blockchain technology app allows investment in distant places without having to visit the property because it has all the basic data for decision making.
  • The tokenization of the property allows the multiple property of investors. Minimum investment from 50 EUR.
  • When completing the transaction, real estate specialists will make the property profitable by formalizing rental agreements with tour operators and platforms according to previously defined criteria with users / owners.
  • Wallet with up to 100 FIAT coins and most important cryptocurrencies.

See project’s page on the Daox.Network for more info:


The Daox Protocol is a new standard for all kinds of token sales. It allows for the interaction of investors and startups via decentralized autonomous organizations.

More good news are coming! Stay tuned.