Cryptocurrency Investment Fund CCI to run its token sales using the Daox Protocol

Cyber Capital Invest aims to help people with lack of experience or skills to get started with trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Today we announce a new project that will conduct its token sales using the Daox Protocol. Cyber Capital Invest is the cryptocurrency investment fund where professional traders bring you profit. The company is looking to raise $35,000,000.

Cyber Capital Invest aims to help people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, do not know how to get started.

Cyber Capital Invest also aims to help skillful traders who do not have access to large asset portfolios. Cyber Capital Invest will thoroughly select strong crypto traders to give them this opportunity.

CCI is a Profit Share Token which allows you to receive weekly profit from the consistently growing Trading Capital.

Market Values

The global cryptocurrency market is valued at approximately $206 Billion with the market expected to show significant growth in the coming years. Cyber Capital Invest is seeking to capture substantial Market Share. For the total three-year market projections, we project to capture $115 million in revenue, through a two pronged approach:

  1. Growth within the trading pot assets.
  2. And additional capital contributions to the trading pot.

See project’s page on the Daox.Network for more info:

The Daox Protocol allows for conducting entire token sales, but at the same time suitable for projects that prefer to use it as an additional source of funding. Read more here.

More good news are coming! Stay tuned.