Daox Protocol: Benefits of conducting the ICO 2.0

Daox Team
Daox Team
Aug 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Daox is the unified community-driven protocol to run token sales based on the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization. The Daox Protocol is aimed at becoming the gold standard for all types of token sales.

Here is the list of some of the benefits which every project that run its token sale using the Daox Protocol is getting:

Highly competitive environment
ICO 1.0: There are thousands of ICOs and founders has to have big marketing budget to stand out.

ICO 2.0: Since the risks for investors are lower, it is easier to attract sufficient attention even without marketing spendings.

Complexity of technology
ICO 1.0: Each startup has to either resort to expensive third-party token sale solutions, or spend time and resources to make their own.

ICO 2.0: Daox Protocol is an open source and zero commission framework that doesn’t even require any special knowledge to run an ICO.

Hacker attacks
ICO 1.0: Every noticeable token sale attracts a lot of attention of hackers looking to steal the raised crypto.

ICO 2.0: All the raised funds reside in a DAO that is being managed by the transparent voting of token holders.

Inefficient ICO marketing
ICO 1.0: Each startup has to resort to hundreds of different services, not being able to assess the effectiveness of each of them.

ICO 2.0: Each startup becomes part of the ecosystem which allows access to solutions and services using the DXC token.

Excessive time input
ICO 1.0: Instead of working on the product, the whole startup team spends about 6 months to conduct a token sale.

ICO 2.0: With the ready-made solution and the whole ecosystem of services and tools, token sales are made easy.

Know more at www.daox.org

Finally, a community-driven protocol to make ICOs worth…

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