Daox token sale is starting

We have started development of Daox more than a year ago, because it was obvious that the ICO market will come to the point where such a solution will meet a huge demand. Now the time has come. Join the new wave of crypto investing!

Dear friends! We are thrilled to announce that the Daox Protocol token sale is starting! Don’t miss your chance to buy DXC tokens with a discount as the demand is growing fast.

We know that it is quite hard to choose the right ICO to invest in these days, and the irony is that Daox is actually fixing it. We can’t publicly announce all the news that are coming, but we can suggest you to be visionary and not miss your chance!

Here is what you might want to know about the DXC token:

  1. DXCs are used to participate in early stages and to get special offers in token sales based on the Daox Protocol (the protocol for ICOs 2.0).
  2. It’s also an ICO 2.0 token, so unlike old-style tokens, its price is supported by the raised funds.
  3. DXC token holders can vote for the refund if they are unsatisfied with the results of Daox Project or if the DXC token price goes low.
  4. It’s the first token with a fully transparent distribution and discounts accessible online.
  5. There were no private sales held. You won’t be at a disadvantage because someone got a “whale bonus”.
  6. It has a strong economy (not “the payment for platform services”)!
  7. There are projects that are starting their token sales using the Daox Protocol, and we expect to see about 100 of them by the end of DXC token sale.
  8. The product is live and accessible using any Ethereum client or via https://daox.network/

Let’s fix the ICOs!

Know more and buy DXC tokens at www.daox.org