Decentralized advertising network Varanida to sell its VAD token using the Daox Protocol

Blockchain infrastructure for the Advertising & Publishing Industry.

We are thrilled to announce that Varanida (blockchain infrastructure for the advertising & publishing industry) will offer its tokens based on the Daox Protocol. The company is looking to raise up to $60,000,000.

About the project

Varanida is a decentralized advertising network made for users who want a better Internet experience, publishers who want to maximize revenues, and advertisers who want guaranteed performance.

Imagine that Internet users, publishers, and advertisers could work together to create a better advertising network, without going through centralised, greedy, fraud and nosy companies?

This is what Varanida is all about: enabling a new era for the Internet, where all parties are fairly compensated for the value they bring to the whole ecosystem.

See project’s page on the Daox.Network for more info:


The Daox Protocol is a new standard for all kinds of token sales that allows investors and startups interact via decentralized autonomous organizations.

It allows for conducting entire token sales, but at the same time is suitable for projects that prefer to use it as an additional source of funding. Read more here.

More good news are coming! Stay tuned.