Mobu, a solution for launching compliant security tokens, will sell part of its tokens using the Daox Protocol

Private placements raise roughly 3 Trillion USD per annum globally, think if it can be done with less friction and less middlemen?

Today we announce that a decentralised and end-to-end solution for launching compliant security tokens Mobu will sell its tokens using the Daox Protocol.

About the project

A competitive pricing platform to ensure lower pricing and better quality of ICO service providers that implement a unique protocol called the MOB20. MOBU will support Reg S, Reg D and Reg A+ compliant security token offerings and with the incorporated ability to select experienced legal counsel across multiple jurisdictions within the platform, token issuers can be sure they can create a compliant security token offering within their jurisdiction.

See project’s page on the Daox.Network for more info:

The Daox Protocol allows for conducting entire token sales, but at the same time suitable for projects that prefer to use it as an additional source of funding. Read more here.

More good news are coming! Stay tuned.