Uncloak, the blockchain powered cyber threat solution, will run its token sale using the Daox Protocol

Uncloak is the world’s first blockchain powered cyber threat solution putting businesses one step ahead of hackers.

We are thrilled to announce that Uncloak (next generation cyber security threat management) will offer part of its tokens for sale using the Daox Protocol.

What is Uncloak?

  • Advanced artificial intelligence to check public & hidden internet data for cyber threats.
  • True blockchain 3.0, allowing verified IT security experts worldwide to collaborate in resolving cyber threat vulnerabilities and be rewarded through a fully automated system.
  • Next generation cyber security vulnerability scanning system to ensure business remain compliant and aware of security issues.
  • Experienced London based cyber security experts with dedicated software development teams in UK, US and Malta.

See project’s page on the Daox.Network for more info: https://daox.network/uncloak

The Daox Protocol allows for conducting entire token sales, but at the same time suitable for projects that prefer to use it as an additional source of funding. Read more here.

More good news are coming! Stay tuned.