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🎙️ Ronan Le Moal, from Epopée Gestion

Hello folks!

It’s the moment you’ve been all waiting for…. ! 🥳 🥁

🎙 ️Here it is, our first 2022 podcast episode!

Remember when we said that our podcast “Build da City for good” main objective is to present very inspiring personalities with impressive backgrounds? Well you are gonna enjoy this episode for sure!

Today, we are very pleased to welcome Ronan Le Moal, former Managing Director of Crédit Mutuel-Arkéa.

Ronan is a visionary. And we really mean it. With his co-founder Charles Cabillic, they created Epopée, a Brest-based fund. Epopée is dedicated to promoting the territories and its entrepreneurs, focusing on western-France. The first fund of €84M will act as a real local impact gas pedal for our regions!

Sophie and Shabir have interviewed Ronan about how he is trying to build his new life as an entrepreneur! No more spoiling, we leave you to it!

Thank you Ronan for your time and for being so concerned about building da city for good!

Da yours,

The daphni team



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