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♻ ️Back Market X Castorama 🔨

Hi Folks !

Yes… we know what you’ll say… Valentine’s day was 10 days ago, but when it comes to show love to our portfolio start-ups, you will always find us 💜.

Back Market is definitely the refurbishment king. 👑 And it’s showing that it still remains ahead with the launch of their new partnership with Castorama. After tech equipment, Back Market is taking over retail, with dedicated corners for refurbished electronic or electric tools in Castorama stores. It’s also about 460 new items which are going to be showcased on the Back Market website.

The most valuable French start-up is showing a new example of great collaboration between innovative tech gems and retail groups. 🤝

Back Market team is here to accelerate a revolution, because refurbish is da new normal. And it truly embodies the company values, as they recently organized a corner with second-hand jumpers that they embroidered with a “Fuck New” logo.

Long live Back Market!

Da yours,

The daphni team



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