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We’re so proud to finally unveil our new daphni.com, after working on it for a few months.

We loved our previous one, but let’s be honest folks, a little refresh never killed anyone. And you know us, we wanted to keep having fun, so we did. In the new pages full of colors, you’ll find some more information about us such as our ESG commitments. You’ll also find our funds, our portfolios, some contents such as articles and podcasts, and so much more!

I bet you rather see the video we’ve been cooking rather than reading us right now, so here we go, jump in!

Well? Do you like it?

Anyway, we’d like to say that it has been managed by the brilliant Product Marketing team, with the soul of a poet and the hand of a master. Discover this unique piece of art (is this too much self-love?), made with all our 💜on daphni.com


The daphni team



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