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Gimme, gimme, gimme ! 🎶

Summer is coming folks!

And with the summer, comes the time to sort out, to empty the cupboards, to make room and to open the windows wide for fresh air. This annual urge to tidy up usually comes with the arrival of the warm weather. Here we are, it’s that time of year again!

To help you in this process, which can sometimes take longer than expected — it’s amazing how many things can be crammed into these closets! — we invite you to download our favorite apps: Geev.

Geev is an app of donation of objects and food products between individuals. Their mantra? Donating is an act of solidarity and citizenship that makes you happy! Their goal? To democratize the donation between individuals! Indeed, by giving, we do good around us and we promote the reuse of objects and food, as well as giving a helping hand for the planet.

Our number one app recently announced a partnership with Made.com, another company in our portfolio. You can imagine our joy when we discovered that these two players are joining forces to make the circular economy visible and accessible to everyone.

Cherry on the cake, Geev doubles the impact of donations with a partnership with Time for the Planet. This new feature, called “Impact”, will allow Geevers to support impactful projects. In short, for users who don’t use their credits earned, the famous bananas, they can now offer and transform them into funding. It means that all earned and unused bananas can now become euros donated to Time for the Planet!

Since 2015, Hakim, Florian and all the team have been working hard to make circular economy a commodity! Congrats for everything!

With Love❤️

The daphni team.



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