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In Trusk we trust!

For more than five years, Trusk has established itself as the national in-con-tour-nable player in urban transport and logistics.

As the leader in last-mile delivery for heavy loads (>20kg), they are the specialists for bulky parcels and ensure — thanks to their Truskers — a smooth delivery, within 2 hours and always with a big smile.

By the way, did you know that an investor can actually become a Trusker for a day? Well, our partner Pierre-Yves Meerschman and investor Paul Bazin can! I’m guessing you need to see it to trust it so here is the video. Enjoy!

Anyway, back to Trusk. Three weeks ago they had the pleasure — and so did we — to find themselves in the annual #FrenchTech120 by La French Tech — for the second consecutive year! As they said, there is nothing more precious to them than the trust of their customers, the kindness of their investors — auto high five! — and the professionalism of the whole team.

And as if this news wasn’t cool enough for you folks, Trusk Logistics strikes a big blow with the announcement of its new warehouse in Wissous! After Gennevilliers and Toulouse, here is 5000m² where they decided to put down their suitcases to take up new challenges. Loïc, Head Of Trusk Logistics, says it in the video shot for the occasion: “We have the fangs, we don’t let go!”

In Trusk we trust,

The daphni team ❤️



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