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It’s Memo Bang💥

Banks should be entrepreneurs and business owners’ best friends. However, due to their IT legacy, banks are prevented from offering the best possible client experience and are unable to accurately leverage clients data. This corners SMEs, being dependent on banking services simultaneously as they cannot afford to have their workforce spending countless hours building custom credit models or product offerings.

That’s why Memo Bank exists! And we are thrilled to share the very good news: the first independent bank to be created in France in 50 years has fired up the engines and opened its doors yesterday!

SME’s you are not alone anymore! Memo Bank is offering you payment, deposit, and financing solutions! And this is not it — They promise a maximum visibility to companies. There is one word they use all the time: clarity. There is nothing more annoying than discovering the “surprise package” of bank charges at the end of the year — actually there is something more annoying: try to understand them. So their subscriptions are clear, as simple as possible, with no jargon, and no product names invented by a marketing team that has to justify its budget every year.

The ex Captain Train founder Jean-Daniel Guyot and his co-founders, Michel Galibert & Tristan Pontet started from scratch: IT, organization, processes… They have rethought and built everything for speed and efficiency, at the service of SMEs. Memo Bank puts the human relationship back at the center: an SME needs real, reliable and fast partners. You can once again base your business on a modern bank, designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

So, if you’re running a growing businesses or SMEs, you should (must) contact them to get more information! They’re looking forward to accompanying you. And, if needed, we are more than happy to make introductions to the great team. Let us know!

Toast to Memo Bank !!! 🎉

The daphni team ❤️



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