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It’s that fairy time of the year again!

That’s it folks. We are almost there… Christmas is just around the corner and we love it! 🎄How crazy! Although the whole 2021 year was particularly exciting for daphni, December always has a different vibe.

Let’s share with you what our portfolio companies are cooking for Christmas 🧑‍🍳 :

  • Swile launched its Christmas platform Secret SantAssistant which is giving you a lot of ideas for your Christmas gifts, according to your budget (hurry up if you are one of these last-minute gift-buyers!)
  • ‘Less is more!’ Head into Back Market’s Instagram account to discover their special Advent Calendar. You are going to be surprised, but as we talk about a company operating in the circular economy, we love the idea. We’ll let you see by yourself 😉
  • We tell this all the time: we love Leocare’s humour. Their latest campaign, which illustrates that you are able to manage your insurance services from your couch… literally made you win a couch! Hard luck for you dear readers, the challenge is now over…
  • If you are looking for inspiration for your Christmas table, Agricool got you covered! Discover on their Instagram account their ideas for tasteful Christmas receipts, using Agricool products 😋
  • Until 3rd of January, Geev is making you participate in their Solidarity Campaign. On the Geev application, you can create a basket with festive items and put a smile on someone’s face! That’s what Christmas is all about: share and care 🙏

These are just examples of how our portfolio start-ups are preparing for Christmas festivities… But enough talks, it’s high time to send you our best wishes for 2022! We hope you’ll spend an amazing Christmas break and come back with the best energy in January!

Enjoy and have a lovely time!

Da (always) yours ✨

The daphni team



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