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Last moment for your Christmas gift list

Dear Santa Claus, 🎅

For this new year 2023, I decided to make a lot of good resolutions, and I think you can help me to keep them. But beware, I hope you have a good budget this year 🎁 To give you more inspiration, I prepared my dream list for my Christmas gifts.🤩 Ready ? :

⭐️️ One of my main goals for the next year is to obtain my driver’s license as soon as possible. I heard about Ornikar, a cheaper online driving school, which allows you to study from home and book driving lessons with qualified instructors. 🚨 Warning, soon on the road !

⭐️️️ The traffic? A hell in the city. 🚦

In order to keep my resolution to arrive every day on time at work, the new e-scoot TOOCS would be ideal. It’s refurbished by Cityscoot and redesigned by Back Market, so no fears about the quality, and it will be a good motivation to get my driver’s license. But if unfortunately I don’t get it, I can always rent Fifteen self-service electric bikes. Thanks to this Christmas gift, the road will be mine !! 🛵

⭐️️️ It’s time to shine ✨ In 2023, I want to take care of my home, and my skin… but too many choices ! Agua blanca has made a selection of eco-friendly products under 20€. Washable squares, Organic body scrub, White sage, Scented lip balm… There is something for everyone.
For natural face & body care, Typology is also the perfect brand. All my friends talk about their iconic serums. Why not try the box of these 4 vegan products directly ?

⭐️️️ You know how much I like to do karaoke nights with my friends, and I really need a Devialet speaker to animate them. 🎶 The Devialet Mania just came out and looks incredible with its 360° stereo sound quality in both bass and treble (and it’s easy to transport 😉). However, as the environmental challenge is important to me, a refurbished option is also available for the Phantom model.

⭐️️️ 1 month, 2 months, 3 months… that I can’t stop looking at this leather perfecto from The Kooples… but it’s too expensive. Hopefully now, thanks to Faume who takes care of the whole refurbishing cycle of branded clothes, it’s available as new and half price on the second hand website of The Kooples. Best christmas gift idea 🛍

They said that Santa Claus can do anything, so please be generous with me and all our special mutants 👾

Folks, now it’s your turn to do your dream gift list (and don’t forget to choose the circular economy whenever possible) ♻️

Da yours,
The daphni team



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