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Refurbish is the new normal ♻️💚

Be ready, this is the biggest news of the week folks: Back Market has raised $335M and becomes the 14th French unicorn!
This new round values Back Market at $3.2 billion, and will help the three founders to reach their ambition:

“Our goal now goes beyond making renewed tech a viable option. We want to make it the first choice for electronics purchases. The support and confidence of these prominent funds, together with our growing customer base, marks an important step in Back Market’s journey, and more importantly for the refurbished sector as a whole.” says Thibaud, the CEO.

And since the beginning the daphni team is backing these three guys who are making refurbished a norm and help supporting the world’s transition to more sustainable consumption. While all started in France, the startup has nearly 5 millions customers worldwide, 1,500 sellers on its platform, and is now active in 13 different markets including the U.S., Japan, Finland and Portugal. « What’s next? » you’re going to say! Well, the Back Market team plans to launch in Sweden, Slovakia, Greece and Canada! Just that!

We’re also saying a big kudos to them for defending their historical reconditioning partners as the French Government is thinking about the application of the privacy copy tax on all refurbished products. If you’re a French reader and wanna learn more about it, we suggest you read the article on the Back Market blog!

Join the refurb revolution with us!

Da yours,

The daphni team 💚




daphni chronicles shares lessons learned and analyses from daphnipolis, the great community around the venture fund daphni. It's like having private talks with high level thinkers & doers of the tech world.

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