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Shine bright like a diamond

Rihanna could have sung her song very loud Tuesday, 30th of June 2020! What? You don’t know Rihanna? Euh who cares about Rihanna, sorry! What? You haven’t heard the news about Shine, one of our kick-ass portfolio company?

The last few months have been intense in every way in this unprecedented context that our ecosystem has had to face but thankfully there are good news coming up! And the announcements of the last few weeks at daphni haven’t stopped.

Quick flashback folks! It starts with Back Market’s Series C in March (110m€), then Swile’s (70m€), then Memo Bank becoming the first independent bank in 50 years in France and raising 20m€, to finally bring us to Tuesday, when Shine has brightened like a diamond by announcing joining Société Générale.

Launched by the outstanding Nicolas Reboud and Raphaël Simon in 2017, Shine has now 60 employees, all driven by two goals: simplify the life of entrepreneurs and build a responsible bank. It has quickly become the coolest neo-bank… I mean the neo-bank of reference, with more than 70,000 entrepreneurs in just two years.
#ourentrepreneursarebetterthanyours ;)

As I was saying, Shine announced that they’re teaming up with Société Générale and will continue with the objective of accompanying new customers, keeping in mind their spirit of innovation and responsibility.

This partnership will enable Shine to shine even more — meaning to go further and faster, you get it — with the ambition to be the French market leader to serve many more entrepreneurs, better support them in their growth, while offering them more services closer to their needs. Société Générale has indeed many resources to support Shine’s development and has already been in close contact with the startup ecosystem.

Don’t worry folks, Shine will remain a responsible bank, as the team wants to build a bank having a positive impact on society as well as on the environment. This ambition won’t change! Beyond the B Corp label, Shine will soon start to carry out its second carbon footprint, to be made public at the end of the year.

Now that you have Rihanna’s song stuck in your head for the rest of the day, remember that we’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky!

Stay tuned — a lot more good news in the coming weeks.

Da yours,




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