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Solidarity in action!

Self-isolation day#10

Now, more than ever, we are living in a unique period, which requires flexibility and adaptability from each of us. Pandemics are not new, and stopping them requires everyone’s effort.
While the medical staff is saving lives whatever the costs, others are trying to find solutions in an innovative and creative way. Once again, as we mentioned, the key element to keep in mind for the following weeks is SOLIDARITY. Brilliant initiatives are emerging to help and support each other during this difficult time. As individuals or collectively, everyone is willing to act. As the whole world, our companies are impacted at different stages by this crisis, but all ready to avert it by innovating and leveraging its strengths or assets to bring support as much as he can! We wanted to share some actions raised by our amazing portfolio to play their part as fast as they can to the crisis and support the fight against Covid-19.

We will never be able to thank medical staff enough for their amazing job, especially now with the virus spreading at an unprecedented pace.

And today, Lifen is taking part in the fight with the medical staff. Lifen’s main service is to facilitate exchanges of data between hospitals, clinics and practitioners. A few weeks ago, Franck Le Ouay, co-founder of Lifen, received a call from a doctor who was really worried about the situation and the number of patients with no severe symptoms who were saturating hospitals. As a response, Lifen decided to design a platform very quickly — Lifen Covid — allowing hospitals to send home 80% of patients with no severe symptoms, while monitoring them remotely via questionnaires. Already launched in 5 hospitals, this solution also enables hospitals to notify doctors of the follow-up of their patients. You can read more information about this platform by clicking here.

Meanwhile, Zoe, the nutritional science company on a mission to help people eat with confidence was also quick to find an actionable initiative, driven by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company just launched an application together with top scientists and universities: a self-report daily to help slow the outbreak and identify those at risk sooner — covid.joinzoe.com — More infos here.

The Zoov’s e-bike are free for all the medical staff in Bordeaux and in the South of Paris. If you know someone from the medical sector that would need a bike to get to their place of work, do not hesitate to share the free access here : https://zoov.typeform.com/to/oCGJAs

Another sector that we can thank in general and especially in this difficult time: the delivery services, allowing us to get our basic needs, such as food and medication, via delivery.

Trusk revolutionizes transports thanks to an innovative service, with the ambition to offer seamless delivery of heavy items for retail shops and end-customers. Today, to face this difficult situation, Trusk is helping in delivering medicines, masks, and meals to the medical staff but also food basic’s needs to individuals.

Thanks to the work of the transporters, there is less risk of shortages. This is also the mission of Fretlink, connecting shippers to the largest hubs of local carriers in Europe, through a new standard of organisation for road freight. Despite the current situation, they remain mobilized to guarantee the security of supply of food and basic necessities to French people. Fretlink has also set up a continuity plan to enable their customers to move their goods and transport partners to manage and operate the flow of goods on a daily basis.

Big thanks to the road professionals, who continue to work for the nation in spite of the most difficult conditions.

The food industry is one of the most resilient industries to the crisis as it’s part of the most basic human needs.

Agricool who is building tomorrow’s food system by combining agronomy and tech to transform maritime containers into agricultural places in urban areas - the cooltainers - announced that they decided to act by providing sweet and vitamins in this particular context. In other words, Agricool offers most of their production to caregivers from AP-HP* as well as to Restos du Coeur, with contactless delivery.

*Assistance publique — Hôpitaux de Paris

Beendi which offers vegetarian meals with organic products of the highest quality published a message: “We’re all in this to keep feeding you!” The team in Valence has worked tirelessly to bring back empty stocks from the stores. In addition to our usual safety instructions (blouse, gloves, hand washing, hydro-alcoholic gel…), we have done everything possible to reinforce the team’s safety, in particular by keeping a large distance from the workstations. The parcels are ready to leave to the stores where stocks have been emptied!” A healthy diet is key to a long and happy life and to boost our immune system.

Donations represent acts of solidarity.

Solidarity is key and Geev has proven its importance: it is the first collaborative platform for donations of objects and food products between individuals. In order to support hospitals, care workers, doctors and all the staff on the front line in their work to heal the population, a collective of actors launched a large solidarity operation to finance meals for care staff. Josette Anti Gaspi, MiiMOSA, Phenix, Rutabago , coursier privé, Tier, Brigad, Quitoque and Geev, they all gathered to help care staff while respecting the rules of the lockdown. The principle? Donations of 5€ = 1 full meal distributed, donations of 10€ = 2 meals, etc…The Geev Team is counting on YOU! Here is the pot.

In the meantime, Geev decided to block the physical meetings! But you can still reserve and post your item on the app, but you won’t be able to get it or give it until the end of the self-isolation time!

Health crisis aside, freelancers and self-employed workers also need increased support to survive during a pandemic led recession.

The Comet team has decided to launch several initiatives in this Covid-19 context. Founded in 2016, this platform instantly connects the best tech and data freelancers with the most ambitious projects, within a day. https://freelance.comet.co/covid19

Comet Chief Marketing Officer, Yoann Lopez, has created an editable spreadsheet where people can ask for or offer help? It gathers various ideas: service provision, free tools during crisis, government aid…Comet has also launched a program to help teams in the implementation of telecommuting (ressources + a Slack of mutual aid).

As it’s difficult to keep up with all the measures announced every day from the government — Shine, the financial and administrative co-pilot, which accompanies and protects entrepreneurs, freelancers and the self-employed, listed all the aids available and organised a webinar to decipher the measures and answer any questions.

E-commerce is likely to grow as consumers are asked to stay safe at home — but this could create logistical challenges. In fact, such a surge in demand could overwhelm logistics providers and workers, which might require e-commerce companies to revisit their strategies for order fulfillment and delivery, including potentially slowing down fast-shipping strategies. This, to keep up with surging demand and ensuring safety for workers. It’s worth noting that changes in online shopping habits may be particularly prevalent among older customers. Indeed, there are the ones shopping online the least, but also the group at higher risk with Covid-19. A shift toward online shopping among this population could provide a short-term boost for sellers, but in the longer term, it may also increase sales if these customers continue shopping online after the outbreak subsides.

Foxintelligence measures e-commerce activity, and gives access to reliable and actionable data. To help economic actors to cope with the situation, Foxintelligence will assess the impact of the lockdown on e-commerce with the help of their panel of 500,000 users. The team will share the trends of their partners and insights by sector and by player to increase the understanding of the effects, and bring clarity in these uncertain times.

Find out more and subscribe to receive the insights here.

The first survey has been released here. With not so much surprises, online shopping has been high and growing very fast during the first week of lockdown and it shows some gaps between the products ordered!

While the full economic consequences of this black swan event are still unclear, we know that the effects of the virus are already precipitating change across industries as proptech.

To fight covid-19, Hemea - the platform that connects homeowners wishing to renovate their homes, with carefully selected architects and qualified local contractors - give everyone the opportunity to focus on the essentials to build the living spaces of tomorrow. Today, safety remains their top priority, for everyone’s health. For all building professionals, their estimating and billing software Club Pro is available free of charge for the duration of the lockdown. The whole team is mobilized to answer questions and help you discover the tool. Click here.

The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on higher education is forcing institutions to adapt and go online as much as they can.

In fact, education should not be missed and this is why Holberton School, focused on coding, is going online to allow students to follow courses. More info here: Education Shouldn’t Miss a Beat, Holberton Goes Online

“We are in this together. While we can’t be together in person because of COVID-19, we are together virtually. Nothing can come in the way of our education and our community.” said Holberton School’s team!

By doing so, these companies have been able to demonstrate their responsiveness in this very special context. All our companies are purpose driven, and thanks to their agility, they are ready to help people fight this virus. Startups are starting up to fight this pandemic by creating initiatives that shine through the fog. It is important to keep in mind that they are likely to evolve to better suit the announcements made by the government and the evolution of the crisis.

From our side, the highest priority for us is to take care of our companies: we are all strongly committed to face the situation in the best possible way, and help our entrepreneurs as quickly and as much as possible to get through these difficult times

We will keep you posted as few other initiatives are under progress!

Take care, stay strong, stay safe, stay at home!

❤️The daphni team❤️

A great thanks to the whole daphni team for their contribution with a special thought for Sophie de Champs.





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